How to remove advertising (Casino Volcano) from the browser in 5 minutes

How to remove casino volcano from the start page

how to remove casino volcano

Good afternoon friends. Recently, the phenomenon is more and more prolonged when after visiting the next site or download the new program, usually with torrent sites, the home page of your browser changes, and in the place of your favorite Yandex, you have a website of the Volcano Casino site, the Maurodiy website, the Blockandsuft site or some A advertising project on earnings.

In this way, the owners of these resources are trying to attract people to their project. This is the most real black PR, prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation, but nevertheless acting and actively. In fact, it is very unpleasant when you open your favorite browser, and there in the place of the boot page Google, the volcano casino opens, with a bunch of slot machines, and you are starting to be called on to play this casino.

Or, in my opinion it is even more unpleasant, running the browser, you go to the Maurodius site and it begins you to bear any nonsense about my pyramid. And so with each start of the browser. You all understand this perfectly, but how to remove the volcano virus or the Maurodi site from the start page do not know. And it is not really so simple, especially lately. The hackers do not sleep, and invent more and more sophisticated methods of black piano.

Among other things, I would not advise you to come to the websites of the Volcano Casino from the pages referenced by this advertising virus. It may be dangerous. If you have a desire to play this casino, it is better to go directly to the Casino Vulcan site. So will be safer. But let's return to the removal of the virus.

How to remove the casino volcano from windows the first way

At the beginning I advise you to see all the programs you installed on this day and delete. They can run the advertising site in each browser. You can do this using a special program to remove excess software Revo Uninstaller. This is a fairly convenient program for removing unnecessary software that carefully searches for all traces of the installed program and deletes them.

How can you learn from this program from my article "How to delete unnecessary programs?". Also, delete the programs that you set this day from the control panel, only removal will be less thorough.

After removing programs, it is advisable to clean the registry. I usually do it with CCleaner.

How to remove casino volcano second way

To begin with, you need to go to the start page of any browser, and see what you will stand there. For example, take the Mozilla Firefox browser. We enter the settings by clicking for this in the upper right corner on the button with 3 lines. Then choose a toothed circle, which means "tincture".

Mozilla settings

Next, in the column on the left, choose "Basic". We watch the line "When running Firefox", "Show homepage" and a home page may be quite possible with you begin with As on the slide.

Running with volcano

You remove this download page, prescribe there Yandex, click "input" and the next time you launch safely fall on a volcano casino. From this permit, just do not get rid.

How to remove the volcano virus that for this you need. The second way the easiest and earlier was really worked, now he may not work, but it is necessary to fulfill it. So, click on any browser with the right mouse button, for example, take Opera. Select "Properties", "Label". We look at the "Object" string.

Opera location

In this row, the opera must have an extension of EXE, no URL, BAT, and so on. Also, the opera row must end with Program Files \ Opera \ Opera.exe. In no case should there be a continuation, like Program Files \ Opera \ Opera.exe "" ".

If you have such a nasty, "" needs to be removed from this string. But before that, choose the "Location of the file" and view the resulting window.

We are looking for a file with the extension of BAT and remove it. For example, Opera.Bat or Opera.Url. This applies to any browsers, not only for the Opera. For example Google Chrom.

Chrome removal

Next, select Opera.exe from this folder, presses the right mouse button and send the file to the desktop. The previous label with the opera is still not working and need to be removed. So do all browsers, because Virus Volcano is pierced into all browsers.

Many advise to delete all browsers and put new ones, but it will be a little sense from it, because Modern viruses like the volcano penetrate the system, and in the new browser you will again safely start the volcano casino.

After the operations proceeded, it is necessary to clear the registry program Reg Organizer. But this program is paid, and therefore it is quite suitable CCleaner . It the registry cleans a little worse, but it is better to clean the discs and in general the computer as a whole. I wrote about her even a whole book "How to clean Windows". I advise you to read, it is free.

After the manipulations done, be sure to restart the computer if the volcano virus starts again with the browser, then go to the method three.

How to remove casino volcano from browser third way

Necessary Download adWcleaner . What does adwcleaner do? It checks all objects in which there are most often similar viral software, unlike Kaspersky, which checks all objects where ordinary viruses are stored.

ADWCleaner is looking for ADW class viruses, in fact, so it is called. The program does not require installation, we simply agree with the condition and launch. Running, click SCAN.


Having done scanning, we study the result, viewing the files in the horizontal menu. We are especially interested in the Registry menu. As you can see from the screenshot, in my registry this utility found many incomprehensible elements.

Cleaning ADW.

Also, before removing the incomprehensible elements, it is advisable to create a system recovery point, because Often, viruses are sitting in the registry and the program will remove them along with the useful keys. After that, a person will not be able to run a computer.

So, click Clean (cleaning). We will have a warning that for correct deletion all programs will be closed, and you need to save all important elements.

All programs will be closed.

Click OK. We close all programs and cleaning. Further, the system restarts PC.

After rebooting, we have an inscription in notepad and changed changes.

Changes report

Carefully learn the analysis and try to start the browser. If the volcano virus again start, then we go further.

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How to remove casino volcano fourth way

We go to the disk with clicking on the "Computer" label. Select the "Program Data" daddy. We are looking for a folder in this folder, with incomprehensible names, like ORTMBFDDRM, PKQNNTRET and so on. Data folders usually have a chaotic set of letters. All browsers at this time must be closed.

Open the folder data and view files with the BAT or URL extension in them. Then, delete all these folders. Usually, the creation date of these daddy today. Next, clean the basket.

After that, we carry out the registry cleansing. And the last, we enter into the "control panel", select large icons, the "observer properties", and now the most interesting thing begins. In the window that opens, select the General menu and watch the "homepage".

