Sexual intercourse or koitus: how does it happen and what happens

About what sex is, every adult knows. However, not everyone is thinking about how difficult it is a complex and multifaceted process. It would seem, there is nothing easier than to sleep with two ready and wishing to people. However, in fact, sex is a whole science! After all, it is necessary to take both a physiological and emotional (psychological) side of the issue. But first we will turn to the etymology. The word "Koitus" comes from the Latin 'Coitus', meaning "connection". But now this word is used exclusively to designate sexual intercourse.

Preparation for sexual act

If the intimate relationship wants two healthy and intricately man of the opposite sex, then their bodies are ready for sex. The male penis has an erection, and, after friction, ejaculation. And the elastic female vagina during the excitement is moistened and stretched to take a member. However, sexual intercourse is somewhat more complicated than a simple copulation - we differ from animals. In order for two people to prepare for sex, they need the following.

  • First, make sure that both partners are willing to join intimate relationships (physically and psychologically).
  • Secondly, choose a suitable place with atmosphere.
  • Thirdly, carry out all hygienic procedures.
  • In addition, you need to agree on what is permitted during the intercourse, and what is not.
  • And also take care of contraception.

These items are mandatory for anyone who wants to have sex safely and with pleasure. However, most couples also have their own rituals. Someone, for example, prefers a long prelude, someone holds a romantic dinner, and someone looks together erotic films. These moments are individual, but it is they who make sex not a simple court for the sake of conception of a child or getting pleasure, but an expression of love and passion.


The main components of sexual intercourse and how it happens

During intercourse, the human body passes through several stages, so any sexual contact is accompanied by several stages.

  1. Blood is saturated with hormones responsible for excitement.
  2. A man and a woman psychologically configured on intimate proximity, a sexual desire appears.
  3. The man flooded with blood, harden and "gets up" a member (an erection appears), and a woman has a grease from the vagina. Physical arousal is also often accompanied by additional reactions of the body. For example, breathing or nipples can be freed.
  4. Several act is happening. A man introduces a member in the vagina of a woman and comes friction. Frictions are reciprocating movements. They may have a different pace and strength, but, as a rule, they are rapidly closer to seeds.
  5. Orgasm comes. In a man, he is accompanied by ejaculation - sperm emissions.
  6. There is a decline in activity, a person is relaxing. As a rule, most people have the beginning of the next sexual intercourse in 30-60 minutes. But some organism "recharges" faster. It depends on age, health, sexual potential and other factors.

Anatomy of heterosexual Koitus

The concept of Koitus every person perceives individually. For someone, the sexual relations of men and women are exclusively genital contact (the penis enters the vagina). And someone understands under this term any kind of sex (oral, anal), which can be accessible to same-sex partners. In this material, we consider it precisely a heterosexual koitus, that is, a traditional vaginal contact.

Female genitals

And the female, and the men's genital system consists of internal and external organs. At the same time, during sex, the interaction comes with both groups. The woman to interior genital organs belong:

  • vagina,
  • uterus and uterine pipes
  • ovaries (they are completely "hidden" inside the body).

The external genital authorities include:

  • Lobc zone,
  • Large and hidden by them small sex lips,
  • gland anticipation of the vagina (large and small),
  • clitoris.

The most sensitive place on the body of a woman is the clitoris. His stimulation in most cases helps girls get orgasm. However, it is necessary to understand that the clitoris is not a small organ. Therefore, its stimulation can be both external (the head is located above the entrance to the vagina) and the inner (impact on the point G in the vagina). Read more about genital organs of girls can be found here.


Male genitals

The man has a floor system very differently, its large part is located inside. The internal organs include:

  • Bullboretral glands
  • seed glands
  • testicles and their appendages
  • Prostate gland (also called a prostate),
  • The ducts through which the seed liquid is ejected out.

The external genital organs in a man is, firstly, the sexual member itself, which can be of different lengths and thickness. And also the scrotum is located under it (eggs are hidden).

The process went

Sex act begins at the moment when a male dick falls into a woman's vagina. At the same time, he spreads its walls (in an unexcited state, they are tightly pressed to each other). In order for the penis easier to enter the vagina, a woman has a special lubricant. This is a natural process accompanying excitement. However, these discharge may not be enough to exclude discomfort. This is especially true if the partner has a big dick. In such cases, additional lubricants are used, which can be purchased in a sex shop or pharmacy. When using artificial lubrication, unpleasant sensations are minimized.

What happens to partners during intercourse

During intercourse, a man comes friction, and completely remove a member from the vagina is not required. The friction of the trunk and the head of the member of the mucous vaginal gives pleasant sensations, and the girl can experience an orgasm from exposure to the point G (on the inner wall of the vagina) and additional stimulation.

In the traditional sex, the actual role is most often in men, since they make actions. But sometimes partners can change places, and the woman itself is satisfied with the member. With this option, there are more chances that the orgasm will come from both partners, as a woman can independently control the process.

during sexual intercourse

Is simultaneous orgasm possible

Most often, the Socia ends at the moment when a man receives an orgasm. His penis is weakening and "falls", so it cannot continue to have sex right away. And the re-erection may take time from a few minutes to several hours. But not always a woman has time to get an orgasm during sexual intercourse, and in the end remains dissatisfied.

Why is this happening? Because the female organism is more complicated than male. Therefore, in order for the orgasm to get both partners at once, the woman needs to additionally stimulate. It can be done by hand or toys (they, by the way, help diversify sex).

In pornographic videos is often shown, as partners cum simultaneously with the cries of delight. However, in practice, a man and a woman often receive an orgasm at different times. And the woman can also cum not from a member of the partner, but from additional stimulation. Real sex is not at all similar to one that is demonstrated in the rollers 18+. Therefore, you should not compare yourself with pornaktera and think that something is wrong with you or your partner.

Types and techniques of sexual acts

Sexual acts can be divided into the following types:

  • heterosexual (traditional) - with a partner of the opposite sex;
  • Homosexual - with a partner of his sex;
  • interrupted - a man gets a member from the vagina before ejaculation occurs, and cums outward;
  • prolonged - sexual intercourse, which is much longer than the usual duration;
  • Incomplete - such sex does not end with ejaculation or orgasm.

Also, sexual acts are classified by the type of penetration. In this case, it can be vaginal, oral or anal.

Anatomy of sex

Poses at Koitus

You can have sex in absolutely different poses. The most popular positions include the following.

  1. First of all, missionary. A classic pose in which a woman is lying on his back, spreading his legs. A man is entering her in front and rests on his hands.
  2. Secondly, behind, which is more famous as "Doggi Style" or "Cancer". The girl stands on his knees and relies on the elongated hands, or on the elbow. In the deflection of the loin, access to its genital organs is created. And a man can enter her from behind, standing on his knees.
  3. The third popular posture is "Rider". A man is lying on his back, and the woman sits on it from above. In this posture, a woman takes an active role, because it can regulate the pace and the depth of penetration.

There are also common positions that do not imply traditional sexual intercourse. For example, in POSE "69", partners satisfy each other only orally.

What frequency of sex acts is considered normal and get pregnant as soon as possible

Even now, the myth is still spread that, during the first sex, the girl cannot get pregnant. Also, some believe that fertilization is impossible during menstruation or in the absence of ejaculation in the vagina. However, all this misconceptions. The occurrence of pregnancy does not depend on whether sex was first or a girl has already enacted intimate relationships. She can also become pregnant in absolutely any day of the month, and a man may not even end in it. It is sufficiently minimal discharge from the penis that occur during the sexual act.

Does regular sex need for a girl to get pregnant? Not. The first thing for this is needed is the health of both partners. As well as the absence of stress, normal hormonal background and reproductive age.

sexual act

The probability of the occurrence of pregnancy depends on the stage of the cycle in the female organism. As a rule, a healthy woman has a cycle of 28-30 days. During ovulation, the egg cell is easiest to fertilize the egg cell, and during the monthly and first week after them the probability is reduced. However, if the girl is young and healthy, before zero, probability does not go down. Even if you have sex every year.

Universal norm, which determines the optimal number of sexual acts, no. It depends on the state of the body and psychology of the person himself. For example, someone wants to join intimate communication every day, and someone has enough once a week. Everything is individually.

From which the duration of proximity depends

It may seem incredible, but the average sexual intercourse is laid in 5-7 minutes! Such information for many will be a discovery, because in pornographic rollers, we show us how a man can perform half an hour friction, an hour, two. However, in fact, classic sex lasts much less, and it is absolutely normal. Sex duration for a man may depend on the set of factors:

  • First, how regular his sex life is regular.
  • Secondly, the sensitivity of the penis.
  • Thirdly, from the development of pelvic muscles.
  • And also on what mood it is.

However, many representatives of heavy sex continue to worry that they cum too quickly. And just do not have time to "feel" moment, not to mention the fact that their partner does not reach orgasm.

How to increase the duration

The surest way to increase the average intercourse time is to check your health. It is possible that very short existence is obtained due to the fact that in the body there is a failure that does not give normally functioning the sexual system. And, of course, it is worth sticking to a healthy lifestyle, then sex will be high-quality.

Sex shops also offer products to increase the duration of sexual intercourse. If the man is completely healthy, but he still wants to be active longer, he can try special erection rings.


Age and duration of sex

With age, sexual intercourse can become longer or, on the contrary, in short. It is absolutely normal, since the hormonal background of the body is rebuilt. The best thing you can do to improve the situation is to keep a healthy lifestyle. It is necessary to eat right, watch the weight, drink enough water, take vitamins and get enough sleep. Then the man can gladly have sex even in a fairly mature age.

Repeated sex

The possibility of re-sex certificate for each man is individual. Someone takes several hours to recover. Another few minutes for the member reappeared. With age, though, the recovery time will increase. A healthy lifestyle will help in shape.

Middle sex

The benefits of Koitusa

Koitus is a natural process in which the human body needs. Sex act has a comprehensive positive impact on our body, as it:

  • activates the central nervous system;
  • strengthens immunity;
  • relieves stress;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • gives the charge of positive emotions;
  • reduces the risk of sexual diseases (of course, in the case of safe sex);
  • normalizes hormonal background.

And also sex is just nice. It is not necessary to think that the compassion between two people is a purely mechanical process aimed at conceiving a child and getting pleasure. In fact, it is also a way to show love to each other, express your feelings, get bright emotions.

Sex in the life of men and women

For men and women, sexual intercourse can have a different meaning. As girls are more emotional, sex for them is, first of all, romance and the expression of the partner's love. Even orgasm they can only get with those man to which sincere feelings are experiencing.

For men, sex is more active process that brings satisfaction. With it, they assert themselves, contribute to a variety, and, of course, enjoy. Male orgasm is somewhat simpler, so the strong floor remains satisfied with the sexual act almost always.

sexual intercourse

Erotic and pornography

Now online is easy to find porn: videos, photos, drawn pictures, as well as stories. Materials 18+ are even divided by fetishes and preferences. Yes, and in ordinary art films and books, there are now a lot of frank content showing the physical side of the relationship between the characters.

Watch porn is absolutely normal. Stop from it - too. However, one should not take such videos as the truth in the last instance, trying to imitate them. After all, the beautiful picture on the screen and the real sex most often vary greatly. You need to focus only that you and your partner are comfortable.

Attitude to sex in our country

In the time of the USSR, sexual connections were not discussed and did not end up in the public. The topic of sex was banned, and it was assumed that all intimate affairs people should leave in the bedroom. The older generation has this topic and now - strict taboo. Therefore, even light erotic in the media causes a strong embarrassment and shame for young people.

Youth and the middle generation belong to sex much easier. Now he penetrates advertising, on the Internet, in films and books. You can even buy special courses and go to classes where you will teach the right sex! People became much more freer and now women do not hide that they need sex for enjoying, and not just to conceive children. However, now, chatting about sex, it is not, to remember the boundaries of the permitted.

