How to destroy an incomplete teacher

Previation: the author does not call anything and does not promote anything, but simply voicing the facts that take place in reality.

Recently fired another teacher. Now for Yesenin . So what to do? The law is strong, but it's law. Citizens showed vigilance, the bodies responded. No one will challenge the decision, because it is not only useless, but also dangerous for the applicant. Why? Because there is a fairly simple algorithm for guaranteed to get rid of the disadvantaged teacher. But first things first.

In general, the topic "How to dismiss the teacher" the topic "How to dismiss the teacher" is quite popular ( proof times , Pruf two ). There are a lot of those in the style of "Gerbouli, how to get rid of the teacher. She does not normally tell anything, but requires too much. " Fair, as a rule, approximately 50% of such accusations. Teachers are also different, moreover, we will not exclude such factors as excessive loading and professional burnout. For 20 years of work, the character may be spoiled. Well, in general: you understood what it was about.

Below I will give a brief retelling of what I learned from the conversations of the Parent Committees. Practically literal.

Goodbye, sad teacher
Goodbye, sad teacher

You can get anything

As they say, if a person wants kill ... Allitone, it will be fired. If you are offered to write on your own, it is better to immediately blame, because attempts to defend justice will cost you a lot of money, but perhaps even freedom.

Practice shows that in 90% of cases, the Director goes to meet dissatisfied parents and offers to "leave in a good way." That is, to get rid of an uncomfortable teacher in fact just come and quarrel . But there may be unexpected situations. For example, when a teacher decides to defend its rights or if the director suddenly decides to harm him. (Which is unlikely, because the directors can also dismiss).

In case the teacher does not want to "in good", usually contact the prosecutor's office, which, for sure, will find in the actions of the teacher of violation and will require his dismissal officially. In fact, with due skill, you can find violations of anyone, especially since the school management sometimes forces the teacher to violate something. (For example, spend hours of literature on preparation for the exam in Russian).

The most effective grounds for dismissal: Amoral behavior and coarse handling . As a rule, to achieve the effect of the words of a child and parents. But for loyalty, they are usually advised to acquire something more real. As evidence, photos, audio and video materials from lessons, as well as screenshots from pages in social networks can be used.

The social network is your main enemy.
The social network is your main enemy.

Social network - the most convenient compromising search tool

Often, the teacher has to keep the page at the request of the employer. Some people also behave active activities on the Internet. All this can be used against a person. The best way to track activity is to add to friends. Then you will have access to the list of friends and teacher groups, and any records and even comments will appear in your news. It is best to do with a fake account so as not to cause suspicion. It is also better to inquire about human hobbies, as if it seems to accidentally get acquainted on the basis of common interests.

Teachers are often conducted on the Internet "Double Life", that is, in addition to the official page, one or more, created under pseudonyms. In this case, it is important to prove the personality affiliation for the personality of a person. For example, you can find photos on which the face of the owner is visible. But if this does not work, you can still "calculate a person on ip". To do this, be initiated by checking the page law enforcement agencies for the impairment of the Criminal Code.

What do you need to look for in social networks?

  • First, of course, Any nude . Most likely, it will be beach photos, but if they compete with a sufficient number of parents, the fate of the teacher is predetermined.
  • Secondly, everything that can be interpreted as Propaganda violence and cruelty . For example, if a teacher is fond of hunting, his photo with trophies or a gun can be interpreted in the corresponding key. Quotes and screenshots from films and games are also suitable here, as well as memes for them.
  • Thirdly, of course, obscene break.
  • Fourth, any Photo in an inappropriate form: Drunk or looks not officially officially (for example, during Halloween.)
  • Fifth, all that indicates Unconventional orientation teacher or more or less like Propaganda homosexuality . If a teacher is young and, for example, He is interested in anime , then it becomes easier to surround it in some ways.
  • At sixth, Propaganda drugs . Any mention is suitable: even repost a news article on medical use of the plant.
  • In-seventh, Insulting power For which you can bring any criticism of the president or government of the Russian Federation, as well as any ministries, departments and just officials.
  • In eighth Insulting religious feelings . You can offend anything. For example, on the non-canonical interpretation of the Holy Scriptures or quotes from the "Fairy Tale about Pop and his Bald."
  • In ninth Propaganda or excuse for extremism or Nazism . A very convenient reason to dismiss history teachers or literature - if they interpret historical facts is not enough patriot.