Home Internet Properties

As you can see, in the home page in the system itself, the address is registered. It must be removed and replaced with the one that we need, for example, the Yandex address. Click OK.

I think you understand that if we did not fulfill the last operation and did not look into the observer properties, all of our work done would go to the Nammark and after rebooting the casino system, the volcano would have been concerned about every homepage of all browsers!

Next, we again carry out the registry cleaner. Now the volcano virus is completely removed!

How to remove casino volcano fifth way

But hackers do not stand still. I do not know what time you read this article. Perhaps at this time the pests will come up with a new place where this malware can be implemented.

Therefore, there is another way that I described in my free book "How to remove an advertising virus?". This method is better than others removes not only this pest, but also many other similar viruses. In addition, in the book, all the listed methods and many others not mentioned in this article are presented in the book. Book Free And it will be useful to many. Therefore, I advise her to learn.

How to remove advertising virus

Video how to remove casino volcano

You now know how to remove the casino volcano from the start page and similar viruses. I hope that you will no longer have problems with this will no longer have any problems. Successes to you, and take care of your computers.

Sincerely, Andrei Zimin 03/29/2016

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Often, users are exposed to viruses on a personal computer. Some are not particularly active and do not harm the system, while others make their changes to the work of the PC and prevent the user to work normally. Casino Volcano is a popular service for games that any trafficks will "devour" any traffic. For example, malicious additions and volcanic extensions are installed in the browser (s). It is necessary to immediately correct so that you are not tormented by constantly pop-up windows and advertising on the pages. We offer more detailed to learn how to remove volcano from the browser and the starting page.

How to remove volcano from browser

How to remove volcano from a computer

Before you figure it out how to remove volcano from browsers, you need to remove the program from the computer, because it is first introduced into the system. Implementation occurs after you downloaded a particular file from the Internet with not very "clean" sources. Archives and installation files from there contain hidden scenarios that run the process of installing the volcano to you on the PC.

It is not so easy to remove the volcano from the computer, because you first need to deal with the program itself, remove all possible references to it, and then clean the remnants in the registry. Even after that it will not be completely removed and then should begin cleaning from browsers. Please note that for each browser, the essence is the same, simply execution occurs in different ways. In each of them, you just have to remove supplements or extensions associated with the volcano.

The volcanic removal algorithm from the computer is as follows:

  1. Start any uninstaller accessible to you, for example, Revo Uninstaller. In the Program list, find all options related to the Volcan Casino and delete them. While uninstalling is going on, go to My Computer and searching on the System Find all at the request of "volcano". All you find, delete. How to remove volcano from browser
  2. Return to the uninstaller and continue deleting. The program will be invited to clear the registry from the keys. All that will be highlighted fat - boldly mark and after selecting all options, click "Delete".
  3. Revo Uninstaller will find even mentioning the "Casino Volcano", which you can remove without fear.
  4. Restart the computer.

For the 4th step, you were able to do what with ordinary utilities ("Installing and Removing Programs", "Regedit") is made much longer. How to remove volcano from browser

How to remove volcano from Google Chrome browser

  1. We remove the Google Chrome browser label from the desktop;
  2. Create a new label;
  3. Open the browser and go to "Settings". Then choose "Extensions"; 3.
  4. In the list of extensions, choose "volcano" and delete. The browser will need to restart;
  5. Ready! You no longer have a "volcano" in Google Chrome;

How to remove volcano from the Opera browser

  1. First, delete the Opera browser label and immediately do not forget to create a new one;
  2. Run the Opera program;
  3. After opening, go to the "Menu". Then choose "Extensions" and "Extension Manager"; four
  4. In the extension list, select "Volcano" and remove from the Opera browser. Immediately a reboot will be required.
  5. Everything, from Opera, you successfully deleted the "volcano".

How to remove volcano from the browser Mozilla Firefox

  1. You need to remove the Mozilla Firefox browser label from the desktop or the folder in which it is in you;
  2. Create a new label of this browser;
  3. Open the Mozilla Firefox browser and go to "Settings". Then choose "add-ons"; five
  4. In the list of extensions, choose "volcano" and delete. The browser will need to restart;
  5. Now you no longer have a "volcano" in Mozilla Firefox;

How to remove volcano from Internet Explorer browser

  1. We delete the Internet Explorer browser label and immediately create a new one;
  2. Open the browser;
  3. Go to "Service". Then select "Set up superstructures"; How to remove volcano from browser
  4. In the list of extensions, choose "volcano" and delete, and then reboot the browser;
  5. That's so simple you beat from the "volcano" in Internet Explorer.

Remove the "volcano" from the start page you did not work out, and the method is suitable for all browsers. Just in the settings of your browser, select Settings and look for a homepage item. In the Link field, delete unnecessary and insert a convenient for you. Save the changes and restart the browser to check.

Infect computer program from the "volcano" is very simple, but it's not easy to get rid of it. Carefully view the sites before you download something from them. If on the site an abundance of advertising, she is annoying and pressing a pop-up window when you press your empty place, then you don't recommend downloading from this site, otherwise the story may repeat. Now you know how to remove volcano from the browser and the start page. To all this, you now have an instruction on the removal of add-on / extensions "Volcano" from all popular browsers.

Why jump advertising casino volcano?

Casino Vulcan - This is a site that often becomes the starting page of all browsers due to the action of the virus. This virus is independently installed on your PC, and then changes the initial page of the browser and shows in it various advertisements. Self-virus itself Opens new tabs with advertising. Due to the location of the virus in the computer registry, the removal of the Casino Vulcan Page is complex. You can infect PC with this virus when loading certainly free or free files from unknown resources, torrents, all sorts of computer games and other content. The developers of these resources are monetizing files by wrapping the virus to the boot file. The bootloader is a program that gives the desired content, but puts on your own unsteady offepers: advertising type viruses, showing advertising in the browser, changing the initial pages in the browser, launching all kinds of redirects and so on. Virus Casino Volcano refers to the list of these programs.