Sexual act of men and women are the highest point of their close relationship. Sex is necessary not only for the receipt of pleasure and removal of sexual oveugulation. The most important purpose of sexual intercourse is the continuation of the kind.

Preparation for sexual act

If a sexual connection is installed between a man and a woman, on a regular basis, it does not mean that they know how to start sexual intercourse. Sexual education of people originates from the street, kindergartens, schools. Where in the role of sex "experts" peers who enlightened in the same way.

According to numerous polls of the Russian population, only less than 5% of respondents received clarification on this delicate theme from reliable sources (parents, teachers). Most people point out that the parents and teachers are cut to the root for the right sexual knowledge of the root. At a young age, it is forbidden to raise this topic with a threatening physical violence. And the young people already matured already "allegedly know everyone." Here is a sexual education in Russia.

As a man to prepare for sex

  1. Do not argue . From the crowded stomach arises a sense of fatigue and attacks of laziness. So I want to seed.
  2. Do not talk to serious topics before copulation. , in order to avoid conflict or just a bad sediment in the soul. Basically, it affects the woman, without letting it fully immerse themselves in sex.
  3. It is important to pick up The right moment for intercourse . As a rule, most of the married couple choose the evening for sex. But the nervous and physical stress accumulated over the working day can affect not the best on the quality of sexual intercourse. It happens that morning riser as if the compass arrow indicates the right direction. After all, it is in the morning the men are most predisposed to sexual contact. Spouses should be checked experienced by what time of day is optimal for making love.
  4. Not every man can count on the striptease. But why not help women in undressing , Powder in advance.

Anatomy of sexual act

Anatomy of sexual act

It would seem that the process of sexual relationship is not good. However, women's and men's genitals are very difficult to arrange. Let's look at the sexual intercourse from the inside.

Female genitals


  • vagina;
  • the fallopian tubes;
  • uterus;
  • ovaries;


  • clitoris;
  • Small and large glands of the vagina's runstray;
  • Thrieventure of the vagina;
  • Large and small sex lips;
  • pubis.

Male genitals


  • Bulgoburetral glands;
  • prostate;
  • seed glands;
  • seed-winning and seed-throwing ducts;
  • Eggs with appendages.



What is Koitus?

- Koitus (sexual intercourse) is a removal of a man and a woman during which many processes are involved. Not only in the genitals, but also in the entire nervous system, the cerebral cortex and the glands of the internal secretion.


Several acts in people are divided into four stages


This stage is a preparing for sexual act. When preludes, the spouses are growing mutual attraction. It is during this period that the genitals of men and women are abundantly filled with blood.

An erection is an increase in blood volume in a penis, due to a powerful inflow, a member becomes more and hardening.

The term "erection" is also suitable for describing the inflow of blood to female genital organs. In women, sex lips and the clitoris swell during the excitation, the natural lubricant is distinguished.


Floor excitement increases, and the erected male member is ready to penetrate into the women's Lono. The head of the member is moistened with natural lubricant, the member increases to the maximum size. The testicles are tightened and tightened, they look less visually, and they get toddling to the touch.

The correct principle of intercourse is obtained when, at the time of the introduction of a member in the vagina, not only a man, but also a woman reached its excitation peak. Since not only penis increases in volume, but the vagina is narrowed from excitement - ideal conditions for passionate sex are created.


Under the approach of the orgasm, the men in the groin region increases a pleasant feeling. A man begins to accelerately do friction, increasing the friction speed and there is a powerful ejaculation.


A relaxation accompanied by light dizziness comes to replace the stress race. This last stage of intercourse has such parameters:

  • Member and vagina take a calm condition;
  • Partner's rapid heartbeat and intermittent respiration are normalized;
  • There is a desire to relax a little.

How to commit a second sexual act

The average duration of the standard intercourse is 1.5-3 minutes. After the first sexual act of a man is over, and desire to continue love joy at least debugs, then you can apply ways to reduce the duration of rest between sexual acts to a minimum.

How to quickly recover after sexual intercourse

  1. As an option - slightly snack with cold snacks (fruits, seafood, grass tea ...). In general, use products to increase potency and in no way overeat, in order to avoid gravity in the stomach and drowsiness.
  2. Massage of the entire penis from the base to the head is very effective technique (hands, lips, nipples - it all depends on the fantasy). It is recommended to withstand some pause after the first sexual connection, so that the unpleasant sensations from the touch of the penis head after recently ejaculation are.
  3. A classic relaxing massage after sex will be pleasant to both partners. During the massage, you can easily talk, say about your feelings. Use pleasant words and compliments.
  4. Joint pastime in the bathroom. After the first sexual act, I want to refresh yourself (wash off the work sweat, go up). Why not take a shower together - this will strengthen the desire. The water temperature must approximately 36-38 degrees Celsius. Shower after sex removes accumulated fatigue, relaxes. Most likely in the soul and the first stage of the intercity interchange will begin.

Many couples Before starting the second sexual intercourse, heated toys from sex shops. To koie a huge variety in the Chinese market. It is not difficult to make an order for Joom or Ali-Express. The main thing is to carefully read the reviews so as not to evoke on the poor-quality goods. True shipping speed leaves much to be desired, it happens to wait a few months.

How to increase intercourse time

There are plenty of funds so that you can not finish the man of sexual intercourse as long as possible:

These are effective means, but every man must master the technique of execution of sexual intercourse. To be able to control the duration of sex with your skills without third-party stimulants. If you treat sex as a training session and disassemble your skills every time, the results will not wait for a long time.

Prolonged interchange technique

  1. To extend sexual contact, enter a member in the vagina, make sure that the partner is completely excited. Then the woman forms a sufficient amount of natural lubricant, which will allow the longest to copulate than to do it on dry. This method is not only for the extension of sexual intercourse, but also significantly brings the moment of female orgasm. And in most cases, a man wants to extend the action of its capabilities to deliver the orgasm of its half.
  2. Passionate unrestrained sex is often configured. Therefore, enter the penis should not be in a hurry as it were in the star, first for a couple of centimeters. And in order not to irritate the mucous head, slowly into several movements to immerse member to the end. Then gradually start friction.
  3. There are clever people who advise masturbate before sex, but this is usually suitable for the first date. To seem like a hardy lover in front of an unfamiliar girl. But if we are talking about a spouse or permanent sexual partner, then there is no point in masturbation. It is better to spend all your sexual resources for honing in just the same intercourse technique. Working on the duration of the existence and frequency of sexual contacts.
  4. A frequent satellite of the first sexual connection is alcohol. Really a glass of wine behind a romantic dinner helps to liberate and tune in to the desired way. Alcohol at the same time dulls the sensitivity of the touch, and the sexual intercourse is extended. But if we are talking about the technique of extension of sexual intercourse, then alcohol is not to the place here.

When a man feels an approach of orgasm, it is necessary to reduce the pace of translational movements, until a complete stop. At this moment, it is very important to quickly breathe correctly, so that the surging wave of excitement is gone. After the man gained control over himself, you should assess my strength and the situation as a whole. If you continue the frictions - how fast will it cover it next wave of pleasure? And whether it is far from the orgasm of his partner? It is possible to change the pose and work with its clitoris until its breath indicates the approach of orgasm. And then the member can again be allowed again and if the orgasm is not simultaneous, then at least the girl will cover the first.

In general, poses play a big role in the copulation. Why do you want to change the pose during sex during sex?


How to restrain at the sexual intercourse. But the intercourse process can hire completely different goals:

  • Beautiful sex;
  • getting the highest pleasure;
  • Simultaneous orgasm.

The classic missionary posture comes with time, but there are such couples that, by virtue of their psychological stiffness and no indisputability, will not go further. In such families, the usual phenomenon that the wife never experienced an orgasm. But there are intimate postures, with incredible potential. It happens that for the first time trying a certain posture with such an angle, that and move comfortably and the eye is rejoiced after the first sexual intercourse immediately starts. Virtually no stop - you can say without removing a member.

It is not necessary to study the postures from the kamasutra, quite desire, and the natural intuition itself will tell you how to twist your woman. Here is a small selection of poses to diversify the intercourse process:


Pose Doggi Style photo

This is the pose when a woman stands on all fours, in the knee-elbow pose. Ideally, having rushing my back and putting back up. In the people, such a posture is called "cancer". The man is behind and he is well visible to the anus and the vagina. More advantage of this position is that penetration can be the most deep. In general, this posture is universal - it is suitable for all kinds of sex: vaginal, anal, blowjob, cunnilingus. A good help is the presence of mirrors and good lighting.


In this position, a man lies on his back, and a woman caught up at a member puzzles a pelvis. Rider Pose Allows a woman to manage the process of copulation. Plus, the man is the thrill and the new visual perception of their partner. "Inverted rider" is a similar posture, only the girl sits to a man back. A partner can regulate the rhythm of the Socia, taking the horseradish

Pose 69.

Sex 69 Pose Pictures

Any manifestations of oral sex strengthen the relationship of sexual partners. The standard posture of the reversal usually implies a man lying on his back, and on top of all over fourths there is a partner. The position of the phone is that the female vagina is at the face of a man, and a member of the woman's face. Like the sign Yin-Yan, they merge in love affection: the woman sucks him a dick, and he caresses her clit. Pose 69 has other variations when the opposite is a man on all fours, and a woman under it. You can also copulate in this position on the side.

Sex on phytball

The most common poses for sex on the phytball:

  1. A man sits on the ball as on a chair, and on top to a member as a rider sits on the chair. The technique is the same as in the pose "Rider", but here the phytball springs, and these are completely different sensations.
  2. The partner lies with the belly on the ball, opening the crotch for actions of a sexual character.
  3. There are variations with double penetration by the dildo attached to the phytball on the suction cup.

Before starting a sexual intercourse on the phytball, you need to discuss with the partner rules of behavior. Sexing sex on phytball is intended:

  • It is impossible to make rapidly sharp movements, jumps and jerks. The ball can play or jump out from under the inlentible couple. What can lead to fall or injury to the genitals.
  • Use high-quality balls for adults. Children's balls or Chinese cheap phytballs can burst during sex (here and to psychological injury not far)

How many calories burns sex

Sex burns calories, but not in such huge quantities as it is considered. You can make sure to take advantage of the calorie calculator calculator. First, we specify your weight, then in the middle window of the calculator "Information about the class" scroll to the very end and choose the value of "sex". Next in the bottom window, we specify the time of the system in minutes and click the green button. Calorie burning with active sex is equivalent to walking at a speed of 3 km / h.

Calorie burning calculator

Calcular flow calculator

Frequency frictions

The pace of copulation depends on the set of factors:

  1. Convenience of intimate pose . When the movements are stolen, naturally, friction less often than in the usual setting.
  2. Stage of sexual act . At the beginning - Move movements are more measured and meaningful. The closer the orgasm the friction is sharper and more often.
  3. Temperament (Sexual preferences). Each person has an individual character - and naturally temperamental man will be more intensive to paint a member rather than a shy and timid cavalier.
  4. Physical training and physique . In men, sports physique is much more endurance - their act is longer and more active than the fatels. This is due not only in the visual difference of the physique, but also internal health. In physically strong representatives of strong sex more testosterone, which means better potency. The owners of massive stompers are rampant in the estrogen body - a female hormone overwhelming potency. In addition, fat briefly enough breathing - shortness of breath appears, the press hurts, legs, etc.

Frequency of sex acts

Each couple has its own regularity of sexual relationship. It depends on the age of loved, temperament and the stages of relationships. At the very beginning of relations, people have sex much more often than couples living together not the first year. And for someone daily sex is a mandatory ritual.

According to statistics:

  • 35% of married couples practiced sex 5-10 times a month;
  • 20% 0-5 times and only 40% 10-20 times;
  • But 5% of sex surveyed 20-60 times.

Regular sex is good for health - has a beneficial effect on the nervous and cardiovascular system. As well as sex on a regular basis strengthens the urinary system, prevents the occurrence of diseases of the prostate gland.

In general, the frequency of sexual acts directly depends on the ability of a man to quickly restore between the sexual acts. In this case, the main thing is sexual desire!

