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Today it is difficult to imagine a woman who has no pair of heel shoes in the dressing room. But the founders of fashion for such shoes were representatives of not a wonderful floor, but strong. "Rambler" will tell why now men do not wear shoes on heels.

Why men refused to shoes on heels

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One of the most famous collectors of the shoe was undoubtedly the French king Louis XIV. It was quite small height - only 1 meter 63 centimeters. And to add more centimeters ten, the ruler had to wear high-heeled shoes. King's shoes were often painted with battle scenes. And the soles and heels were certainly painted in red - this paint was expensive and associated with a military victory.

The French fashion quickly spread abroad: the English King of Karl II on the coronation portrait of 1661 is posing on bright red heels, although its growth and without them exceeded 185 centimeters.

In the 1670s, Louis XIV issued a decree along which red heels had the right to wear only its courtiers. Theoretically, to check whether this person is in caressing or in disfavor at the court, it was possible to just look at her legs.

Although heels fell into Europe, the courage to the spirit of the courage, they soon began to wear and women began to wear them. At that time, it was generally fashionable to borrow elements of men's clothing. Since then, the footwear of European aristocrats has been similar to both sexes. The situation began to change at the end of the XVII century.

Intellectual movement, known as enlightenment, brought with me respect for rational and useful, as well as emphasis on the formation of inappropriate origin. Men's fashion turned toward a more practical outfit. British aristocrats began to wear simple clothes, which better consisted of their occupation in the estate.

It was the beginning of the so-called "big male refusal" - from jewelry, bright colors and pretentious fabrics in favor of dark, suspended and monotonous devices. The difference in the public situation was no longer expressed in clothes so frankly. But the difference between the appearance of the floors is the opposite, it has become much sharper. High heels were now considered stupid and feminine. By 1740, the men completely refused them.

Exactly after half a century stopped wearing them and women: after the French revolution, high heel came out of fashion. And returned in the middle of the XIX century. It was the heyday of the photo, which actively changed those methods with which fashion was created.

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