How to remove advertising Casino Volcano - instruction from

How to remove casino volcano

To remove a casino Volcano from a computer, you need to find and destroy all program files from a computer, all additions in browsers with a casino volcano, all registry keys that are associated with a malicious virus. It is possible to get rid of the browsers in browsers with the Vulcan Casino and Restart Browser or before rebooting the system. The virus is automatically restored. You can delete it through the "Installing and Deleting Programs" functions, find all the program files and delete them, take advantage of additions and expansions in the browser. But if it is consumed in the registry of the branches with the keys of this virus - all treatment will go to the Nammark. It is necessary to remove all registry branches, and more specifically the keys related to the virus, but only experienced users can do it. With a minor emboss you made when cleaning the registry, it will be necessary to reinstall the OS or it will work, however with frequent errors. It is in connection with this that self-removal you perform at your own risk, without special knowledge it is not recommended to take on this and at all, to restore the operating system you need to spend more time and money. For this reason, we advise the automatic removal of the volcano casino with the help of the utility called Spyhunter 4, the creation of which Enigma Software was created.

Remove casino volcano automatically

Advantages of the Spyhunter program:

  • This program will destroy the Willing Volcan Casino virus files from the hard disk.
  • Clean all the registry keys associated with the volcano casino and removes them only. The registry of the computer will not be damaged, the system will start functioning as before.
  • Clean all additions in browsers with the name Casino Volcano.
  • Will guard your computer from new threats.
  • Improve computer work, it will function better.
  • Remove other viruses and unwanted programs from a hard disk.

Step-by-step instructions how to remove advertising casino volcano

It is worth reminding that this operation you are taking with great risk. Any OS has its differences. Naturally, the main keys of the registry, folders, files are the same, but if, for example, your PC has any program in which the name of the registry key contains a volcano casino (a sufficiently common case), and this software uses some system services - with a high fraction The probability after their removal is your system will no longer start due to the fact that the system registry is damaged.

Step 1. Create a recovery point.

In mandatory, the recovery point must be created. Without a recovery point, when the system fails, it will be impossible to restore it.

  1. Right-click on "Computer", then "Properties".
  2. The "System Protection" item, then the last button at the bottom of the right "Create".
  3. We enter the name for the recovery point, then click "Create".

Step 2. Remove the program from the PC.

  1. You need to go to "My Computer", then click on "Delete or Change the Program" (the button is located at the top).
  2. The list appears on the screen. Here you need to find a casino volcano, click on the name, after which - on the "Delete" button (on the right).

Step 3. Removing extensions and browser additions.

To invoke a list of extensions and additions, it is necessary to perform approximately the same action for each browser.

Mozilla Firefox.

Go to the menu (at the top of the right), press the additions, we find the casino volcano and remove

Internet Explorer.

We find and delete a casino volcano to the service - adjust the superstructure.

Google Chrome.

We enter the menu, then in the settings, and further - in the extension (the menu icon is located at the top of the right). We are looking for a casino volcano and click delete.

Step 4. Deleting keys in the system registry.

  1. To invoke the command line with Win + R, we write regedit in it. By this action, we call the registry.
  2. Next, we start looking for a malicious program. We click Ctrl + F, we write a casino volcano and press ENTER.
  3. It turns out the key - we delete it.
  4. Click F3, the search continues, the following key is located. As a result, we must remove everything that I found the search will then be displayed that nothing is not found anymore.

Reboot your computer. Then, if the system does not boot:

  1. With a black screen, you press F8 and F9 as quickly as possible in order to enter the safe mode.
  2. You must select the Safe Mode in the menu and then restore the Starting system - standard - service - system restoration - we find the created recovery point and begin to restore the system.
  3. If the secure mode does not want to load, you need to select №1 and here, in accordance with the prompts, select the system restoration.

When the virus is the only one, these actions will have enough. Now the modifications of viral programs have reached such a level that they work together and are engaged in restoring one other after a computer reboot. For example, at the time of writing this article, the Virus Casino Volcano had a lot of modifications. We advise you to delete SWETIM in automatic mode. Spyhunter 4. Thus, you will completely remove this infection and clean your PC from other viruses that you may not know. If the volcano casino has been installed on your PC, it could be checked by a mass of similar contractions.

Why does the volcano casino opens?

If from time to time you have new tabs in the browser with advertising casino, and this happens with periodicity and without your participation - the virus is deep in the system. But it is not possible to remove it. First, be sure to perform all instructions to remove the virus itself. Next, it will only be possible to remove a pair of malicious tasks.

  1. So, we open the launch - standard - service - scheduler. Or simply write in the search for Windows Scheduler. A planner will be released, in which you need to find a malicious task and delete it.
  2. Open each task
  3. We go to the action tab and see if there is a browser launch there with a strange site type of the volcano casino type.
  4. Remove all similar tasks

Most often, the tasks, because of which advertising site advertising of the volcanic casino is called interneta, internetb, etc.

Is it worth removing a volcano casino virus

Of course, you can live with the annoying banners, this is not fatal. However, being in the operating system, viruses give the way to other malicious programs of the same manufacturer. Meanwhile, they are modified and updated. As a result, a malicious program not only adds ads to the browser, but also without problems will be able to read personal information: social networks, passwords from mail, credit cards and all that you enter on an infected computer. And this is much more unpleasant than advertisements.

Video instruction how to remove casino volcano from a computer

Check like if the article helped you.