Sex when planning pregnancy

If the spouses do not have any deviations on health, then the process of sexual relationship with unprotected sexual intercourse is sooner or later leads to pregnancy. Therefore, when young people do not plan to become parents - they need contraception methods:

  1. Interrupted sexual act . The most unreliable way of contraception. During sexual contact, in addition to the natural lubricant on the member head, some quantity of sperm may be distinguished before the end of the system. In addition, a frequent cause of unwanted pregnancy, the fact that the guy simply did not have time to pull member.
  2. Condoms . The most popular contraceptives: give protection from pregnancy by 99% and protect against sexually transmitted diseases (HIV, syphilis, tripper, gonorrhea).
  3. Hormonal contraception . It has several types:
  • COC - combined oral contraceptives;
  • Candles;
  • plasters;
  • Spiral is considered to be an outdated method of contraception with a mass of side effects. About 3% of women with a spiral installed still pregnant and have to make a forced abortion. Since the spiral installed in the uterus will not allow to develop the baby. Unfortunately, this method is still used in modern medicine.

But when the desire to become parents are present, it is necessary to accommodively treat preparation for conception. Recommended:

  • Refuse to abandon bad habits in advance;
  • Pass the necessary analyzes to both partners (blood and urine tests, smears);
  • Healthy nutrition.

To choose the best day for conception, use the online Calculator of the Calculation Date.

Online calculator for calculating pregnancy and childbirth

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy

photo sex during pregnancy

The occurrence of pregnancy often adjusts the mode and character of sexual relations in a young family. Psycho-emotional female background in the first weeks of pregnancy leaves much to be desired: increased anxiety, imperidity, syradiability, and physical ailment is often the source of irritation and tears. And then male sexual needs are equated with its egoism and heartlessness. Occasionally inferior to the desire of a man, the wife is closely following his condition and holds back its activity, fearing to harm the infant. At such moments, the spouses may experience some voltage in family relationships.

Despite all these difficulties, husbands throughout their pregnancy leave regular sex sessions, focusing on how the spouse feels.

Sex in the first trimester of pregnancy

When a girl in an interesting position does not have difficulty with health and well-being - there is no reason to avoid sexual contacts. The only one should reduce the frequency of sexual acts and take care of the spouse during sex.

If there is a threat of miscarriage or other serious complications. You should consider with a great understanding of what is happening and abide by the sexual rest.

To get an orgasm without penetration, there are a lot of methods, the admissibility of which can be judged only by the spouses themselves.

Sometimes it is required to change the mode of sexual relationships and transferring sex at the morning, if the woman feels tired and does not want to be intimidated.

Sex in the second trimester of pregnancy

Sex acts in the second trimester are gaining momentum due to changes in the female organism:

  • an increase in sexual entry;
  • improving well-being;
  • Lack of toxicosis.

Causes of increasing sexual entry in the second trimester of pregnancy:

  • increases the volume of circulating blood;
  • Blenification of the genital organs increases;
  • Improved moisturizing vagina.

Many men, during this period, they manage to deliver her first orgasm to their woman.

Sex in the third trimester of pregnancy

With the advent of a large belly, the spouses need to use the pose "on the side" and temper the pace of sexual activity. It happens that after sexual intercourse there is a bloodflowing masculine, meaning that the mucosa of the cervix is ​​damaged. In this case, you need to show the wife a gynecologist to get further instructions.

As the appointed date of childbirth, the spouses are immersed in the cooking associated with the birth of the baby. Sexual desires in such a period are departed to the background.

The main components of sexual intercourse

All elements of sexual intercourse, which include sexual attraction, erection, ejaculation and orgasm, are closely related to each other, which makes each of the components impossible in the absence of the previous one. For example, only a pronounced libido is able to provide that degree of erection that is necessary for intercommunication. A good erection of a man, in turn, makes it possible to achieve an orgasm, both for him and for his partner.

Thus, in the norm, the sexual function can be implemented only under the condition of interconnection of interchange components. If there are any disorders, each of the listed components may be affected separately, however, over time, problems with one of the elements lead to sexual dysfunction as a whole.

The work of the whole system is controlled by a sex center, which is influenced not only by external stimuli, but also internal factors in the form of genital hormones contained in the blood.

Koitus between a man and a woman

Technique of sexual act

When considering the issue of sex anatomy, considerable attention is paid to the technique of its implementation. However, it cannot be reduced to pure mechanical actions carried out according to the planned scenario. Each sexual act, and even the more intimate life of each pair, individual, and represent the natural expression of the needs of a man and a woman in a caress and sexual pleasure.

Sex act begins with mutual preliminary caresses, allowing to increase the sexual excitation of partners. Their duration is individual for each pair and is largely determined by the temperament of a man and a woman. On average, the prelude can take from 5 to 20 minutes. Directly, the sexual act itself begins at the time of administration of the penis in the vagina and ends with the ejaculation and the achievement of orgasm. Most often, the moment of the highest sexual pleasure in partners occurs at different times, but it is quite likely to achieve a mutual orgasm. This requires a certain experiment and desire of both partners.

Thus, the attitude towards sexual act exclusively as a method for conceiving a child not only deprives this side of the life of a man and a woman of her beauty and attractiveness, but also destructively affect their relationships in general.

What frequency of sex acts is considered normal?

The frequency of its commission is also directly related to the concept of anatomy of sexual intercourse. It should be noted that the norm in this case is the concept of relative, because the number of genital acts, which is quite satisfied with one pair, is unacceptable for another. Even in the same pair, partners may have a different opinion about the intensity of their sexual life, depending on the individual needs of a person.

The frequency of the performed genital acts directly depends on the age characteristics. In the youth, the intensity of sexual life is usually the highest, and can reach several times a day. Then it gradually decreases, setting up in the period of maturity in the region of 2-3 sexual acts per week. However, these are just averaged values, since the frequency of intimate relations of each individual, numerous factors of biological, personal and social character are constantly influenced. So, in youth and old age, how many sex acts are able to commit, for example, in a week, is determined mainly by its physiological features. In the mature age, the number of genital acts is very dependent on the psychological state of the man and the quality of his relationship with the partner. The number of sexual intercourse committed in the week, in the same man can also temporarily increase or decrease under the influence of external factors. For example, the manifestation of activity from a partner or the change of the situation is capable of increasing the intensity of sexual life, while the busy rhythm of work or adverse living conditions, on the contrary, are adversely affect the sexual imposition of a man.

One of the important indicators to estimate how many sex acts can be considered the norm for a particular man, is the presence of ejaculation. That is, in the norm, sexual intercourse should end with ejaculation. If it does not occur or the amount of ejaculate meager, it indicates the exhaustion of the body exposed to excessive loads.

Preparation for sexual act

If a sexual connection is installed between a man and a woman, on a regular basis, it does not mean that they know how to start sexual intercourse. Sexual education of people originates from the street, kindergartens, schools. Where in the role of sex "experts" peers who enlightened in the same way.

According to numerous polls of the Russian population, only less than 5% of respondents received clarification on this delicate theme from reliable sources (parents, teachers). Most people point out that the parents and teachers are cut to the root for the right sexual knowledge of the root. At a young age, it is forbidden to raise this topic with a threatening physical violence. And the young people already matured already "allegedly know everyone." Here is a sexual education in Russia.

Socia Men and Women

As a man to prepare for sex

  1. Do not argue . From the crowded stomach arises a sense of fatigue and attacks of laziness. So I want to seed.
  2. Do not talk to serious topics before copulation. , in order to avoid conflict or just a bad sediment in the soul. Basically, it affects the woman, without letting it fully immerse themselves in sex.
  3. It is important to pick up The right moment for intercourse . As a rule, most of the married couple choose the evening for sex. But the nervous and physical stress accumulated over the working day can affect not the best on the quality of sexual intercourse. It happens that morning riser as if the compass arrow indicates the right direction. After all, it is in the morning the men are most predisposed to sexual contact. Spouses should be checked experienced by what time of day is optimal for making love.
  4. Not every man can count on the striptease. But why not help women in undressing , Powder in advance.

Anatomy of sexual act

Anatomy of sexual act

It would seem that the process of sexual relationship is not good. However, women's and men's genitals are very difficult to arrange. Let's look at the sexual intercourse from the inside.

Female genitals


  • vagina;
  • the fallopian tubes;
  • uterus;
  • ovaries;


  • clitoris;
  • Small and large glands of the vagina's runstray;
  • Thrieventure of the vagina;
  • Large and small sex lips;
  • pubis.

Male genitals


  • Bulgoburetral glands;
  • prostate;
  • seed glands;
  • seed-winning and seed-throwing ducts;
  • Eggs with appendages.


Frequency of sexual acts and the likelihood of pregnancy

When considering the issue of sex anatomy, the theme of the optimal intensity of sexual life is often arising, which ensures the high probability of conception. That is, planning pregnancy, couples often wonder how many sex acts should they make, for example, per week, so that the child's conception can be achieved. According to the most likely conception, the most likely conception becomes in everyday sex. This frequency of sex contacts increases the chances of a long-awaited pregnancy to 25%. If the pair has an intimate relationship every other day, the probability of conception is reduced to 22%. Classes of sex once a week reduces the chances of pregnancy up to 10%, since the couple with great most often misses the most favorable days for fertilization.

Experts recommend to exercise the greatest activity in sexual life during the occurrence of ovulation in a woman (from 10 to 18 day of the menstrual cycle). This week is the most effective are the daily sexual acts. Seven days following the onset of ovulation are also quite favorable for conception, but at this time the intensity of sexual life is better to reduce a little, having sex every other day.

To increase the probability of pregnancy, the amount of sex performed during the day should be taken into account. The more ejaculation was in a man for one day, the most of his spermatozoa becomes moving. However, with each new sexual acts, the amount of spermatozoa in the ejaculate decreases, since the body requires a certain time to produce them. That is, the more intense sex life during the day, the less spermatozoa becomes, but above their quality. However, this should not conclude that the probability of conception is influenced by the number of sperm itself, since the volume of the ejaculate is not always directly related to its productivity. It is very complex and multifaceted with all its nuances relating to its nuances, because it cannot be considered as an exclusively physiological process. . It is necessary to take into account the entire set of factors determining the quality of sexual life. Only such an approach will allow you to find answers to all your questions, cope with already existing problems and avoid the emergence of new ones.

What is Koitus

Causes of fast sexual act - why it happens

Normally, sexual intercourse continues from 2-5 minutes. up to 10 min, during which a man produces at least 60 frictions. Premature ejaculation can be both temporary and constant phenomenon, have organic and psycho-emotional reasons.

Physiological reasons

Early ejaculation may be a consequence of congenital anomalies and acquired diseases:

  • Short bridle of extreme flesh;
  • Increased sensitivity of the penis;
  • Inflammatory urological diseases - prostatitis, urethritis, collective;
  • The syndrome of paraventional brain poles is congenital or acquired (crank-brain injuries);
  • Injuries of pelvic bones, spinal fractures, intervertebral hernias, osteochondrosis;
  • Neurological disorders associated with the innervation of pelvic authorities;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Lack of magnesium in the body:
  • Side effects of some drugs;
  • Heredity;
  • Weakly developed pelvic muscles.

Physiological problems of short sexual intercourse require diagnosis and treatment.

Psychological reasons

Stress and psychological problems

It is quite often found, the diagnosis is difficult because of the reluctance of men share their sexual problems with the partner and the doctor.

Premature ejaculation at the psycho-emotional level:

  • At the constant, inclined to the anxiety of men, fucked by waiting for failure;
  • Young people with a high way of excitability recently started sex life;
  • Sexual intercourse after a long period of abstinence;
  • Problems in relationships with the partner;
  • Men's hypersexuality, short, but frequent sexual acts;
  • Unconscious fear of a man before the possibility of infection or the emergence of unwanted pregnancy;
  • Stress, physical or psycho-emotional exhaustion;
  • Frigidity, sexual partnership stiffness.