It will be perfect if the man's page is old, and there are records from student times, when a person was still young and careless. Remember that the law is on your side. In your struggle, active social activists can help, such as, for example, the main geebor of the country, Timur Bulatov which put himself the goal to destroy immorality in Russian schools. Or you can seek advice in Orthodox human rights center .

What to do if a person is highly careful

I came across a whole guide on provoking teachers for illegal actions.

Usually users recommend bringing the teacher to breakdown and record the moment on the video. Any inadequate behavior is suitable: insults, refusal to fulfill the requirements. However, as a compromise, you can use, including excerpts from artistic works. For example, you can ask a teacher provocative questions: about himself, about historical personalities, events, literary characters, the authors of works ...

Experienced "mammies" write that "children will not testify against classmates", even if they are not actually right. Some parents hint transparently that you can even resort to aggressive actions to the teacher's address, because the child will still remain unpunished.

So you will not be able to twist the teacher.

If according to the school charter Mobile phones have to pass , You can resort to tricks. For example, take a spare or use smart clock.

Dismiss Violation of work discipline (Location, for example), is also possible, but only if the school administration is on your side. You can, for example, delay the teacher on change several times. Some also advise you to block the door (at school or teacher's dwelling), however, it is already illegal.

Internet - your friend

Try to betray the teacher's unlawful actions. Then the administration of the educational institution to lean the scandal will try to get rid of the source of the problem. The easiest way is to construct photo-video, testifying to the moral decomposition of the teacher with special forums or groups in social networks. In this case, it will not be possible to lower on the brakes and the teacher at best will lose work. In the worst it is waiting for much more serious problems.

To whom Laugh, whom the tears - each his own.
To whom Laugh, whom the tears - each his own.

In war, all means are good

The risk that the teacher will recover in court, even if small, but there is. In case the teacher decides to sue, they are advised to take an attack at once from several sides. For example, in addition to an official inspection, initiate an administrative (and better criminal) prosecution of the Client. In this case, he will have to spend money on administrative fines, for payment of lawyer services. They will most likely fight for two fronts, because these are additional costs (and teachers are usually not very rich), so it will be forced to retreat. Well, or simply goes to relax not so distant, from where it will be difficult for him to challenge the dismissal. This method is most effective, since a person with conviction will no longer be able to work in education.

By the way, many amoral misconducts may have serious legal consequences for humans, since, for example, "propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among minors" is an administrative article. But "propaganda of drugs" is offered to retrain from administrative in a criminal article.

But the result is reached
But the result is reached

If a teacher who needs to be eliminated - Man , then get rid of him even easier. It is enough to find 2-3 students who are ready to give concerted testimony against him. However, it would be nice to reinforce their photos and videos or screenshots of personal correspondence. And further depends on how the evidence qualified. Most likely, you will no longer see this teacher.

Do not forget about the new article of the Criminal Code - "Insulting power" . It is attractive primarily the size of the fine. For officials (koimi are teachers) it ranges from 40,000 rubles. up to 50,000 rubles. There are no such money from all the teachers, so the "client" immediately disappears the desire to "download law". Especially if you give it to understand what it will be worse.

Statement advise write in electronic on the site of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In this case, the verification will be held in the shortest possible time. You can write several applications at once.

If it does not work directly, you can switch to its loved ones. Just remember that injury on the network is bad and potentially illegal. But the search for a compromising, the scheme of which I described above, from a legal point of view wept. You just performed your civic debt, reporting an offense. And everything else is the problems of which statement is written. Even if you destroyed the life of a person, you will be responsible for it. Unless before God, because the "obviously false denunciation" is almost impossible to prove in this case.

Probably written is wild, but the author did not come up with anything. In fact, all the described methods in one form or another took place in the lawsual practice of recent years or discussed as possible on parents. In the end, the well-being is much more important than someone's life. Let even a strict teacher quit, and honestly fulfills his duty to the disciples.

All images are taken from open sources.

During the next monitoring of the Internet of the Internet Prosecutor's Office of the Batyrovsky district Chuvashia Stumbled upon a rather terrifying site in its content.