5 ways to remove advertising casino volcano from browser

Today it is difficult to present a house without a computer and a PC that is not connected to the Internet. Even your coffee maker can use Wi-Fi, what to say about everything else. The prevalence of the global network uses the creators of computer viruses to infect devices often inexperienced users with their malicious software. One of these not the most dangerous, but very annoying programs are all sorts of plugins adding advertising banners to browsers. Today we will talk about how to remove advertising casino volcano and other obsessive ads from your computer.

How to understand that the computer is infected?

Advertising is now literally at every step on the Internet, and the unreachable user may not even understand that the virus settled in his PC. You can detect it in the following symptoms:

  • When entering any site, advertising banners are opening, even where they never had them. They can even appear in the new window over the open tab.
  • The starting page of the browser is changing to another with a bunch of advertising, even if this is not visible in the settings.
  • If we talk about a specific online casino, the site volcano can open by itself, if you did not think to press any buttons to go there.

If any of this is on your PC, then you precisely picked up the virus. This is usually happening for one of two reasons:

  • Transition on suspicious links. You can even accidentally click on advertising or any link, go to this site and get a virus as a gift. This happens not often, but it can still be.
  • Downloading and installing unverified programs. Most often, the advertising virus can be obtained by downloading files from torrents. They may also appear from the fact that during the installation of any program you did not take a tick from installing additional software, where the corresponding browser plugin was located. Carefully study all the installers that run to not accidentally install the applications you do not need.
Pop-up advertising can be very annoying
Pop-up advertising can be very annoying

Remove the infected file

For this there are several different ways of varying degrees of complexity and efficiency. The easiest of them is to delete just installed files. It does not always work, but can help. Do this:

  • Open the control panel (press Win + R and enter in the Control field).
  • In the "Programs" section, select Delete.
  • In the list, find suspicious names of the applications that have been installed last (if advertising has recently appeared). You may even see the name "Vulkan". Just do not confuse it with the same player if it is installed, of course.
  • Delete this program. If the removal is not possible, since this process is busy, it must be turned off. Open the Task Manager (PCM on the Start button and select it in the menu), find this program in the Process list and disconnect.

If after infection with the virus you have already rebooted the computer, then this method will most likely not work. Then go to the next method for removing advertising Casino Volcano.

We use browser label

It is also a simple option, for this you will not need any unnecessary programs, and it works in almost any browser. In the most popular Chrome, Opera and Firefox so accurately. Make the following:

  • On the desktop, press the PCM on the browser label and select "Properties" in the menu that opens.
In the label properties, read the file format to which it refers
In the label properties, read the file format to which it refers
  • Look at the "Object" field and see what file this shortcut is referred to. For example, if this is Chrome, the path must end with chrome.exe or launcher.exe, which lies in the folder with the browser name.
  • If the string ends with another file, for example, Vulkan, or simply has an extension not exe, but a URL or BAT, which means the shortcut of your browser is not referenced on it, but to the virus.
  • If everything is so, then press again by PCM on the label and select "File Location".
Click on the "File Location" button to go to the desired folder
Click on the "File Location" button to go to the desired folder
  • You will open the virus folder to be deleted. Get rid of this file.
  • Now it remains to change the path of the label to the browser or simply create a new label - the second option will be easier.
  • Open the browser folder and press the PCM on the file with its name and exte. Do not forget that it can be called Launcher, if it is Opera, for example.
  • In the menu that opens, select "Send" - "Desktop".
  • Ready. Old label can delete.

Use extensions to block advertising

To advertise no longer appear, you can block it using special extensions. The Opera browser has a built-in advertisement blocker, which can be enabled in the settings. If you use Google Chrome, just install Adblock.

Advertising Casino Vulcan will also disappear after installing this plugin. Do the following:

  • Open the browser menu (three points on the right above) and select "Advanced Tools" - "Extensions".
In the drop-down menu, select "Extensions"
In the drop-down menu, select "Extensions"
  • Press the three horizontal strips in the upper left corner.
  • Select "Open Chrome online store.
Select "Add Extensions" on the Extensions page
Select "Add Extensions" on the Extensions page
  • In the "Store Search" line, enter Adblock.
  • In the search results, choose the option where the source is "".
  • Click "Set".

Clean the HOSTS file

Virus Volcano could stay on the computer not only in the browser. To remove this advertise, you may need to clear several rows in the Hosts file on your PC:

  • This file lies in the folder on the next path C: \ Windows \ System32 \ Drivers \ etc. If your system disk is called not "C", open your. And if you can also simply copy this string to the conductor and go through it.
  • Here, find the HOSTS file and open it using a notepad. Click on the PCM and select the appropriate item in the menu.
Hosts file
Hosts file
  • All temporary files are indicated here by rows that start with the # symbol. Just erase all such lines and save the changes.
If each item in the Hosts file begins with a mark #, you don't need to delete anything
If each item in the Hosts file begins with a mark #, you don't need to delete anything
  • Close Hosts and open the browser. Advertising volcano, like any other, should disappear.

Use of antivirus

Usually, the antivirus does not perceive such plugins as viruses, so in this situation it is useless. However, try still worth it, because antivirus databases are constantly updated, and maybe such files can already be detected. Run the computer scan - in any case, it will not be worse.

Use of antivirus
Use of antivirus

Today it is to get to know the virus called "Volcan Casino". How to remove this infection from the browser? What does it actually imagine how dangerous for the computer is the modern viruses to delete everything more difficult and more difficult, but you can do it. Users often encounter a casino "Volcano" lately. That is why it is important to know everything about this infection. It is likely that the virus is harmless, then in his removal there will be no sense. But is it really?

Description of the virus

Not really. Any virus or trojan must be deleted from the operating system as soon as possible. He will definitely damage the computer. The user pops up "Volcano" casino? How to remove this infection?