How to increase sex time

Methods to help extend the duration of sexual intercourse, can be divided into groups:

  • I - Improving sexual equipment;
  • II - improving the health of health, the implementation of general recommendations to help create a reliable tandem with a partner;
  • III - the use of additional funds to be prolonged process.

These funds can be attributed to lubrication, sexy toys, drug use and the connection of aphrodisiacs.

Choosing one of the methods, it should at least approximately represent that the partner is experiencing and how its body is arranged. An ideal option - a woman is easily "littering" and it quickly arises orgasm.

The woman slowly excited, and then the focus will be required to give pre-caresses. In most cases, if the partner has already approached Koitus, the sexual intercourse does not have to prolong. The partner is initiated quickly, however, to satisfy the man you need to try. In this case, the partner needs technical training.

Technique of sensual pleasures

How to increase the time of sexual intercourse, by expanding sexual knowledge, and mastering new techniques?

There are basic ways to extend the time:

  • Using the stimulation of erogenous zones - the excitation of the clitoris and petting - the partner is summed by CGAZMU, and only then the penetration time comes;
  • During the clitoris stimulation koitus, it does not stop, the member movements are carried out very slowly, so as not to increase their own excitation;
  • To reduce sensuality, it is necessary to use condoms. It should be chosen so that it corresponds to, seemingly opposite to the requirements: reassured the partner and initiated the partner. A dense condom with buxes is best suited - it reduces the sensual pleasure of a man and increases it for a woman. By the way, in a condom - even if the ejaculation happened - you can go for 2 days, and the partner will certainly receive an orgasm;
  • For pleasure to receive a partner, you need to master the technique of prolongation. Before the onset of orgasm, a man stops friction, deeply breathes and calms down, then the movements continue at the same pace.

The sexual intercourse carried out by the last way can last for hours, and the partner will definitely have time to get an orgasm if ... she knows a partner or she likes such a method. Some women during the necessary breaks completely lose interest in what is happening, the initiation of them leaves, and both partners displeased each other. In order not to happen to this, during a forced rest, a man should not forget about the subject of passion, and to caress the partner - less sensual, but gently.

Ways to stop ejaculation

The development of the following technical techniques can suggest how to extend the intercourse time.

Some men performing all actions on a specific algorithm, begin to feel robots.

They can be comforted - after bringing the pleasure of the partner, the time will come to think about themselves, and then you can already stop counting frictions.

In order for the partner's excitation rapidly slowly, you must first alternate the depth of penetration - 3 immersions of shallow, one for the full length of the member.

A member is in the vagina no more than 81 friction - then you need to pull it on 4/5 lengths - for those who have non-standard sizes: inside should remain about 2-3 cm. After a short rest, Koitus continues in the same rhythm.

As soon as the partner begins to feel that the woman is increasing the excitement, the pace increases:

  • On 5 deep, one shallow penetration;
  • on 7 deep one shallow;
  • And then in the increasing.

Increasing the time of sexual intercourse, the following techniques help - a member clamp at the base or picking heads of the penis.

Only all these actions should master the man itself - if they are entrusted to the partner, to delay the ejaculation is unlikely to succeed. As soon as all technical techniques are able to bring to automatism, the average intercourse time will be lengthened by 20-30 minutes without "violence" above yourself.

You can reduce the sensitivity of the head after circumcision, but in adult echta, the operation may cause undesirable health effects and returning to sexual pleasures stretches for a long period.

Repeated sex

Some men deliver the pleasure of a partner in a different method - the first sexual act they spend violently and quickly, and during the second - which goes much longer than the first - they are already pleased with the pleasure of partner.

This method is justified if a male body is able to restore for 3-5 minutes between sexual acts. Young men have the ability to act without a break - in this case, a woman always gets satisfaction.

But the older partner, the more time its body is required for rest, and after 35 years of time to recover between sexual acts, it will be necessary from 15 to 30 minutes. Is it possible to achieve a consensus in tandem?

With age, not only recreation time is extended, but also Koitus himself. The older man, the more frictions he is able to fulfill for one approach. Each age has its own advantages.

Why is a man quickly cums?

Girl and boyfriend in bed

There are many reasons for the occurrence of men premature ejaculation. Consider all possible of them:

  • Increased sensitivity of the penis head;
  • chronic vesiculitis;
  • spinal injuries or pelvis;
  • high sensitivity of ejaculatory reflex;
  • long period of abstinence from sex;
  • the lack of feelings in each other's partners;
  • Experiences of a man that a woman can get pregnant;
  • disorders of the hormonal system;
  • Breath rhythm violation;
  • fatigue;
  • Harmful habits - alcoholism and drug addiction;
  • excessive nervousness;
  • Insecurity of a man in their capabilities to satisfy a woman;
  • previous unsuccessful attempts of sexual intercourse who remembered a man;
  • consumption of some drugs, especially antidepressants;
  • Incorrect representation of a man about sex as something "unauthorized", "shame";
  • fears relative to sexual weakness;
  • stress;
  • no free time;
  • Fear to infect venereal diseases or AIDS;
  • Lobkovo-corkscreen muscle;
  • Fear of the man that sex will end earlier before the partners have time to receive pleasure from him;
  • inappropriate place and time to have sex;
  • infectious diseases;
  • Too beautiful partner.

These situations, disorders and diseases lead to the fact that the man appears such sexual dysfunction as premature ejaculation.

How long do not finish?

Guy with a girl on a haymaker

This question is interested in very many men. The simplest thing you can do is abandon the reception:

  • antidepressants;
  • narcotic substances;
  • Alcoholic beverages.

We present to your attention the most efficient and well-known methods that will help extend the time of sexual intercourse.

What to do to quickly do not finish? Use the condom

The guy holds a condom

This is a very affordable way, which also minimizes the fear of a man that a woman can get pregnant. Condom will be the most effective in the event that premature ejaculation appeared as a result of the increased sensitivity of the penis head. With the help of a condom, sex can be extended several times longer.

Our advice is to buy condoms that are processed by lidocaine. This local anesthetic substance reduces skin sensitivity; In this case, premature ejaculation will definitely come.

Techniques that allow for a long time

Figure The guy is distracted during sex

So that they bring the maximum efficiency, fulfill their doctors recommend regularly. These are the techniques that will help a man to please their partner longer.

"Start Stop"

Its essence is as follows:

  • Feeling an approach of orgasm, you need to get the sexual body from the vagina;
  • Relax 40-50 seconds. During this time, the level of excitation will decrease;
  • After that, you can return to sex again;
  • During the intercourse, doctors advise to use this technique to 5 times.


It is done like this:

  • When the approach of ejaculation is felt, you need to remove the penis and squeeze it between the head and the base on half a minute;
  • Resort to this technique 4-5 times during sexual intercourse. It will help a man to feel the approach of orgasm.

"Compression" and "Start Stop"

The technique is that during the extraction of the penis from the vagina and its further compression, a man needs to scroll into any negative thoughts in the head so that they are distracted from sex. At the same time, inhales deeply - it will also allow to delay orgasm.

Correction of power mode


Sometimes men do not know that some foods reduce the quality of potency and provoke, thus, the appearance of early ejaculation. Here are what products you need to exclude from the diet:

  • fast food;
  • smoked sausage (and in general the whole sausage in particular);
  • alcohol;
  • soy food;
  • bakery products.

And in order to extend the time of sexual act, you need to eat such food:

  • garlic;
  • onion;
  • tomatoes;
  • oysters;
  • squid;
  • mussels;
  • nuts;
  • legumes;
  • honey;
  • prune.

How long does not finish - folk remedies will help extend sex

There are some proven folk methods, thanks to which you can achieve an increase in sexual intercourse.

Merinist tincture

Merinist tincture

The way its cooking:

  1. Fill 1 cup of cold water 1 tbsp. spoonful herb;
  2. boil 10 minutes liquid;
  3. insteading time - 40 minutes;
  4. Strain the tincture and drink it at half a glass 3 times a day;
  5. We need to use such a people's agent for 2 weeks.

Motherwort tincture

Motherwort tincture

For its preparation you need:

  1. Pour 1 cup boiling water 2 tablespoons of grass;
  2. Let break 2 hours in a closed container;
  3. then strain and take 3 times a day before eating in the amount of 2-tablespoons;
  4. This tincture you need to drink within 12 days.

If a man is looking for how long does not finish, folk remedies in this case are a safe and proven method that will help potency.

What pills can extend the sexual intercourse in men?

You can distinguish 4 groups of drugs that improve the quality of sexual life:

  • Phosphodiesterase inhibitors . These funds increase the blood blaring of the genitals, thanks to which it is possible to speed up the occurrence of erection and extend its duration. Preparations of this group helps to get rid of erectile dysfunction and solve the problem of early seeds;
  • NO-synthase activators . Interacting with the endothelium of blood vessels, the means of this group relax their wall, because of what the influx of blood to the sexual organs increases. NO-synthase activators are well studied, possess a wide range of action and practically do not have side effects;
  • Testosterone preparations . Preparations containing natural or synthetic hormones help solve problems with erectile dysfunction caused by endocrine disorders. They cannot be taken without appointing a doctor;
  • Biological active additives . Davits are made from the components of plant origin. They allow you to obtain the microelements, vitamins and amino acids necessary for the preservation of health, having a general fascination effect on the body. The effect of them is less noticeable than from other drugs, however, with systematic use, they allow you to achieve a good result, especially in combination with other drugs.

Before proceeding with the drug, it is necessary to consult with the doctor. Any tablets have contraindications and side effects, some are not combined with preparations that many take on an ongoing basis. It is necessary for the greatest caution to men who suffer from chronic diseases of cardiovascular and excretory systems, as well as diabetes mellitus and renal or hepatic insufficiency.

Consultation with the doctor is necessary.

In order to get rid of erectile dysfunction, it should be determined by its cause. For example, with diseases leading to a violation of the blood supply to the small pelvic organs, funds with phosphodestase inhibitors and NO synthase activators will be effective. If the problem arose due to the exhaustion of the body, for example, after the disease, it is recommended to use bodies and multivitamine complexes. Erectile dysfunction due to endocrine disorders is treated with hormonal drugs. If the impotence is a psychogenic nature, the optimal treatment will be the reception of sedative and secrets.

Tablets, means and medicines that can be bought in a pharmacy

The following means are presented on the shelves of the pharmacies:


This tool refers to phosphodress inhibitors. Efficiency has been repeatedly proven by clinical trials, so Levmitra is most often recommended for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The active active ingredient of the drug relaxes the smooth muscles, which makes it possible to increase the blood flow of the organs of the small pelvis. At the same time, the levitra blocks the production of substances affecting the blood outflow. Due to this, a persistent erection is achieved.

Levitra - an effective means for treating weak potency

Important to remember that Levitra causes an erection only under the condition of sexual excitement.

The manufacturer declares that the constant reception of the drug in small doses allows to get rid of even from complete impotence. It is necessary to use no more than one tablet per day, half an hour before intercourse. Contraindications of Levitra are as follows: heart failure, arterial hypotension, chronic kidney disease and liver, presence in angina history, for the treatment of which nitroglycerin or preparations with similar effects are used. Purchase the drug is possible for 1000-1500 rubles;


Cialis drug for potency

The existing substance of Cialis - Tadalafil - refers to the group of phosphodress inhibitors. Sialis acts in the same way as levitra, that is, relaxes the muscles and increases the bloodstream of the penis. In the absence of libido, the effect of cialis will be lowered. In the minimum dosage, the tool is recommended for inflammatory diseases of the prostate gland. Calis's contraindications are the same as Levitra. It is also not recommended for neuropathy of the optic nerve and lactase insufficiency. The cost of the drug is from 400 to 5,000 rubles. Cheaper are generics produced in India.