It featured at least 17 ways to kill the teacher of the educational institution.

At the same time, you are not marked "+18". Access to this information was free to view everything, the site did not need to pre-log or enter the password. That is, everything could learn anyone - from first grade to student of the last course.

- Russian legislation prohibits the dissemination of information, for the dissemination of which criminal or administrative responsibility is provided. Given this, the district prosecutor appealed to the court with the relevant statement, "the press service of the supervisory department of Chuvashia reported.

As a result, the first instance stood on the side of the prosecutor's office and recognized the information posted on this site prohibited for distribution in the territory Russia . So far, the court decision has not entered into force.

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Children and adolescents spend most of their time at school, so it has a great influence on them. In addition to knowledge and friends, there can be a toxicity, which manifests itself in non-professional teachers and aggressive classmates - all this can pour into real injury. According to statistics, 52% of schoolchildren from 10 to 18 years old are injured at school. What if the teachers or classmates are offended me? In this article we will look at what to do if you study in the toxic team.

Grass in school

Toxic teachers - what to do?

The desire to learn disappears when the teacher behaves incompetently: screaming, assesses with all the class, it is openly manifested by personal dislike, intentionally underestimates the assessment and the like. All this is not a professional behavior, it must be treated as toxic.

Unfortunately, I also had to face this at school. I was an excellent story, but the teachers found a reason to shake me with all the class for incorrectly performed work. They say, it is impossible to make mistakes excellent. It was unpleasant, but all the time I tried not to give this attention and ignored.

With teachers, I was rarely contacted, and the estimates were good, so their behavior did not affect me. But I was just lucky. Much more often such intense relationships affect the estimates, completely kill the motivation to learn and instill hatred for school in which you need to walk every day. It can seriously affect your mental health, so if you feel that the toxicity of teachers prevents you from learn, here's ways to solve this problem:

1. Tell the parents about your experiences.

Show them examples when the teacher arrived unfairly in relation to you. Tell your parents that you are not alone who came across such behavior from this particular teacher, if it really is. This will give parents the opportunity to contact other parents, which will increase the chance of solving the problem.

Alone or uniting, parents can talk to the teacher personally. Toxic people can deftly manipulate, so it's better to come to a conversation yourself - by phone or through the messengers "Used" from liability much easier than in real life.

What to talk to the parent? You can directly ask the teacher about why he unfairly comes to you. It is possible that the toxic teacher can be obstacled. Warn parents about it. If you have the opportunity to write a teacher hostility testimony to the voice recorder to you, do it.

2. Contact the directory.

This is the extreme case to which you can resort if, after a conversation with the teacher, he did not change his attitude towards you.

He also needs to be told in detail about why you think the teacher belongs to you biased. Perhaps the director will be on your side. However, it often happens that the director is inclined to protect the team rather than students, because the scandals inside the pedagogical team can damage the school. If the measures taken did not help, perhaps, it is worth changing school - it is much better than tolerate toxic attitude towards yourself.

How to survive a bulling from classmates?

Speaking with simple words, the Bulling is an injury, psychological and / or physical pressure, violence against man. Bulling makes teenagers and children unsure in themselves, clamped, disturbing, can lead to serious psychological injury. With a bulling, we often face, and not only at school.

The main reason for the etching is the difference between a person from others. It does not matter that this is financial well-being, mind, originality, weakness, incredulusity, closure. Appearance is also often a reason for the bulling, especially if a person loves to be expressed through bright clothes and hair.

If you are faced with the trace of any character from the peers, then you need to do the following:

1. Tell the teacher.

The teacher may not notice the voltages in the team, especially since the bullies are often in a good account with teachers and try to do it unnoticed by adults. The teacher who you trust or the class teacher must learn about the problem from you.

The teacher must separately talk to the bulleting instratches, and then spend a common class lesson in class, where the teacher will tell students respect and respect to each other. This can help, despite the seeming simplicity of these actions: Trying in school often suite pants, they do not like public publicity.

2. Tell us about the problem of parents.

Do not hide your problems with peers from parents. They can talk to the parents of instigators and find out why such a problem arose. Most parents will not be happy to hear that their child pokes someone and hold an educational conversation.