Casino Volcano how to remove from the browser

To do this, you need to understand what the virus represents. "Volcano" is one of the numerous pages that is prescribed in the browser and "freezes" on the starting position. That is, when opening a program to access the Internet, the user hits the page of the Internet Casino "Volcano". And the program appears on the computer.

The virus studied is a kind of browser corrupt. At first, he does not bear any danger, but over time, gives a lot of problems. It should be noted immediately noted that the owners of the Casino "Volcano" are not the creators of the virus of the same name. The organization simply asked to write some hackers a virus that forces users to visit the website of the Volcan Casino online.


How does the hijacker manifest itself? To identify the presence of the "volcano" on the computer is not so hard. Usually it is possible from the very beginning of infection to reveal the infection in the browser.

What happens to the computer? The following phenomena may be observed (most often they all have a place):

  1. On the start page of the browser, when starting, the casino "Volcano" pops up. How to remove this phenomenon? Get rid of the virus as a whole. Otherwise, changing the start page will not work.
  2. When working with the user's browser, constantly "switches" to the "Volcano" casino. There may be several phenomena. Or open separate tabs in the application, or instead of the page you need, the "Volcano" casino is displayed. In some cases, both phenomena are present.
  3. In the browser can appear advertising banners from the "Volcano" casino.
  4. The operating system begins to slow down and for a long time to respond to user commands. Often, even the launch of Windows takes a lot of time.
  5. The program "Volcano" appears on the computer. Additionally, other suspicious software can occur, which the user has not really installed.
  6. In PC processes, new items appear, which contain in their title or description of the mention of the "Volcano" casino. They are constantly launched after completion.

Perhaps these are the main signs of the manifestation of the browser hijacker. But what is dangerous this phenomenon? Why can not leave the Casino "Volcano"? How to remove this app from the browser?

Casino volcano online

Danger of virus

Any virus is dangerous for the user and its data. Therefore, from the studied infection will have to get rid of as soon as possible.

What exactly is dangerous casino "volcano", which is installed on a computer as a virus? Among the main dangerous moments are allocated:

  1. Slow computer performance. As already emphasized, Windows begins to work slower. From here there is discomfort when working at the computer.
  2. Destruction of the operating system. So work almost all viruses. They are primarily aimed at destroying the computer.
  3. The failure of this or that equipment or components of the PC. A very common phenomenon in viral infection. Usually, computer equipment begins to refuse to work with a long presence of a virus.
  4. The inability to work with the browser. Some users note that they simply cannot move to the pages they needed - the "volcano" casino constantly opens. It will help to establish work only the final removal of the virus.
  5. User data, especially those that were introduced in the browser, are in danger. They can just steal. The browser hijacker perfectly copes with this task.
  6. The risk of penetration of more dangerous viruses on the computer. The hijackers contribute to the infection of the operating system with a variety of computer discharge. Therefore, get rid of the "Volcano" casino required as soon as possible.

In any case, the operating system is required to be cleaned of viruses. And from the "volcano" including. But how to do that?

pops out a casino volcano how to remove

Preparatory work

To begin with, it is recommended to carry out a small preparation for the process. This is an optional point, but its execution will help avoid problems in the future.

Pops up a casino "volcano"? How to remove it once and forever? Before removing the user recommended:

  1. Transfer and save all important personal data on removable media. So you can avoid their loss.
  2. Install a good antivirus. For example, Dr. Web or Avast. It fights well with viruses yet nod32.
  3. Download an additional software that will help in cleaning the computer. The program for working with the registry is CCleaner, as well as an application that is looking for and removes computer spies is Spyhunter.
  4. Prepare the installation disk with the operating system. Sometimes even the fight against a banal hijacker can lead to PC collapse. Therefore, it is recommended to prepare for the rapid restoration of the operating system.

There are no significant recommendations. Some users advise to remove all saved data from browsers. But it is unlikely to help. Especially if the virus has long been on the computer. What to do if an infection appeared on the computer called "volcano casino"? How to remove this virus from the browser? What should the user do?

How to remove a casino volcano from browser Mazila

Removing the program

The first thing will have to get rid of the program of the same name. It is advisable to delete all suspicious applications that actually installed automatically with the virus.

If at the start of the browser, the "Volcano" casino opens, it is necessary:

  1. Close all programs to access the Internet.
  2. Go to "Start" - "Control Panel".
  3. Check in the "Install and Delete Programs" service that appears, "Delete".
  4. Wait for loading all programs that are installed in the operating system. This list requires "volcano".
  5. Select the appropriate line, click on it with the right mouse button and select "Delete" in the window that appears.
  6. Following the instructions of the removal program, get rid of the "Volcano" casino. Similar processes will have to do with all suspicious applications that were not installed by the user personally.

But at this stage, the fight against the infection is just beginning. Each user must remember that it is possible to restart the PCs only after all the steps have passed. Otherwise you have to start everything from the very beginning.


The next important step will be to remove the processes created by the virus-hijacker on the computer. Pops up a casino "volcano"? How to remove it? This requires to get rid of all manifestations of infection on the computer. And processes are no exception.

Constantly opens a casino volcano

To remove running commands on the computer, you need:

  1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del.
  2. In the window that appears, select "Task Manager".
  3. Go to the "Processes" tab. The screen will appear with different running services. It is required to find all suspicious processes. In its name or description, they usually contain a reference to the "volcano" casino.
  4. Select the necessary lines, and then click on the "Complete Process" button in the lower right corner of the Task Manager.
  5. Agree with a warning that will give the operating system. Sometimes several processes are running. Therefore, the procedure will have to do more than once.

You can try to delete processes before uninstalling the program of the program from the computer. There is no significant difference in this. Only on this process of combating the virus does not end.