Impise - effective drug for the treatment of impotence

This drug refers to the activating NO-synthase. It contains NO-synthazes, which relaxes a smooth muscles and contributes to an increase in the heating of the penis. The impaz can be used not only for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, but also to combat the manifestation of a male mailing climational disorder expressed in a decrease in sexual entraints, irritability, fatigue. Also increases libido and increases the duration of sexual intercourse in a man. The drug practically does not have contraindications and can be used even if there is diabetes in the history of diabetes, diseases of cardiovascular and excretory systems. Take one tablet daily. The cost of the Impiseus is 300-700 rubles.


Zigen to extend the penis of a man

The main active ingredient of the zigen is a denophil, relaxing the walls of small arteries and allowing to increase the influx of blood to the genital organs. One of the main advantages of the drug is a long action: it is not excreted from the body within 24 hours. The drug is contraindicated in taking nitrates, arterial hypertension and chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system. The cost of one tablet is from 1500 to 2000 rubles.


Do not confuse! There is a remover for women

The drug contains vegetable extracts that improve male health and sperm quality. It increases endurance and improves local blood flow in the bodies of a small pelvis. Laveron contains extracts from ginkgo, mango fruits, cornflower roots. Take the drug is recommended for half an hour before intercourse, drinking with plenty of water. Laveron has no contraindications (with the exception of the intolerance of components included in its composition) and can be accepted daily. Overdose causes such side effects as insomnia, arrhythmia, an increase in blood pressure. The cost of Laveron is from 800 to 2000 rubles.

To combat bad potency, urologists began to appoint inexpensive, extremely Effective drug . After applying, men cease to contact a specialist forever.

Lifehaki and tricks that will help to increase the duration of sexual intercourse

To extend the sexual intercourse at home, experienced lovers have found different life lifts and tricks for themselves to solve the problem. Of course, if we are talking about sexual disorder (hyper-trust, hypersensitivity of the penis head, premature ejaculation, etc.), such focuses may be ineffective. But in the complex with other ways they still taste them.

What tricks can be tried:

  1. Spread yourself - during an approach of orgasm, you can pinch yourself for the buttock or leg, but so that it caused painful sensations, after which the degree of sexual excitement will fall;
  2. Control rhythm - It is important that the man himself controls the depth and speed of frictions, and if the girl starts accelerating, it is most likely to end with a rapid orgasm;
  3. Move twice slower - fast sharp frictions usually end with a rapid orgasm, so you need to slow down to such an extent that this contributes to the optimal level of excitation;
  4. Rate sensations on a 5-point scale - It will teach self-control, so that in dangerous moments it will be possible to take appropriate actions. You can smash sex for 5 stages of development:
  • A man is not excited, but ready to pre-caress;
  • Prelude causes an erection;
  • Erection grows, causing lubrication;
  • The erection intensified, the man is ready for a sexual act;
  • Approaching the onset of orgasm.
  1. Pull the testicles and send a member - The pain slightly reduce the degree of excitement, such actions can weaken the erection or lead to its absence.

Despite the temporary effect, such focuses use many men to pull the moment of the orgasm.

All about sexual intercourse


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The first sex is an important event to which you should carefully prepare both a man and a woman. To avoid the unpleasant consequences of deprivation of virginity, there are a number of useful recommendations and advice.

When should be the first sex, at what age?

The older to become a young man or a girl, the more often his question of sexual relationship is interested.

If earlier, by virtue of traditions and beliefs, the parents decided on their own at what age, their child marries, the modern youth is quite liberated and has an impressive sex education from an early age.

Modern living conditions daily hint at children and young people that sex is an important part of their existence. About this "screams" advertising through television and posters, obscene absenteeism, which has become part of normal communication, frank clothing and human behavior.

With confidence you can say that from 13 years the child has a concept that such sex And how to do it. It is at this age that the girls begin to enter into an intimate relationship with older men. The boys are liberated a little longer and the first attempts to contact are looking for at 15 years old.

How should the first sexual act?

But it is worth noting that neither 13 and 15 years are not the best age in order to start living a full sex. For this there are several well-founded explanations:

The female organism is ready for conception and having tooling the child, As soon as the girl starts the first monthly. But this does not mean at all that she is ready for sexual life. Its hormonal background is not yet formed and therefore, the best solution for her - will wait for the full ripening of the body. This happens on average at 18 years (plus minus one year).

However, the medical opinion adheres to the point of view that too late to lose your virginity is not worth it. Too late is the age of 25 years. The fact is that by age, the virgin pole from the thin partition will turn into a sufficiently dense fabric, which, firstly, it will hurt, and, secondly, this process will be quite painful.

The next question concerns the psychological ripening of both partners . Each of two lovers must feel the desire to have sex. Only in this case it is possible to avoid unpleasant consequences: disgust for the opposite sex, unpleasant pain and sensation of sexual intercourse, humiliation, shame.

It is worth noting that in order for the first sexual intercourse in the best way, one of the partners should have the experience of sexual relations. Best of course, if it is a man. He will be able to send "action" in the right direction and will not be nervous.

Relations of partners at the first sexual act

What should be the preparation of girls to the first sex?

Preparation for the first sex is an important event for every young man and girl. But if you consider the fact that during the first sex act, it is a woman who is deprived of his innocence and a virgin splava (which is clearly not in men), then this event has more importance for her.

In order for sex smoothly and left the smallest number of unpleasant sensations, you should know about all the features of the preparation for the girl:

Nervous tension In no case should be present at the girl at the moment when she enters into sexual relationships. If the girl will be too much nervous - she will be shaken and can not relax. This will lead to the fact that sex will be traumatic and quite painful.

Extra thoughts will be an obstacle to the process of obtaining pleasure from the process. No girl can know in advance about what sensations it will experience during the penetration: whether the blood will be painful or unpleasant - it all depends only on the physiological characteristics of its body. If the factors are added and the psychological unaware of a girl to have sex is added, it can end up with the most unpleasant emotions and experiences.

Relaxation - An important part of the girl's preparation for the first sexual act. Relaxing allows you to feel the pleasure of affection. This leads to the fact that the vagina highlights a sufficient amount of lubrication. This lubricant is simply necessary for the easy and soft penetration of the member inside. If the lubricants are sufficient and the girl is relaxed - the penis does not leave any supervisors on the soft tissues, as a result of which the pain does not occur.

The ability to enjoy is Also preparation for the first sexual intercourse for the girl. If she does not know what "pleasure" is, does not understand what excitement is - it will be difficult for her to find out what pleasure from sex. Before you take first sex, every girl should explore what her body is ready to understand what caress she likes and what can be worried during sexual intercourse.

Preparation of a girl to the first sexual act

If a girl is experiencing and has no confidence that her sex will be perfect, she should prepare:

  • Read a lot of special literature, which will reveal the sexual intercourse from different sides: psychological, biological, physiological
  • You should prepare yourself for a missionary position, to find out how it looks and what it requires, as well as how it can be diversified. Missionary Pose - The best option for deprivation of virginity
  • The first sex should be necessarily beautiful, because to take care of the epilation, beautiful appearance and correctly selected underwear should be in advance
  • If a girl is very nervous before sex, not sure about his capabilities, does not know how to behave - she needs to drink a glass of wine, but no more. Relaxed state will help to gain confidence and "let go of the situation." Do not try to "relax too" and do not drink so much to lose the feeling of reality

Loss of innocence: blood after first sex

Decision of virginity for the girl is often accompanied by blood discharges that are quite explained. The fact is that the first penetration of a member in the vagina can break or stretch the virgin splas. The virgin web is a peculiar partition on the mucous membrane.

It blocks the uterus from any external factors. This partition is made of muscle fibers, nerve endings and blood vessels and is completely natural that there is a small amount of blood during its break. For this reason, it should be aware of some rules of deprivation of virginity:

To deprive virginity girls, you should choose a horizontal Position - missionary posture. Such a pose, firstly, can relax a woman and make this process for her more or less pleasant. Secondly, this posture allows a member to be most convenient to penetrate the vagina and put the minimum damage to the mild tissue. Thirdly, this position allows the amount of blood that it is distinguished by the spray of the splava - to remain in the female genital organs and not cause unpleasant impressions.

During the deprivation of virginity, the positions should be avoided when The girl is located on top. First, it will be uncomfortable for it, secondly, it will cause an unpleasant feeling, thirdly, inexperience will not allow the partner to deliver pleasant experiences, fourthly, blood can easily get to the partner and spoil the impressions.

After sexual intercourse with the deprivation of virginity, immediately Go to the bathroom in order to lose all possible consequences. If the deprivation of virginity was quite painful, then from the sexual relationship should be abandoned at least for a week, and all this time follow the sensations of your body.

It is possible that during sexual sex for the first time, the girl may not have pain and bloody discharges at all. It depends only, on the characteristics of its organism and the way of life. Often to the rupture of the splava insulted, lead active sports and gymnastics. In other cases, the Pure may be so thin that it is not capable of leaveing ​​the traces after its gap.

How should you prepare yourself for the first sex?

In any case, to be afraid of any discharge and pain should not be alone from partners. Everyone must show himself as a confident and adult, ready to face difficulties. The way you behave during the first sex, directly solves your attitude to the opposite sex and lays a kind of "foundation" in your sexual education.

Is it painful to have sex first time?

Perhaps this question remains the most exciting and relevant for each pair that comes to the first time in sex life. The fact is that there is no clear answer to this question still, and this is, only because it all depends not from the human factor and "case".

About how painful and painless will be sex, solve the three most important circumstances:

  • Physiological features of the organism - the thickness of the virgin splava, the filing of its blood vessels and the nerve endings, the painful threshold of a woman, the amount of lubricant allocated, and its readiness for sex
  • Psychological mood of partners "The way every partner knows how to tune in to sex and wants to enjoy your partner." If a young man or girl is not able to relax, they are unlikely to have a maximum of benefits and pleasant sensations from this process
  • Sexual education partners - Allows you to "survive" first sex literally. If one of the partners has the experience of sexual relations, it gives a guarantee more or less successful sexual intercourse. If you submit a situation that both partners are not formed, this may lead to the fact that at least sex will not happen, but as a maximum - will give injury and pain
Relationship between young people in bed

In 80% of cases, the first sexual act gives unpleasant and painful sensations for the girl, and it is only connected with the fact that the virgin pole and soft flavors are injured.

To obtain a minimum of unpleasant sensations during sex follows:

  • Correctly select a place for sex, which will have a relaxing atmosphere
  • Relax and give yourself emotional discharge, do not think that this process can bring pain
  • Take sedative or relaxing tools that can arrange a person to sex or just drink a glass of wine (no more)
  • The girl needs to try not to strain the muscles in the groin, it contributes to the fact that the partner without effort will be able to penetrate the vagina inside and will not leave unpleasant sensations.

Paints are directly related to the emotional state of partners, and therefore, as you are configured to sex solves a lot. In addition, deprivation of virginity is not a "surgical operation" and such contact involves a huge amount of caress, gentle touch and oral sex partners.

First sex: what to do? Rules of organization of the first sexual act

The organization of the first intercourse is an important event for both partners. Only thorough preparation is able to create all the conditions so that the first sex goes well and left pleasant impressions, both in a man and a woman.

You need to do this issue as a woman and a man. Only the readiness of both partner can be the key to the most successful sex.

Preparation for first sex suggests:

Organization of space. One of the partners or both should consider the venue for this process very carefully. Comfortable conditions are needed so that everyone can relax as much as possible and take time with pleasure. The best option is to be a room with a bed and everything necessary. It will not be superfluous to have access to the bathroom and kitchen. If housing conditions allow you - organize first sex in the bedroom, if not, remove the hotel room. So you will be sure that no one can disturb you at an important moment.

Prepare everything you need - Having the whole "set" of the necessary things should be mandatory. Only so you can be absolutely confident that the first sexual intercourse will be successfully. From the necessary things should be kept: pure bed, towel, water, tools for protection. It is possible that the first sexual act will be delayed for a long time, and therefore it is worth limiting yourself from a rush, and spend time only enjoying each other.