However, this may not raise any effect, or parents can be confident in the innocence of their child. In any case, if the actions undertaken did not lead to the result, it is worth changing school.

Bulling Prevention for Parents

Negative character features in children lay parents, so initially they should show on their example, as needed to be related to other people, whether peers or adults. If parents themselves are often scandaling with others or among themselves, it is not surprising that the child will also not experience respect for the neighbor and can even start betraying at school.

It is important to maintain trust in the family so that the teenager can always contact his parents with his problem and not be rejected. Do not disdain the problems of a teenager, do not force it to solve problems in the team yourself - it can make a closed teenager, a barbed man who will cease to trust you. Is it a good price for the dubious experience of "independence"?

However, a teacher, his observation and desire to preserve good relations inside the children's team playing a role in preventing the Bulling. If the teacher does not care about the salvation at school and believes that "the students themselves will understand everything", it is unlikely that it will lead to anything good. It was the teacher who is responsible for maintaining a friendly setting in the classroom, conducting cool clock on the topic of good, talking to students personally and helping them to solve conflicts. Therefore, it is worth carefully studying information about the pedagogical team at school before recording the child there. Information you can learn at the bottom of the open door or from other parents, as well as on special forums, in groups and chat rooms of the city.

What can I personally do?

The ability to stand up for itself no longer canceled. Showing one time that you should not touch the offenders with a greater probability will leave you. It is not necessary to "swing the fists", you can just try to ignore the race at school, if it does not go beyond the facility. Often, if the offender does not see the victim's reaction, he is not interested in teasing her.

Do not stay alone with your problems. Be sure to tell about what is happening to you, a person to you - parents, friends, teachers. It is important to know that you are in trouble, otherwise they will not be able to help you. The offender, knowing that the victim alone copes with his problem, will attack again and again with great probability.

Let's summarize what needs to be done if you encountered toxicity at school:

1. No need to endure if a couple of ignoring days does not help the cause! Talk about the problem with teachers.

2. Be sure to talk with my parents - they will always help you and will be on your side.

3. Turn to the class teacher if you trust him.

4. Develop a strong personality. However, it is not necessary to endure bullying too long: if you can't cope with the problem yourself, there is nothing shameful in contacting help.

5. Change school. If you think this is not a way to solve the problem, then this is not quite the way: it may seem like you run away from problems, but in fact you create a comfortable living and study conditions yourself. Anyone strives for this.

These are basic ways to get rid of harassment in school both by adults and children. Do not let other people offend you, because no one deserves disrespectful and ill-treatment.

None of us was born with experience, knowledge, skills and education. All this we begin to know, practically, from birth and who are next to us, gives these knowledge, teaches skills, leaves an indelible mark in our soul and remains in our hearts and minds to the end of our life. Today I want to talk about a terrible phenomenon that destroys the children's psyche, namely, the teacher's syndrome, which manifests itself in two destructive forms.

Teacher's syndrome kills the future of man

The first manifestation of this syndrome is when a person in the learning process constantly indicate its weaknesses, on what the man was wrong, where he made a mistake, which did not cope with or asked for help from others. As an example, you can bring a school teacher who has a functional task to find an error in the work of the student, allocate its red paste, reduce the mark and specify what needs to be done to correct this error. A rare teacher, as a rule, these are innovators or not yet burnt up young teachers, can allocate the success of the student and, for example, green paste to write praise. The overwhelming number of teachers at school use only red paste for all occasions, both for twos and for the top five, both for praise and comments. Around the middle classes, the red paste of the teacher is automatically associated with an error. The focus of attention of the student is aimed at preventing the error and the subsequent correction, if the teacher found it. The student is initially placed in the position of a weak, who knows in need of control, direction and care. In adulthood, this manifestation of the teacher's syndrome has an impact on the ability of a person to take compliments and praise from other people. The feeling of inferiority does not allow you to believe in these words, the intrinsicity of the speaker is questioned, the protest and refusal of the idea of ​​their success and competence occurs. Moreover, the inner critic does not allow a person to adequately appreciate itself, the perfectionism is developing, constant dissatisfaction, self-called, conflict, claims to others themselves.

