Untermensh is what? Untermensh and Uvermensh

In the times of the Third Reich, with the domination of National Socialism, the term "Untermensh" was firmly entered into the use of citizens of Germany. This concept was served to designate an extensive circle of persons who, with a light supply of ideologues, turned out of normal people in the "lower humanoid creatures", for all qualities of even animals inferior. Who are so untermenh? How did they appear? Why was this concept been introduced?

Untermensh it

How did the concept of "Untermensh" appeared?

The word Untermensch is translated from German as "Neochoral". It appeared back in the 20s thanks to the American racist Lothard.

In its work, "Riot against civilization: the threat of subchelovka" he wrote with disgust and contempt to the Russian people about his final degradation. From the point of view of the author, he was always an infallible race. And after the October Revolution of 1917 and coming to power of the Bolsheviks, the Russian Slavs turned into a "masses from the East", with which civilized nations will have to fight.

In the book of Stoddard, the Communists appear in front of the reader with real criminals, some destructive barbaric power. The author was determined by the word underman, that in the literal translation from English means "subchelovka".

The book of American racist was published in Germany. And the term Underman in the German version was transformed into Untermensch ("Untermensh"). This concept took over the ideologist of Nsdap Alfred Rosenberg and introduced it to his work "Myth of the XX century", which became the second political bestseller after the work of Adolf Hitler Mein Kampf.

Untermensh and Uvermensh

Who did the Germans counted to Unternumers?

In the ideology of National Socialism, the meaning of the word "Untermensh" was subjected to some changes. Not only the Bolsheviks were ranked for misunderstanding, but all the Slavs in general, as well as Jews, Roma, Mongols, Tatars and other nations who did not have kin with the Aryan race. And her Hitler treacted the highest. Aryans, allegedly creating the whole cultural heritage of the world, could consider themselves mainly the Germans.

Moreover, those citizens of Germany who have had any defects were also identified with Unternlers and were persecuted. It was the opinion that the mentally ill, drug addicts, disabled people and mishlings could spoil the purity of the blood of the Aryans and bring the race of the "rulers" to degradation and degeneration. And National Socialism, as Hitler claimed, is "will to create a superman."

Untermensh and Uvermensh

He became the ideal, to which the Aryans sought. The term "superholesale" ("Uvermansh") Hitler borrowed from Friedrich Nietzsche. The intellectual moral ideal, designed to return to people the meaning of being created by the Great German philosopher, the Führer entered the national-ethnic characteristics and was present to the inhabitants of Germany.

Superman, he represented a purebred blonde an ary with blue eyes with uncompressed health, excellent physical shape, steel will, powerful self-control and outstanding intelligence.

The image created by Hitler was actively cultivated, and Untermensh became his antagonist. This is a creature that, according to the ideologists published by pamphlet, represented an unprecedented threat to the Germans. It was necessary to fight with him. Untermenes needed to win.

Russian Untermenshi

Why are the Slavs and Jews?

Especially Lyuta hatred was honored with Jews. Their Hitler despised and positioned as the perpetrators of all the misuse of the German people. Jews he dreamed of erased from the face of the earth. Clear and quirky people, as the Germans inspired by the Germans, took into circulation of the Russian people, also to the submodest subhockers.

With the arrival of the Bolsheviks, he lost the intelligentsia on which the state was held. In the royal era, according to the installations of the fascist leader, it existed thanks to the German nucleus of the highest layers of Russia's society. After all, Ekaterina II, and Peter III by origin were Germans. The Germans effectively ruled the country, argued Hitler, and now the Jews were taken by their place. Moreover, they brought only disorganization and chaos. From their domination, the Germans had to save the Soviet people. Russian Untermenh themselves seemed to be residents of Germany as a kind of barbaric tribe, whose direct appointment is to serve a noble and highly developed Aryan race.