Take care of the atmosphere. This is an important point that solves the outcome of your case. You need to do everything in order for this event to leave the best impressions and memories. Make so that the light is muted - this will avoid complexes and embarrassment, take care of the musical accompaniment - which will remove the awkwardness and configure psychologically, it will not be superfluous - it will fill the room with a pleasant aroma, and some essential oils can even relax a person without effort.

How to choose sex for the first time?

The first sex should have the character of a special magic and something that happens once in life, leaving memories for many years. Try to do everything to give romance and pleasant impressions to your partner.

What pose is better for sex for the first time?

The first sex is important not only for thorough preparation, but also a person's willingness. Often, the first sex occurs spontaneously - and it is not very good. To leave pleasant impressions, do not work out the fear and disgust for the opposite sex and bring the minimum of pain - you should be aware of how and in which posture is best lost your virginity.

Poses that should be followed during the first intercourse:

Missionary position - Ensures the horizontal position of both partners. In such a position, the woman lies on his back, and the partner leans over it. This position is the most successful for deprivation of virginity. It helps to relax the woman as much as possible, take a man and even enjoy. This is the most "natural" posture for sex and convenient for men. In such a position, the member easily penetrates the vagina and leaves the minimum of unpleasant sensations. In addition, the man always has the opportunity to caress women's breasts, kissing a woman in the lips. A woman has the opportunity to observe the process, hugging and caressing his partner.

Position behind - Less favorable for deprivation of virginity and requires the man to be more experienced in sex. It suggests a deeper penetration into the vagina. In order for the sex member to penetrate enough deeply, a woman should not tilt his body too low (on elbows), and lift the body up. On the part of the men only soft movements without harsh jolts should occur. In this position, he can fully take a "business in his leadership" and manage the female body. A woman feels more relaxed in this position, as it has the ability to distract to other objects and not embarrassed before the partner.

Position lying on the side - It also assumes the horizontal position of partners, where the penetration occurs from behind. This position helps to relax both partners, but requires experience from a man. Only an experienced man will be able to locate a woman so that the sex member will penetrate without problems in the vagina. A woman should constantly monitor the voltage of their muscles in the groin and lift the leg up that the penetration is not so "close." This position is good because the penetration is not too deep.

The best poses to have sex for the first time

What are the feelings for the first sex?

Feelings at first sex can be completely diverse, and every time they depend only on how experienced and relaxed partner himself, as well as on how much he sought to enjoy sex. With confidence we can say that a man gets more pleasure from deprivation of virginity than a woman. Nevertheless, it is necessary to strive to ensure that the first sexual act gives as much pleasant sensations and memories.

In order for the first sex to leave pleasant sensations, it follows:

  • Repeatedly studied Features of their body both independently and with a partner. For this, it will not be superfluous to periodically caress your body or allow it to do a loved one.
  • Loving couple before carrying out the penetration itself, may repeatedly come oral sex . Such sex will benefit each other, learn about the features of the structure of the genital organs of men and women and facilitate the first sex itself
  • You should pay attention to the behavior of your partner. If sex does not bring him pleasure and gives pain - you should stop it on time and correct the situation: transfer sex for another time or Present affection who relax a partner
Feeling at first sexual intercourse

Changes in the body after the first sex in the body of a man and women

With confidence it can be said that the first sex gives changes not only to psychological, but also physiological nature:

  • The emotional state of the person who enters the sex life becomes more calm and balanced. Such a person knows how to control his emotions, less nervous and becomes stable. A person has less depressive mood and nervous disorders
  • It has been proven that the psychological age of a person who has entered into sexual relations becomes much more. This is justified by his experience and a sense of peculiar superiority over other people, as well as the feeling that a person has discovered something unidentified and new
  • The body is experiencing changes and physiological nature. The fact is that at the moment when a person begins to have sex - in its body, the development of completely other hormones begins to occur, which he did not have enough before that. Such hormones most often have a positive effect not only on well-being, but also on the appearance of young people. It has been proven that they have a favorably affect the condition of the skin, eliminating a variety of rashes and acne, which are characteristic of "transitional age"
What should be feared after the first sex?

Is it possible to get an orgasm after the first sex?

This question is also completely individual and depends only on how much person is predisposed to obtain pleasure from the first intercourse:

  • If the nervous voltage is large - the probability of obtaining an orgasm for a woman is very small. A woman's orgasm depends only on how much it is will be excited And chopped
  • If a Male partner will be bounted And scarce on caress, most likely he will not be able to locate a woman to get pleasure. The nature of the female body is arranged so that the orgasm can get not so much from penetration, but from thorough and "correct" Lask during sex
  • To enjoy the penetration of the penis for the first time, the pair follows explore your body . For this, it will not be superfluous to engage in two young people Oral caresses where a man repeatedly will touch Erogenous zones of the girl and penetrate the vagina in the fingers. Such affection They will not be able to scare a woman in front of the "most basic penetration"
  • Get orgasm from first sex a man is much easier than a woman. But nevertheless, the success of this process depends on how much each partner will make their efforts and inves feelings in this "event"
Preparation for first sex

Why after the first sex hurts the chest?

  • The first sex often occurs between two inexpressible young people who do not always skillfully cope with their feelings and know how to control the body.
  • Not rare such situations that young man avoids Prehips During the first sexual act, arguing this by the fact that the deprivation of virginity "does not tolerate" condoms and makes sex fully
  • Such situations do not rarely lead to Fertilization of a woman with "first sex" And this is exactly what causes chest pain. Breast pain - a clear sign of pregnancy in early terms
  • Pay attention to how your chest hurts: whether this pain is mechanical (from bruises for example) or it goes from the inside. Breast pain, which occurs due to fertilization, appears two or three weeks after the first intercourse, especially if you notice the menstrual delay
  • If you exclude the possibility of pregnancy, as well as done pregnancy test which gave you a negative result, the pain in the chest can be hormonal. The fact is that from the moment you entered into a sex life, your body begins to develop absolutely unfamiliar to this hormone, it changes the hormonal human background and, in a female case, speaks pain in the dairy glands
The consequences of the first sex

Is it possible to get pregnant after the first sex?

The first sex is not a barrier for a successful fertilization of a woman, because the girl can have children and is predisposed to conception immediately after her first monthly appeared. From this it should be concluded that the first sex must be "protected".

The inexperience of partners and neglecting protection standards often leads to the fact that the woman will prengear at an early age: at 16, 17, 18 years old (there are also more early fertilization cases).

To avoid unwanted pregnancy, it is worth aware of how effective all popular prevention methods are:

Pregnancy after first sex

What if they are delayed the first monthly after the first sex?

If, after the first sex act, the girl notices the absence of menstruation - there are two quite understandable explanations:

Pregnancy occurred - in the investigation of unprotected sexual intercourse, and after fertilization, its body stops the menstrual cycle. Total poor health is added to this symptom. nausea , Breast pain, swelling, increased appetite and excessively nervousness.

The body suffers hormonal restructuring - as a result of the beginning of sexual life. It happens that the body begins to allocate sex hormones previously unknown to it. It is for this reason that all the cycles in it suffer the restructuring and the menstrual cycle can linger. Such changes are also characterized by pain at the bottom of the abdomen and the mammary glands.

To eliminate the possibility of pregnancy, you need to do pregnancy test Or ask for advice to the gynecologist.

How do the first days after the first sex?

With confidence, it can be said that the sensations that the person will pursue after its first sexual act, depend on how successful sex itself was. If the woman was enough in a nervous state, he was constantly afraid of penetration and squeezed the muscles into the groin - most likely, this overvoltage of the muscles will be responding with pain a day or two after sex and will accompany her a few days.

If the penetration was gross and strong, it is able to give painful sensations to both partners who are obtained due to injury and breaking soft tissues of genital organs. Also, if there was very little lubricant during sex, it can be fraught with the formation of microcracks in the vagina in a woman and the formation of peculiar "dotability" in a man. That is why during the first intercourse it is recommended to use condoms and lubricants.

Proper preparation for sex, taking into account all small nuances and the reverent attitude of partners to each other will allow sex to go through the most favorable and painless. In case the pain was strong, you should refrain from sex, at least for a week.

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Sex - an exciting and awe process, which is capable of being associated with the sky, and drop from a high height. Making a person's love is not taught at the institute. He knows the Ase of sex art on their own. For the development of the right tactics may take years. Useful recommendations will speed up this process.

High-quality sexual intercourse is a conscious action that "will not fall" on the head only because there was a passion. For sex gives pleasure, you need to follow 15 rules. They will help to raise the top of the enjoyment two loving hearts:

Romantic films and books learned to think that the night was created for pleasure, which means - for sex. But experts consider it delusion.

Morning - the most appropriate time for intimate jeads. Sex after awakening has a lot of advantages:

At about 8 am, male and female biological rhythms coincide. Sexologists advise precisely at this time to make love.

Despite the benefit of the morning sex, evening affairs are also not deprived by the positive parties:

What time is it to be right for sex - every couple decides together. If in the morning there is no time for tenderness, you need to find a compromise in the evening. And if, after the working day, strength remains only for sleep, then a sexual strategy should be developed at the time of awakening.

Anyone has a favorite position in arsenal, but they are not always the partner in the same extent. For rapprochement with the second half, explore successful postures. They will suit almost everyone.

If you affect the issue of religion, then the church has always treated the carnal uteuham ambiguously. Some believed that sex is necessary only to conceive a child, others denied this point of view. Despite the differences, St. Peter's Cathedral identified the missionary posture of the only right.

To properly engage with sex in a missionary position, use the following tips:

Partners themselves decide how it is better to have sex in this pose. The main thing is not to abuse in one position. Monotonous long friction friction rapidly rapidly.

It is hardly necessary to explain, but nevertheless. A woman lies on his back with a broken legs, a man from above.

For a man - control over the entire process, including the depth of penetration and frequency of frictions. For women - the opportunity to relax, confusting the main work partner. For both - the maximum proximity, visual contact and in general the comfortable position of the tel.


Put the pillow under the pelvis partner. The angle of penetration will change and a bit of a variety will appear.

It all starts with a classic missionary position, then the woman drives his legs, pressing them as much as possible to the feet of the partner. As a result, the base of the penis should be on the clitoris head. Making sliding movements up-down, the man additionally stimulates this zone. A woman can also move to strengthen the stimulation.

Suitable for women who are hard to reach orgasm. Due to strong clitual stimulation, the problem is easily solved. A man does not receive enough deep penetration, but this is compensated by friction. For content.

Variation 2. Legs up

How to perform

Woman breeds legs and raises them up. Modifications of posture Most: legs wrap the body of the partner, are on his shoulders or pressed to the shoulders of the woman itself. An option for strong fixation lovers - tie legs and hands of a partner.


Deep penetration and stimulation of point G.


Requires flexibility from a woman and caution from a man, especially if rings are going.


If a woman sweeps his head with bed, the influx of blood to the brain will increase and the orgasm can become brighter. For content ↑


Pose "Rider" has many names: "Woman from above", "Cinema", "Cowboy", "jackhammer".


During the act, the guy lies on his back, sits on a sofa or a chair, and the woman is located on it, clasping his feet of his legs. Sex in such a pose resembles a horse ride. Among the advantages can be allocated:

  1. Position gives freedom to the girl. A partner fully controls the process: chooses the power of frictions, the pace of movement, and also observes the guy's emotions.
  2. A large set of variations.
  3. Men love the "rider" for not having to make a lot of physical efforts.
  4. The "jackhammer" allows the guy to touch the girl with free hands, and also additionally stimulate sensitive zones.
  5. "Cinema" helps a woman demonstrate their flexibility, posture, slender legs and a beautiful chest.

Proper sex with his beloved wife is possible when taking into account all the nuances. Do not ignore the minuses that the "Rider" possesses:

  1. The horse racing requires a strong erection from a man. Otherwise, the girl in a hurry can hurt a member.
  2. Proximity to a guy who has a lot of much more standard sizes, is dangerous for a miniature lady. In this position, the risk of damage to the ovaries is increasing.
  3. Imideless chest, overweight, wide waist forcing many women to give up this posture. To help the lady to overcome the complexes, the guy takes more often to tell her about her sexuality.
  4. For sex, carefully selected space is required. The rear seat of the car or chair next to the mounted shelves is not suitable for intimate intriguing.