The user still will appear the "volcano" casino. How to remove it from the browser? Of course, after getting rid of processes and programs, you can entrust the business of the anti-virus program.

The user must adhere to the following behavior tactics:

  1. Start the previously installed software to protect the PC, then mark all the partitions of hard drives (if necessary) and make a thorough profound system check.
  2. It should be paid to the fact that the process is able to take a lot of time. Sometimes there is a few hours to check the PC. It is necessary to gain patience. It is not recommended to work with the browser.
  3. As soon as the scan is completed, all potentially hazardous objects are trapped. Some are not treatable. In this case, it is necessary to remove dangerous software. For treatment and removal in antivirus after scanning, the corresponding buttons appear.

You should also check the computer for spies using Spyhunter. The program works similarly to antivirus. After scanning, all dangerous objects are removed from the computer by clicking on the special button.

In browser

The instruction on manual removal of the Casino "Volcano" does not end on the listed steps. After all previously described, the actions need to work a little with browsers. Moreover, with all installed on the computer. The studied infection can affect all applications for Internet surfing installed in OS.

How to remove the casino "volcano" from the browser? "Mazila" or any other you have installed is not so important. We will have to get rid of the established expansion with the same name. It is prescribed to the browser very often.

When starting the browser, a volcano casino opens

To get rid of the virus studied, it is required:

  1. Remove the old browser label. In return, a new one is created.
  2. Open the browser and go to the settings.
  3. How to remove the casino "volcano" from the "Opera" browser? Just as from any other: enough, just from the settings go to the "Expansion" section - "Extension Manager", then find a "volcano" casino there and remove the corresponding plugin. If we are talking about the browser "Mazila", instead of the "Expansion" item in the application settings, "add-ons" are selected.

But on this actions do not end. Most likely, a person will still pursue the Casino "Volcano". How to remove it from the browser and forever? There are only a few simple steps!

Properties of the label

Next, a small advice that will help you absolutely get rid of the studied infection. The user must check the browser label properties. It is there that you can detect a unlucky hijacker. In some cases, even after removing the previous and creating a new label, it is necessary to carry out additional check.

For this you need:

  1. Select the label of each browser installed on the computer by clicking on it with the left mouse button 1 time.
  2. Right-click on the shortcut. In the menu that appears, select "Properties".
  3. Go to the "Label" section. Pay attention to the object "Object". After the executable file with the browser name (for example, Chrome.exe), delete all addresses that only exist.
  4. Save changes.

Such a process is carried out with all browsers. But this is not all measures able to help!

Register PC

Next, it is recommended to clean the system registry of the computer. This step helps to get rid of all malicious files prescribed in PC. The previously installed program CCleaner will help here.

Browser "Yandex" Casino "Volcano" struck? Or any other program to enter the Internet? Then before the end of the fight against the infection follows:

  1. Start CCleaner. Some versions of the application do not require installation.
  2. Select on the left side of the screen (there are settings there) all partitions of the hard disk, as well as browsers.
  3. On the right side of the CCleaner window to click on "Analysis". A little wait. Further click on the "Cleaning" button.

Ready! PC registry cleaned. This technique will help not only finally get rid of the "Volcano" casino (how to remove this infection from the browser, it is now clear), but also to release some hard disk space, as well as improve the operability of the operating system.

Instructions for manual removal Casino Volcano

Final Shagi

Perhaps you can proceed to the final phase of the combat of the virus. Casino "Volcano" has already been removed from the PC. Now it is required:

  1. Install the expansion into browsers called Adblock. If it has already been established earlier, after infection with the Vulcan Casino virus, you need to delete it and put it again.
  2. Change the start page of the browser. After all the listed actions, it will be possible to do this without much difficulty using the settings of the running application.

After that, you can restart the computer. Ready! From now on, you know how to remove the "volcano" casino from the "Opera" browser or from any other similar application.

Advertising volcanoThe homepage in the opera has changed to the advertisement of the Casino Volcano, the sites open for a long time - this is a virus in the browser. To get rid of it, read how in the opera remove the advertisement volcano in various ways.

Advertising pictures and windows that pop up when opening sites in the Opera browser, not only annoying and interfere with perception of interesting information, but can also be dangerous to the computer. Such objects in the network are called viruses. Among the most common and obsessive malware are advertising a volcano - a software platform for casino-games, which is winding traffic with all sorts of ways.

Expansion and additions The volcano is embedded in a Web browser and change to the unrecognizable configuration. Working with Opera becomes uncomfortable and annoying, because the malicious product is trying in every way to send the user to the desired website developer. To "do not play according to the rules" of viral programs, will figure it out how to fully remove the obsessive volcano advertisement in the opera?

How to warn infection?

Dangerous software products fall to the disk of computers and are introduced into the Web browser after:

  • visiting unverified sites;
  • downloading not past checking software from a resource with a dubious reputation;
  • Installations of the program, in the body of which "sewing" the Virus volcano.

The use of dangerous codes by which developers attract network users to their own resources or projects is prohibited by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

This method of promotion is a "black" PR, which acts significantly more efficiently than "white". Therefore, it will be used. Competent users knowing about it, control the process of infection:

  • By establishing strong antivirus systems;
  • Checking sites and downloaded from them with special extensions in the opera - there are many more them, it is easy to protect yourself;
  • Carefully read messages in the windows of the new installed program.

Important: The main rule of the use of the Internet - finding a threat, immediately eliminate it. If you do not remove the volcano volcano casino for a long time from the browser, the malicious code can cause irreparable damage: incorrect data saving, long loading of sites, changes URLs of important pages, etc.

How to understand what infection has happened? If once again, repeating the Web browser, jumps out instead of Home Page Google or Yadex page with advertising volcano - Opera is infected.