As Henry Himmler said, the Germans needed slaves to maintain culture. Slavs, similar to the beasts, could become them, and the Aryans, in turn, would provide this "animal" worthy existence.

Brochure der Untermensch

To replace them, the ideologues of the NSDAP were even released in 1942 a scandalous brochure of "Neochoralov". On 52 pages of Pamflet, they explained to German citizens, which means Untermensh.

What does Untermensh mean

The main technique of impact on the reader was opposed. Photo Films of the wealthy Aryans-Europeans were printed next to the images of the beggar of old people, the sullen of young people, exhausted women, their hungry skinny children and the Jews from Ghetto.

The conceptual idea of ​​the brochure was reduced to the fact that Untermensh was only endowed with external signs of a person: head, legs, hands. And in fact, he is the creature behind the backward, unfounded by intelligence, spiritually and psychologically inferior to the animal, living in the dugout and a stumbling, like the will, on the owner of the Jew.

The ideologists argued that the land, which in the hands of the developed Aryans would become "European California", turn into a wastewhere due to unbecked. Chaos, unbridled passions and thirst for destruction rules them. And the Jews know about these desires and skillfully use them. Under their leadership, the Neochoral-Barbarian is going to destroy the Aryan race. That's what Untermensh means. So presented his ideologists to German citizens.

The meaning of the word Untermenesh

Fate Untermenha

Neoralovka in the era of the Third Reich was doomed to death. The "lower" races were persecuted and all sorts of repression. Jews consistently excluded the country's political and economic life and deprived citizenship. For people of this nationality, ghetto were created, designed to die from hunger and diseases, as well as concentration camps, where they were destroyed: they were shot and sent to gas chambers.

Roma, as well as mental, as well as other "defective Aryans" was subjected to forced sterilization and were exterminated. The death penalty was honored with Slavs, who entered into sexual relations with representatives of the German population of Germany. Soviet prisoners of war, especially Asians, were subjected to torture and bullying.

Which means Untermensh

Global idea and her down

As can be seen, the German nation, humiliated by the results of the First World War and oppressed by the full-scale economic crisis, would be eagerly penetrated by the idea of ​​his own greatness and rushed to destroy the "Universal Evil", invented by Hitler, and fight with "aggressors", which the Führer came up with the name of his global Ideas. However, in fact, the goal was other: the conquest of the territories of Eastern Europe and the extermination of the nations of nations, for which the term "Untermensh" was created. This racist-eugenic concept, as well as Uverman, served as a policy of managing the mindset of the masses. And they became only an instrument designed to achieve low-lying purposes.

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1. Mikhail Josephovich Veller - Russian Writer
1. Mikhail Josephovich Veller - Russian Writer

"In many countries, this joke will be:" On average, each separately (Englishman, German, Jew, Russian, Irishman, American) smarter (any second of the list is substituted). But they from one hundred million of their fools can choose three hundred smart to parliament and government. And from one hundred million of their smart things we can choose to parliament and the government of three hundred fools. " We are not now that the crowd is a stupid man.

We are about what is smart, energetic, enterprising and at the same time a decent person. But. In the coffin, he saw politics, the fate of the homeland, the collapse of the state and Torzania spiritual about this. No, he understands it all. But - he believes that he personally does not anyway anyway cannot change anything. So what to twitch? And why think about it constantly. There are politicians, there are journalists, there are industrialists and financiers, let them think. How will it come out ... well - the people are so ... the time is ... the country is ... no, he agrees with everything that the politicians and difficulties say. But what now - and not live your life?

2. Image by Splitshire from Pixabay
2. Image by Splitshire from Pixabay

Actually, ninety percent of the population everywhere politically inert. But there are options! Here is a small social activity, a small social interest, a small social dedication of a person is the first sign of a second-rate person.