Sex in this position is remembered by enjoyment enjoyment bursts. Optional to be faced to face with a partner. "Rider" suggests a different body position. There is no accurate instruction, as needed to have sex with a riding on a partner. Experiments in bed will help you find the appropriate option.

How to perform

A man is lying on his back, a woman from above.


For a woman - total control, including clitious stimulation (due to the clitoris friction about the publister's publ). For a man - the opportunity to finally relax and enjoy a beautiful view.


There is a danger to traumat the partner. If you get very hard, it is possible to give him a penis fracture instead of an orgasm.

Variation 1. Reverse Rider

Top sex poses: reverse rider

How to perform

A woman sits back to the face of a partner. A man is lifted to the elbows or falls higher on the pillow. This allows a woman to lean and rely on or learn about the bed.


The classic position of the reverse rider, when a woman is simply back to the partner, can cause discomfort from both. In this variation, the partner has more points of support, it is easier for it. That is, sex becomes more dynamic.


Lack of visual contact. For content ↑

Variation 2. Rider on the back

Top sex poses: Rider on his back

How to perform

A woman is lying back to a man, leaning his hands and legs about the bed.


Pose is suitable for anal sex. In addition, in this position, the woman fully controls the situation.


Requires a woman strength and dexterity. For content ↑

Doggy Style - "Doggy-Style"

The position of "doggy", the "knee-elbow pose" or "Doggi-Style" allows you to achieve the most powerful orgasms.

You can get acquainted with the pluses and minuses in the table:

Advantage Disadvantage
Suitable for men who love to dominate and feel power over partner Romantic tenderness is replaced by an animal passion. Kisses in the lips and eyes are impossible
The guy and the girl can control the depth, rhythm, as well as the speed and power of penetration With a large penis, the girl may have pain
You can reach bright bursts of enjoyment due to maximum point stimulation G With bales in the knees, it is better not to experiment "doggy"
Thanks to the free hand, the guy can caress the woman's chest and stimulate the clitoris You need to choose a place to make love. The rigid surface of the carpet can scratch their knees
Ladies who are experiencing "changes" in the face during orgasm may forget about this problem
Even an extra weight figure in the knee-elbow execution acquires the outline of a guitar from which young people go crazy
If the girl likes slaps on the pope, then a man can do it without being distracted by the process

To know how to do it properly with the partner love "Doggy's", learn the instructions:

  • The girl rises on his knees, resting his elbows into the surface of the bed, chair or other items;
  • slightly puts the legs and bending the back;
  • A man also goes to his knees and penetrates the partner from behind, holding his beloved hips with his hands.

There are many "dog" variations for sex. Do not focus on some one. Constantly try new techniques, know the partner and its erogenous zones, then do not have to guess how to move correctly in sex to achieve the highest pleasure. With the right approach, everything will fail.

How to perform

Woman gets on fours. A man standing on his knees, penetrates her from behind.


Even more dominance for men. For women - the possibility of obtaining manual stimulation of the clitoris. Additional advantage: suitable for anal sex.


Lack of visual and extensive bodily contact. In general, this posture can hardly be called unnecessarily romantic. Another disadvantage: many women experience unpleasant sensations from strong jokes about the wall of the uterus.


Again the pillow, which, among other things, will help a woman to take a more comfortable position. For content ↑

Variation 1. Doggy Style standing

Top sex poses: Doggi Style Standing

How to perform

A man stands on the floor, a woman is lying on the bed or other surface.


A more comfortable position for the woman and the opportunity for both to arrange sex test places, in addition to the bedroom.


The standing position may not be very comfortable for a man. CONTANT ↑

Variation 2. Doggi Light

Top sex poses: Doggi Light

How to perform

A man stands on the floor at the edge of the bed, a woman on all fours. After penetration, the woman rises and remains only on his knees. A man supports her hand for a torso.


This version of Doggi Style involves more bodily contact, and also leaves the opportunity for views and kisses. In general, makes a traditional pose more intimate and gentle. CONTANENTS ↑

Variation 3. Lazy Doggie Style

The best sex poses: Lazy Doggi Style

How to perform

Woman lies on his stomach, man from above. It turns out something between Doggi and missionary pose.


Comfortable position for both partners.


If a man caress the clitoris of the partner, its orgasm is almost guaranteed. For content ↑


Top sex poses: scissors

How to perform

Partners lie on the side. A man puts his legs, and a woman warks with his upper leg.


Stimulation of the clitoris for a woman. For both - the ability to try an unusual position that does not require special gymnastic skills.


Little bodily contact and maneuverability for a man. For content ↑

Variation 1. Scissors + Doggi Style

Top sex poses: Scissors + Doggi Style

How to perform

A woman lies in the "scissors" pose, a man stands on his knees.


Deeper penetration and more control for the partner, as well as the remaining advantages of Doggi while maintaining visual contact.


A man can additionally stimulate the clitoris of the partner with his fingers or penis, periodically taking it out of the vagina. For content.

Variation 2. Scissors + Reverse Rider

Top Pies for Sex: Scissors + Reverse Rider

How to perform

A man falls on his back and bends one leg in the knee. A woman sits in a pose of the back of the rider, whining the partner's bent foot.


Double stimulation for the partner, for the partner - all bonuses of the "Woman from above" poses. CONTANENTS ↑


Top sex poses: spoons

How to perform

A man and a woman lie on the side. A woman can be both back and face to a partner.


Intimate and comfortable for both pose, great for a small respite. It is also convenient to have sex during pregnancy.


Deep penetration is unlikely.


A man can caress the clitoris of the partner with his fingers. In a position when she lies with his back to him, it is especially convenient. And she is also nice. For content ↑


Top Pies for Sex: Sitting

How to perform

A man sits on the bed or on a chair. A woman sits on top.


The posture is good for long sex, and for the female orgasm, since the partner can control the process. Additional advantages are the proximity of the partners, the comfort of the position itself and the ability to change the pace and the angle of penetration.


In an option with a chair, the posture may be uncomfortable partner of low growth. C content.

Variation 1. Cradle

Top sex poses: cradle

How to perform

Both partners are sitting on the bed, a woman wips the body of a man.


Even more sensuality and relaxation, partners can swing together, slowly reaching orgasm.


There is not enough depth and dynamics. For content ↑

Variation 2. Woman Lyzh

Top sex poses: Woman Lyzh

How to perform

Another intermediate option between missionary pose and Doggi Style. This time the woman lies on his back, and a man sits on his knees.


Both partners can control the speed and depth of penetration. A man can additionally caress her chest and clitoris partner. For content.

Variation 3. Sitting + standing

The best sex poses: sitting + standing

How to perform

In a selection, there is almost no position standing, because they are usually not very comfortable and require increased voltage of the forces from a man. But this variation simplifies the situation: a man does not need to keep a woman on weight - it is enough to put it on a table or another suitable for its growth surface.


Deep penetration and diversity, which brings this position in the sex life of partners.


With all modifications, the posture is still not comfortable enough. If the partner does not like to stand during sex, it will not suit. How content ↑

Pose 69.

Top sex poses: 69

How to perform

One of the partners lies on the back, another falls on top of face to genitalia.


Simultaneous oral affairs and - as a logical continuation - simultaneous orgasm.


May not approach partners of different growth or those who do not accept multitasking in sex.k content ↑

Variation 1. 69 on the side

The best poses for sex: 69 on the side

How to perform

A man and a woman do the same as the classical posture 69, but lie on the side.


A more comfortable position for the partner, which in the usual situation turns out to be top to the content ↑

How to get rid of everyday

At the beginning of the relationship, when all thoughts and body are impregnated with love, and passion absorbs with an incredible force, sex in a pair is bright, emotional and regular.

How to get rid of everyday

Over time, life has a negative impact on the intimate sphere:

  • Sex acts become less common;
  • sex turns into debt;
  • The desire to deliver the partner pleasure goes to the background.

Although spouses know how to give pleasure to each other, but the passion from this is not added. The correct option of action in such a situation is to revive sex through gradual "resuscitation" of sexual life. For content ↑


The initiative is the prerogative of men. So often consider women. In their views deeply penetrated the postulates "Domostroja", in which only the spouse decides how much care, caress and attention should be given to his wife. But men like it when a woman manifests the initiative.

To return the passion to the relationship, it is necessary to once again show your interest in caresses. You can do this with help:

  • massage;
  • beautiful linen;
  • dance;
  • compliments;
  • hints;
  • Views.

Only the correct feed of love sparks and the mutual desire are able to make the flame of passion in a new way.

To content ↑


Fantasy man is limitless. It is important to be able to use it. A married bed is the place where it is necessary to apply it to a complete coil. For a variety of sex life, listen to the following advice:

  1. Add new caress and positive in the intimate portion. Look like sex in porn. Perhaps it turns out to be adopted something interesting.
  2. Visit sex shop. In the store for adults, purchase an erotic suit for sexual joy. Spouse will help make the right choice.
  3. Change the time of sexual activity. The unexpected time, the more interesting. Arrange with your beloved to meet at lunchtime.
  4. Try role-playing games. At the time you can stop being a "right girl" or the "right boy".

Do not be afraid to talk with a partner about desires. Maybe he wanted something for a long time, but did not decrease to admit. Once it succeeds to learn to guess the dreams of a loved one, having sex wanted more often. How content ↑


If sex games never went beyond the bedroom, then it's time to expand the boundaries. Sex on the washing machine, in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in the corridor, on the sofa, the windowsill, the rear seat of the car or nature will make a fresh wind and sharpness in the relationship. The correct variety of intimate atmosphere and the correct variety of intimate atmosphere:

  • Do not turn off the lighting or, on the contrary, refuse bright light;
  • Add candles;
  • Enable music;
  • Use aromatic oils;
  • Come on the body of the partner by a piece of ice;
  • Cream with cream breasts with chest.

A change of scenery

Any innovation will bring its fruits. For content ↑

The best and interesting poses for acute sensations

You can make a stunning charge of acute sensations in an intimate idyll with the best poses. Do not delay the experiments. Start learning sex opportunities now.

Plexus tel

Romantic technique "Weeling bodies", as Argentine Tango, connects partners into a single whole. Passionate touchs rise to heaven. For the embodiment of sexual "dance" you need:

  1. I kneel the girl, then lie on the back. Legs should be bent, and the hands are removed behind the head.
  2. Male lie on the top of a woman, bent one knee.

"Plexusion Tel" allows the guy to penetrate deep into the girl, constantly stimulating the clitoris. No matter how much, beautifully intertwining, speeding up the pace, you need to have sex slowly. This will experience every movement and ignite the entire gamut of feelings.

To content ↑


"Bridge" will provide partners a stunning orgasm. The buttocks raised upstairs will allow a man easier to enter it during sex. Technique is performed as follows:

  • The girl falls on his back and relaxes the whole body;
  • The guy rises on his knees, puts hands under the buttocks of a woman and raises them up.

To reduce the load from the hands, you can put a lover pillow under the back. For fabulous sensations, you can experiment with the change of tempo. for content ↑

Cross and chaise lounge

The duet of two spectacular positions "Cross-Low" and "Chaise Long" will enjoy pairs that do not like intricateness and difficulties. Ferricical orgasm from deep penetration is provided. The instruction on the correct implementation of the technique is as follows:

  1. The man needs to sit down, rely on the hands and forward stretch the legs.
  2. A woman should lie on top of him, thoroughbring his legs on the shoulders. Periodically, they must be crossed.

The technique can be performed otherwise: the beloved lies on the bed, and the girl, crossed legs, performs the role of "rider".