Method number 1: Receive and delete

To change the start page, the virus changes not only the settings, but also "prolazit" in the browser system files. Therefore, the first thing you need to find traces of an attacker. They act like this:

  • Find on the desktop Opera label. We remove advertising volcano
  • Click on it with the right mouse and call the item "Properties".
  • In the window that appears (in the object line), evaluate the record. Here the ".exe" file should be registered. If after the point in the recording is Bat, URL or, the virus has changed the program start code.

We remove the advertisement volcano in the operaIf the shortcut changes are detected, you need to immediately understand how to remove advertising from Opera completely. Make it easy. You must click on the "Properties" tab, the "File" button. In the window that appears, you need to view files. All elements with the BAT extension, URL or BAT.exe must be deleted.

IMPORTANT: If after opening the window with the opera system folder, extensions (items look like this - the name_file .exe / Bat / URL) from files, you need to display them. You can do this in the "View" tab, which is in the horizontal menu (called the folder) window. You must put a tick opposite the "file name extension".

If objects are really "infected", they need to be deleted - to highlight and press the "SHIFT + DELETE" key combination. After that, remove the label from the desktop and from the quick launch panel. The last barcode is removed on the panel and the desk of the working label. To ensure the entry into force of the changes, it is worth restarting the PC. Now advertising will not pop up instead of starting page in Opera.

Method number 2: Correct changes after the virus

If the Vulcan is worth as a home page, it means that the web browser settings were completely changed by the virus. You must do the following:

  • Log in to the Settings menu. In the "Main" tab, choose "Set Pages".
  • In the pop-up window to see which pages are appearing as initial.

We remove the advertisement volcano in the operaIf this window has suspicious addresses or addresses for resources that the user has not installed independently, they need to be removed. To do this, you need to bring the mouse cursor to the object, allocate it and click on the bresting right above. To change the changes to restart the opera.

Method number 3: clean the system

It happens that by having tried the first two ways to combat advertising virus, it fails to remove it. If the Web Observer is infected with volcano, how to act? It is reasonable to use special cleaning system programs:

  • Malwarebytes Anti-Malware;
  • HitManPro;
  • JunkWare Removal Tool;
  • ADWCleaner and others.

Special utilities can be found in Russian. They perform scanning system and browser folders, find spyware and viruses and remove them (block) if they cannot cure. Download software products better with resource-tested.

Another important nuance in protecting the opera from the Virus Volcano is the installation of special extensions blocking advertising, and antivirus software. It is better to combine the blocker + antivirus. The following extensions are considered strong:

  • Adguard;
  • SpywareBlaster;
  • Spyhunter.
  • Web Site Zapper and others.

Opera has a built-in blocker. It can be activated by clicking on the shield icon in the upper right corner of the address string. In the window that appears, you need to move the switch to the right. Protection is activated. Volcano

The better the barriers for the volcano, the less chance of penetration. But, establishing them, it is worth remembering: too much blocks and special extensions will slow down the work of the Web browser. Therefore, you should not overdo it.

Constantly pops up "Casino Volcano" - how to remove?


If the website of the Volcano casino site is constantly opened when working with the browser, and the starting page itself has changed to a web portal with gambling games, it means that the computer is infected with an advertising virus. In addition, a malicious program can be launched by Google Chrome, Opera and other Internet browsers without a user's knowledge. You can remove such a virus in several ways.

Removal using programs

"Casino Volcano" refers to the category of advertising malicious software. Profile anti-virus programs help to deal with such software.


Malwarebytes is an integrated antivirus, one of the best programs for cleaning the computer and its protection against real-time advertising software. The utility can detect the newest malware, including various spyware applications. MalwareBytes automatically blocks fraudulent sites in the browser, such as the Volcan Casino. The free version works in manual mode, and paid - performs constant monitoring of the system in search of threats.

Link to download -

Adware Removal Tool.

ADWARE REMOVAL TOOL - a program with a simple interface, which allows you to remove the Volcano Casino PC and other viruses affecting the browser. The utility scans Internet browsers, system files, registry data. Program capabilities:

  • removal of browser hijackers;
  • cleaning the toolbar;
  • Removing viruses hidden in system folders;
  • Windows compatibility starting from the XP version;
  • Automatic update through a cloud database.

Link to download -


ADWCleaner is a free utility from Malwarebytes. It is one of the most popular programs for the removal of "Casino Volcano" and other advertising viruses, providing safe surfing on the Internet. Additional AdwCleaner:

  • identifying and eliminating spyware, "browsers hijackers";
  • Removing the toolbars that appeared in the browser together with viruses;
  • Support for Russian language.

Link to download -

How to get rid of the "Casino Volcano" using the AdWCleaner program:

  • Download utility and run it (installation is not required).

  • Click on the "Scan" button in the main menu.

  • Wait to end the analysis of the system. The program will find threats and displays them in the report. To erase the harmful software, you must click "Clear and Restore."

Removal in manual mode

If the auxiliary programs for some reason did not cope with the "Casino Volcano", you should remove the advertising virus from the computer manually. The procedure is performed in several stages.

Reset browser settings

To make the browser stop opening advertising sites without the user's knowledge, You need to return the default settings. . Reset parameters is performed as follows.

Google Chrome:

  • Click on the button in the form of 3 points located right to the address bar and go to the "Settings" section.

  • Press "Additional" at the bottom of the page that opens to see advanced options.

  • Click "Restoring default settings" and complete the operation ("Reset Settings" button).


  • Run the opera and click the key combination Alt +. PTo go to the parameters.
  • Open the "Advanced" tab. Select the "Browser" section and click "Restoring Default Settings". To complete the procedure, click "Reset".