The second manifestation of the teacher's syndrome is the total presence of a teacher in the life of a child. This teacher filled with sacred knowledge and wisdom seems to see the student as a deliverant of suffering, fears and reliable support in this complex world. The teacher demands to coordinate with it every step, every decision, the fulfillment of each desire, which leads to the passivity and non-independence of the child. The teacher is always right, he knows how correctly, as needed, requires full obedience, makes it openly and essentially aggressively. For disobedience or manifestation of independence, a punishment should be punished, which can increase with each subsequent case of a time person who is not only a child, but even an adult person. The teacher enjoys the power he has over a person uses it as much as possible, even if it leads to tension in relations, deterioration of health or inappropriate in a particular situation. From early childhood, the child loses the criticalness of thinking, believes in the superiority of the teacher, dedicts his own, his knowledge and strength, feels his worthlessness, weakness, stupidity and does not see his future without participating in it this person. In the event that a crisis comes in relations, an adult can break the relationship with this teacher, finds another, as it seems adequate and not with such destructive behavior models, but the scenario is repeated with another person.

The consequences of the teacher's syndrome do not allow a person to fully develop, to take responsibility, to make decisions and, until the end of life, is in the role of an eternal student, looking for knowledge, supports in the outside world, which believes in virtue of other people and deprecifting their own.

Help to go to the next level of development to such a person can help an experienced psychologist or an educator who can create conditions in which a student will be able to make sure in their high abilities, sufficient knowledge and skills to live without supporting the opinion and assessment of other people, be confident in making independent solutions.

There is an oriental wisdom: where focus is directed, energy goes there. Matching focus of attention from the fact that he does not work, with failure, mistakes for skills, achievements and a positive result, a person gets energy to develop his healthy parties and has the need to go to the next level of personal development, to become a professional, a leader successful in all Personal relationship.

The new theory of psychosanitas combines the most different methods and techniques of work with thinking, consciousness, goaling, etc. Fix the consequences of teacher's syndrome difficult, but perhaps the main thing is the motivation of the person himself

Your psychologist, Weisman Sergey

For personal development, changes in thinking, dependent behavior, exit from a difficult life situation you can contact both personally and online

We are already talking about our bright educational future. Our blogger, head of educational projects Marianna Shevchenko believes that it is worth starting with the problems of our present. And the exam is not the only one.

Useful mailing "chalk" twice a week: on Tuesday and Friday

The main goal of Russian school education is to pass the exam. Preparations the desired ticks in the right circles, to dial a certain amount of points.

On the exam, the child does not have the opportunity to show that he, for example, an excellent negotiator and brilliantly knows how to destroy conflict situations (one of the most important skills of professionals in the XXI century). The examiner does not think that a whole generation grows on a computer game developed by a graduate. The exam does not check how children know how to search, analyze, cut off unnecessary information, find solutions for non-standard situations. They are driven into foreign schools, and then - under the sight of the camcorder - 11 years of study merge into a combination of five outcome figures.

It is possible that that is why almost 40% of the winners and the winners of the Olympics for schoolchildren are not gaining more than 60 points on the exam in profile subjects, and another 30% are not chosen to pass the exam that they won. Olga Vasilyeva wondered: "What are these Olympic prizes and laureates." And I remembered how in the 11th grade herself ranked first in the regional Olympiad in the Russian language, without exams, he entered the Philfak of Pedago, who ended with honors. In Russian and literature in the certificate, I have a fourth. Natural literacy helped write, not knowing all the rules by heart. The essay by four sheets were eternal creative flour. But I wrote poems, and on one and a half pages could reveal any topic. If you had to take exams, I would also write them no more than 60 points.

Over the years, there has been little in the essence of the final exam. Instead of five points it became 100. The higher the score is needed, the more participants are involved in the process. For example, parents. Go to any site about the family and school. Each second article - about homework, which parents make together, and sometimes instead of a child. Many are indignant and sincerely regretted that spending time, which can be spent, resting with children, on endless homework. They sympathize with psychologists and strongly recommend leaving children alone, reminding about the separation of zones of responsibility and responsibilities.

You can endlessly discuss on this topic, but until the ultimate goal is changed, the situation is not changed. Now Russian education is the triathlon "Primary School - the average link - profile class."