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Sex training

It is not necessary to go to the gym to pump the muscles. When choosing the right tactics in sex, you can amazingly working on the body relief and burn extra kilograms. For 60 minutes, the run can get rid of 600 kcal, and in 1 hour of sex - from 800 kcal.

Top poses

To lose weight in the abdomen and hips, you can use the following sex exercises:

Name of technology What exercise replaces in the hall Proper execution
USB Squats The girl needs to get up on all fours. The guy must turn his back to her, slightly sit down and move away the buttocks in the partner. After that, you need to enter a penis in the vagina and perform squats with a small amplitude
Vice Push up from bench Wife need to lie on the back and raise his legs. Husband needs to be kneeling and slipped under the spouse. Feeling into your hands behind your back, you should rhythmically bend and blend into hip joints
Shock absorber Flexion of hips on the simulator The girl needs to lie on the back, tightening his knees to the chest. The man should stand in front of her knees and lean forward so that her feet denounced in the chest
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Poses in sex for full

Excess Weight is not a reason to give up sex. There are a large number of correct provisions that will help stimulate erogenous zones and get orgasm. But complete people need to take into account some features of sexual contact:

  1. If the weight of the partner is very big, it is not worth living during sex on another person.
  2. Large people are classic positions may not come up.
  3. If overweight has one of the spouses, it is necessary to work out its psychological complexes due to appearance.
  4. Dyspnea and fatigue can accompany obese partners throughout the sex. In order to prevent overwork, it should be periodically intercepting the initiative.
  5. Due to the psychological grip, women may have a deficit in the formation of natural lubrication. In this case, it is necessary to purchase it in the store.
  6. Do not choose for sex with a girl fragile surfaces.

The correct position will help avoid unpleasant situations and deliver partner an enchanting bliss. The most suitable pose for obese people are:

  1. Like a dog.
  2. On side. The girl lies his side, and the man enters it, standing on his knees.
  3. Standing. The girl leans and rests on his palms into the wall, and the beloved penetrates her from behind.

The choice of the position largely depends on the endurance and flexibility of the partner. If you "suffer" for a long time, you can adapt to any option.

Sex during pregnancyTo content ↑

How to make love if a woman is pregnant

All future parents are concerned about whether sex is possible during pregnancy. Gynecologists actively support the wishes of the pair to continue intimate life during the period of tooling the fetus. The main thing is that the future mother does not have pathologies.

Sex with a man during this period helps to train the muscles of the vagina, and the sperm improves the elasticity of the cervix. Select positions at proximity is necessary, taking into account the timing:

  • In the first trimester of pregnancy, sex can occur in any position;
  • In the second and third trimesters, it is necessary to choose the provisions in which there is no load on the belly.

Future dads need to be remembered - from oral affection during pregnancy should be refused. Due to the weakened protective function of the vagina, the infection may fall into the generic paths. During pregnancy, the frequency of acts should be reduced to 1-2 times a week.

To prevent mistakes, listen to your body. If the selection and discomfort do not bother, it means everything goes well. For content ↑

How to have sex to conceive a kid

To conceive a child, it is not enough to exclude the use of contraceptives. This process requires proper preparation. Before planning pregnancy you need:

  • take a course of vitamins;
  • to pass a medical examination (pass analyzes, and if necessary, cure from sex infections);
  • suspend the reception of drugs that are used constantly;
  • establish the correct mode of sleep and wake;
  • adjust the nutrition (eliminate fast food, alcohol, a large amount of sweets);
  • Throw smoking.

Carefully treat your health needs not only to a woman, but also a guy. The wrong way of life affects the quality of male seed and on the ability to fertilize the egg.

The intimate plan should also make adjustments:

  1. It is necessary to have sex regularly, and the prelude should last longer. This will increase the amount of lubricant, which will beneficially affect the movement of spermatozoa.
  2. Sex should always end a missionary. For a better effect at the end of the act, a woman needs to make a "birch" or "candle". Proper execution will allow sperm without leaning out of the pub.

If for several years the pregnancy does not occur, it is necessary to consult a doctor. He will conduct additional examinations and prescribe drugs to stimulate ovulation.

Proper sex is not a myth, but a reality. Everyone is able to delight their half. It is important not to lower your hands in case of failure. Frank conversations for souls, experiments and love will help to achieve cosmic orgasm.

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What needs to be done before sex

Intimate relationships require compliance with some standards to get greater pleasure, as well as leave positive impressions. Therefore, before intercourse it is advisable to take a number of measures.

Appearance and hygiene

Although the internal attitude is important, you need to pay some attention and appearance. For this you need:

  1. Remove excess hair. This applies not only to women who need to make epilation. To have sex with a girl, a man should take care of getting rid of tough bristles. Its presence often delivers a lot of unpleasant consequences in the form of irritation, scratches or redness on the skin partners.
  2. To take a shower. "Dirty" sex partner is unlikely to approve. The adoption of the bath or the soul is an important part of preparing for sex. Partners should not disturb the unpleasant smells of sweat, waste of vital activity or sensation of leather sticky.
  3. Fresh breathing is also important not to spoil the pleasant process with negative moments - the smell of tobacco or food.
  4. Select fragrance. It can be perfume oils, body creams or aromatic candles to create an intimate atmosphere.

Eastern medicine believed that the kidney was an important part of the sexual system of man. The overflowing bladder distorts sexual sensitivity, so before the sexual act should be purified.

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Psychological training

For high-quality sex, leaving positive impressions of both partners, a positive psychological attitude is needed. Each person has its own "wave": from mild relaxation to bright excitement.

In order to be right and with a positive attitude to have sex, it is important to free yourself from disturbing thoughts. For a while you need to forget about problems at work, domestic issues and other things, devoting yourself only to the process and partner. "Turning off the head", you should be given to what is happening completely in order not to miss the pleasure. How content ↑

Choosing a place

Before you begin to make love, you need to prepare a place of action for this. This item can be ignored, but much more pleasant when it happens on clean and fresh bedding, there are towels in stock.

You also need to pay attention to lighting. Men undoubtedly love their eyes, but not every girl will like to have sex with too bright light. Many prefer muted electric lighting or romantic "backlight" candles. For content ↑

Do not overeat

The severity in the stomach worsens the quality of intimate communication, since abundant food intake affects the energy in bed, and also reduces sexual function. This is due to the fact that after eating blood flow is observed in the region of the gastrointestinal tract, and for sexual contact this process is important in the field of genitals.

Before sex, it is advisable to use lightweight food, especially products with an aphrodisiac content. Such food will not only help avoid failure during the Socia, but also give acute sensations. For content.

Important little things

It happens, the intimate atmosphere is destroyed by unforeseen circumstances: a phone call, an unexpected guest or sculpting soup. Before proximity, it is better to check the doors, phones, electrical appliances, gas stove so that nothing can spoil the moment.

It is also important to prepare the contraceptive means in advance so as not to interrupt "in the most interesting place" for the search for a condom.

10 important rules for those who will be for the first time

The first sexual proximity is the event to be prepared and a girl and a guy. Since it is necessary to avoid mistakes for the first time, the couples have sex, observing certain rules:

  • Both partners must take a shower. For the first intimacy, hygienic conditions are important.
  • For the first intima, the situation is important. It should be relaxing, with contact. For guys, this is important, since severe excitement can affect the erection. The girls for the first time with an insufficient degree of excitement will be very painful.

For those who have it for the first time

  • You should not use alcohol to remove the voltage.
  • The bed must be warm and clean.
  • The guy must excite a girl with a preliminary caress or erotic massage.
  • No need to forget about the means of contraception.
  • Selection of postures is important for both partners. Guys, who are for the first time, in uncomfortable position will not be able to establish good contact and maintain rhythm. In such a situation, it is worth staying on a missionary posture. The girl is important for the first time to control the depth of penetration, so any posture, where it will be deprived of the opportunity to move (the guy from above), it can be reduced to no excitement and cause panic. It is better to choose the pose on the side (the guy is behind). This position will bring less painful sensations and will allow the girl to feel protected.
  • Movements must be neat, leisurely and smooth.
  • During the first sex, you need to show affection and care. A more experienced partner must be interested in new sensations, changing the pace or intensity.
  • In order for the first sexual experience to bring pleasure and positively remembered a partner, patience should be patient. You need to be prepared for the fact that the way to enjoy can be long.
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How to move correctly

Thinking over how it is necessary to move correctly in sex, it is necessary to remember that any movements should be aimed at reducing the distance between the clitoris and the male genital organ. For example, the POST "Woman from above" creates the most close contact with the clitoris. In this position, the girl can use any movements that deliver her pleasure. And in the "missionary" pose, it is limited in movements, because of which the touch towards clutter is less pronounced. The position "Doggi-Style" gives a woman the possibility of stimulating the clitoris with his hands during sexual intercourse.

The movements of the partner do not interfere with the man. Moreover, its energy during the Socia is the best male pathogen, as well as a way to quickly achieve organic sensations. A man regulates the degree of its excitation of a replacement of rhythm or intensity, penetration depth. Having stopped the translational movements, you can bring sex member for a while, Putting them female genitals. Such actions are monitored by the duration of Koitus.

Women should move, as in sex they are forced to "catch up" partners in achieving orgasm. To speed up his offensive, for example, ask for a man to use lateral jerks or rotation with deep penetration. It is necessary to select the most effective sensations that are delivering more pleasure.

You can independently develop options for movements, for example, pressure on different parts of the vagina. At the same time, women's movements must be "in the search" of such a contact of a member with the walls of the vagina, which gives the strongest pleasure. Sensitive places may vary depending on the posture, since the length of the vagina varies depending on the position. In the position on the back with breeding on the sides, the vagina becomes longer, when the legs are drawn together - shorter. For content ↑

5 Rules of Beautiful Sex

Beautiful sex is the highest point of harmonious relationships. Men and women, indulging in the memories of the night of love, remember the insane passion, excitement and special atmosphere.

The rules, subject to whose compliance with the partner, bright sensations are told, as you need to have sex beautifully. Make so that unusual and exciting impressions are remembered for a long time, easy.


Many underestimate the exciting sense of waiting, which arises at the stage of planning a romantic night with a partner.

It is necessary to give the will of his sexual fantasy, come up with something special, which strongly turns out, even what you never dare to implement. Future meeting, preheating in this way, will be exciting and sexual.


To create the desired atmosphere, you can use everything that prompts fantasy, for example:

  • mirrors;
  • Simple pleasant music;
  • non-latch lighting;
  • aroma candles;
  • Erotic lingerie;
  • Satin bedding.


Beautiful sex is a kind of game. The main act must accompany the beautiful prelude, which begins long before the sexual intercourse.

Since a woman needs more time to excite, you need to start the game since the morning: before leaving for a job, it is promisingly hugging and kissing a partner, and during the day it is heated by intriguing calls or messages.

Houses arrange a romantic evening or spend it in a restaurant. Upon returning home, you can jointly take the bath, gently laundering each other, and only then go to the bedroom.

Passion or tendernessTo content ↑

Passion or tenderness

The basis of beautiful sex is a dimension and leisureness. It is necessary to enjoy every minute, feel all kisses and touches. Start better from erotic massage.

Since the woman is heated slower, it is necessary to start exciting through erotic massage. Massage oil Before this can be heated slightly. Gentle neck massage, shoulders, backs, hands and feet should gradually move to the caress of intimate zones. What will happen next - passion or tenderness - choose a pair. For content ↑

Beautiful final

In a beautiful sex, the final stage should also be beautiful. Many men pay little attention to these moments. In order not to cross all the efforts, you don't need to run into the bathroom immediately after orgasm or, worse, turn away to the wall.

It is better to prepare towels or napkins in advance. Even if it is inexorably clone to sleep, you should simply lie down, relaxing, in each other's arms. And even better to say a few nice words to the partner about how well it was, kiss, pronounce the gentle words of love.

To enjoy sex, enjoying each other, you need to comprehend and know yourself and your partner. So you can learn not only confidence, but also the possibilities to appreciate and store the warmth of the relationship.

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