In ancient times, his group would quickly be destroyed and eaten more friendly guys. In the newest times, his country falls into chaos and collapse, despised by more friendly and decent peoples. Yes, Russia, in this list, do not doubt. Social consistency, the social value of a person is determined by how much he bets the group above the good of the personal, as far as he is concerned about the benefit of the group and is able to work on him. A social person psychologically identifies his benefit with the group: through her good he will receive himself. In a less social, flawed person, on the contrary: once it's good to me - therefore, well and group. It should be clearly formulated:

A person who preferring his pocket people, his convenience of the country's comfort, his interests - the interests of general, is Untermenh. Native. Second grade. From the country of the third world.

3. Image by John Hain From Pixabay
3. Image by John Hain From Pixabay

And here is what a terrible thing:

All the troubles of Russia are from officials; This is an old thesis. But since officials not They will be taken from Mars - the officials we ourselves, forced to perform these functions. Functions of the vitals of the state machine. An official is not a man. An official is a function. And this is a good woman, or a good man, planted in an officer's chair. Three years later, saints take it out: rudeness and empty, and the indifference is wooden. What does this picture mean? Scary to extract: we, Russians, are not capable of effective state self-government. O-PA! .. (Here Tatar, Jew, Georgian, - We are all Russians here in Russia ...) Ording theft, Kumshots, Corruption, Sale of the country for the removal for the hill, striking in cynology theft of power in astronomical, implausible sizes. Unternishes from any country - will make the country of the Third World.

Untermensh is a man with a short-term social instinct. He does not consider his blood task to create the power of his group. GM. Or rather - its people, countries, nation, ethnos, culture.

The clans are combined by the coincidence of personal interests. But for the sake of the clan wealth and life donate. On horseradish such a clan? Our clan is only a business, this is oligarchic syndicalism. Clains of overname values ​​are not. In this regard, the status thieves above the oligarchs: the status thief has thieves, thieves, thieves, thieves, for the sake of which he is ready to die. Oligarch is ready to death whose, just not his own.

4. Image by Kevin Schneider From Pixabay
4. Image by Kevin Schneider From Pixabay

The man of the first grade, a group of group, a social man is a person who has the value of his society automatically, instinctively, is higher than the value of his own. This we made civilization, culture, statehood, science with technology, - all we did, social people. And our social essence forced us to arrange their society so that working like on ourselves - we worked on it.

Untermenshi arrange their society so that working for themselves - they corrupt their society. But. Billionaire and Minister, with the "Maybakh" garage and villas on the azure shores, is Untermenh. It parasitates on the inertia of society, created not by him, but people are completely different. It is a rat, living in the cheese head, refractming this cheese and shook inside this cheese. Such people did not create a shit. And a good breastman-consumer is also Untersman. Radie. Working cattle.

The extinction of social instinct is the end of civilization. Before the arrival of the next, other. The man of the first grade, the man is social, herch of the hero and the builder of the Power, is the one who possesses Overnost social values . Sometimes they are called ideals, but this is a blurry metaphor.

5. Image by gerd altmann from pixabay
5. Image by gerd altmann from pixabay

Today, at the beginning of the XXI century, we see how a weak social instinct does not allow Africans to create no normal state in Africa, despite the help of developed countries. And moreover: after the expulsion of white colonialists, black countries came to even more launch. The benefits and comfort of civilization corrupt. No need to fight for life. No need to stand to the shoulder against the shocks of the elements and enemies. So what? And the social instinct subsides, fits, and no longer want to put his belly for his other.

This is where worldly glory passes.

Civilization satiety makes people socially second-rate. Alas and ah. It is like former driving likes on the southern south: they covered with a fat, the fluffy undercoat got out, the ability and the strength were asked. Degeneration is called. And the international oligarchy, the magnates of transnational corporations, consciously bring up from the peoples of Untermenes. Know your price. The price of a person is not equal to the price of his wallet. After all, truth, yes, because so, yes? .. "

Weller M.I., Psychology of Energy, Ivolutionism, M., AST, 2011, p. 388-395.

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