Overcoming. The groove with a dream competently arrange the right ticks in the right circles. Everyone is insanely tired. Someone does not hope

At each of the stages of Triathlon, the problem is growing, deepened and then becomes an obsessive state, from which he wants to get rid of.

Take, for example, kindergarten and elementary school. What prevents him from being a medium forming and developing real educational skills of a child: communication, friendship, respect, trust, security? Imagine: the child is encouraged when it copes himself, praise when I coped in the team. The cognitive game becomes a source of joy. First, the child is knowledge of joy, then - study. At first he recognizes new tastes, emotions, words, and then at school smoothly changes them into numbers and letters. Naturally and consistently.

The task of the teacher is not a bundle of the kaif discoveries, help the child to keep the joy of learning. So to speak, pass it by inheritance right to school. By the way, GEF does not require being able to read, write, count. The child, according to the Gos, "has elementary ideas from the field of wildlife, natural science, mathematics, history, the child folds literacy backgrounds." Prerequisites! In order not to harm and do not add knowledge by car. With this approach, the position of parents is observers, and children are happy researchers.

But modern gardens all the joy of learning - consciously or not - deform. Already in five years, the diagnosis of readiness for school begins. What should know and be able to a child of six years. And if he does not know and something does not know how? No one speaks with parents about unreal overloads, which they create additional circles and sections.

The race begins for quantities. Deformation of quality. Parents have already pressed the rooms, put the helmets and ran the triathlon.

Max was five when he was asked to draw a mother's portrait for a stand. Came home, took paints. Drew. The next day returned in tears. The whole group laughed over the portrait. At the stand hung mother-drawn moms.

I do not understand: on the one hand, the educators see that portraits are drawn by parents. Take, hang on the exhibitions, encourage. On the other hand, parents! Where, at what stage, we suddenly decided that the children would not cope? And what does it mean - "cope"?

If the educators strongly advised parents not to interfere, said how important the independence of children were important, and their parents themselves stopped painting, sculpt and glue instead of a child, perhaps, in elementary school, they would not have to sit on homework. Homework would become a means of communication: I did a signal "I'm fine, I'm safe, I am happy with study and want more"; I did not - "I'm tired, I feel bad, we must relax."

As a result, by the end of the elementary school, children, as a rule, do not know how to independently do lessons. "Make a draft, I will come from work - check." Why check? If the purpose of studies is knowledge, research, then you need to write first. Error too in fines. This is generally a very useful skill - to do lessons how to live life, - immediately to the finalik.

Children have no system for promoting independent learning, impaired understanding of assistance, support and boundaries. Even where the parent can just help, traditionally makes instead, and not together.

The disturbed boundaries lead to the loss of confidence: parents do not trust children lessons, teachers do not trust the disciples and constantly involve parents in learning.

Created prerequisites of presumption of guilt. The highest manifestation of it will be a search at the entrance to the exam and OGE, support to the toilet and removal from the class of own teachers

I do not have ready-made instructions, how can you change the situation. I even understand the goodness of the intentions of the developers of the exam. But while parents earn psoriases and heart attacks in anticipation of results, while children jump from the windows on the eve of the exams from fear to confuse the sequence of arguments, this problem requires a solution. My daughter is preparing for Og. Storm the tests, and I catch the growing nervous tension. I am writing an article and trying to answer the question - what to do.

On the one hand, there is experience in other countries. For example, Finland, which has many director of Russian schools learn to teach children. Finnish education is recognized as one of the best performance and comfort of learning, without combaling and scaling, children speak foreign languages ​​and understand the causal relationships, our innovative "turned outdoor" for them for a long time.

Maybe we will try to adopt the experience a little more systemically and intensively, and not in separate schools?

Of course, Russian education has its own way. I often hear that Western education is "weaker." What is our power? In fundamental, stability? In distrust? Our educational system is in the "Reform" mode all the time. So let's reform!

In trend interdisciplination. I propose along with estimates the result of education to recognize the level of hormone of joy and trust, which stands out from a child with thought about school. The lamps of medicine came to your time to help teachers and psychologists!

Please do not test the children to the level of joy on a row scale in locked rooms and do not take an analysis on a hormone of children's happiness from parents.

You are in the "Blogs" section. The opinion of the author may not coincide with the position of the editorial office.

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