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Zeroing parameters in Mozilla is performed through a special section "Information for solving problems". To quickly get into it, you need to enter text in the address bar About: Support And press ENTER.

  • Run the "Clear Firefox" command.

Internet Explorer:

  • Click on the "Service" button (icon in the form of a gear), select "Browser Properties" from the list.

  • Open the "Advanced" tab. Click on the "Reset" button, mark the "Delete Personal Parameters" function and confirm the action.


  • Click on the icon in the form of 3 strips, which is above the address bar of the browser, open the "Settings".

  • Go to the "System" tab. Click "Reset All Settings."

On a note: Find out what kind of reliable laptop is available on the market now, if you have not yet decided on the model for the purchase.

Browser label cleaning

If when you start an Internet browser, instead of starting page The site of the "Volcano" casino site Maybe the reason lies in the browser label. To correct this problem, you will need:

  • Click right-click on the label of an infected browser and choose the "Properties" command.

  • In the "Object" field (Label tab), delete all the text following the exemp. Click "Apply" to save changes.

Manual removal of an application with a virus

If the "Casino Volcano" has affected not only the browser, but also installed the executable virus file to the computer, you need to manually find it and delete it. How to do it:

  • Open the control panel. Select the "Programs and Components" section.

  • Find the Viral Application list (in the title there may be variations in the words "Casino" and "Volcano" on Cyrillic or Latineta). Click on a suspicious program and click "Delete". Complete uninstallation by following instructions.

When manually searching for viral software, you need to pay special attention to the applications that you are not installed on your own, and focus on the "Publisher" column.

On a note: If you are tired of the annoying ads on your favorite sites, find out how to remove advertising in the browser.

Cleaning "Task Scheduler"

One of the possible functions of the "Casino Volcano" - Creating a script in the "task scheduler" Windows which, with a certain frequency, puts unwanted extensions to the browser or downloads the virus installation file for subsequent automatic installation. To eliminate such a task, you will need:

  • Log in to the "Control Panel". Open the Administration section. Run the "job scheduler".

  • Find a task associated with an advertising virus in the library.

  • Click on it right-click and execute the "Delete" command.

Registry editor

If the Vulcan Casino virus reached the Windows registry, it is necessary to withdraw it from there. This operation requires special caution. Since the erroneous deletion of important files can lead to the output of the operating system. To erase the malicious advertising software from the registry, follows:

  • Dial on the keyboard Windows +. R (Start the "Run" utility). Enter text in the field "Open" regedit. and click "OK."

  • Check the registry editor for the presence of sections associated with the "Casino Volcano". If those are found, delete them by pressing the right mouse button and selecting the appropriate command.

  • Reboot PC to change the changes to take effect.

On a note: Find out what to do if there are sites by yourself because of the virus.

Let's sum up

To remove the "Casino Volcano" from the computer, it is recommended to use a special software - ADWCleaner, Malwarebytes, Adware Removal Tool, etc. You can also get rid of the virus manually by resetting the browser settings by editing its shortcut, clearing the Windows Task Scheduler and the system registry. To secure your PC for the future, you should not switch on suspicious links and not to install programs from unverified developers.

Pop-up windows with the site advertising Casino Vulcan In Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer is a possible sign of infection of your computer with a promotional virus. This computer parasite is created only for one, show advertising, show advertising again and once again - show advertisements, making it in a variety of ways, such as text ads, pop-up windows, advertising links in the text of the site and so on.

Other symptoms of infection advertising viruscake parasite showing advertising casino volcano penetrated on your computer enclosures cleaning your computer from advertising volcano casino

Other symptoms of infection with advertising virus

  • Advertising banners are integrated into sites on which you know exactly the advertisement should not be
  • A variety of random words and phrases are inserted in links
  • The browser shows small windows that recommend updating the flash player or other software
  • Unknown to you the programs themselves appeared on the computer

As a parasite showing advertising Casino Volcano penetrated your computer

How it would not seem strange, but most likely he got to the computer thanks to your actions. Usually, such harmful and unnecessary programs penetrate the PC when the user installs a free application, such as the download manager, torrent client or text editor. Everything is simple, the volcano casino parasite is simply integrated into the installation package of such applications and when they are installed, it is installed automatically too.

Therefore, you must always be very attentive to treat the fact that you are going to download from the Internet! After starting the downloaded program, at the installation stage, read all messages carefully. Do not rush to press the Agree button or agrees in the window in which the user agreement is given. Be sure to carefully read it. Try when installing any programs to choose ADVANCED (Custom), that is, to fully control what and where it will be installed. Thus, you can avoid penetration of potentially unnecessary and promotional programs. And most importantly, never install what you do not trust!

Methods for cleaning your computer from advertising volcano casino

Independently perform step-by-step instructions for the forum for help in removing advertising volcano casino

Step-by-step instructions, how to remove advertising volcano casino from chromium, firefox and Internet Explorer

The following instruction is a step-by-step guide to perform step by step. If you do not work anything, stop, ask for help by writing a comment on this article or creating a new topic on our forum.

1. Remove Casino Volcano from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer using AdWCleaner2. Remove advertising volcano casino using Malwarebytes anti-malware3. Remove Casino Volcano advertising in Chrome, dropping browser settings4. Remove the volcano casino advertising in Firefox by resetting the browser settings5. Remove Casino Volcano advertising in Internet Explorer, dropping the browser settings6. Remove the volcano casino advertising from chromium, firefox and Internet Explorer, clearing their shortcuts7. Block the display of advertising volcano casino and other similar advertising sites8. Check the task scheduler

1. Remove Casino Volcano from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer using ADWCleaner

ADWCleaner is a small program that does not require installation on a computer and is designed specifically in order to find and delete advertising and potentially unnecessary programs. This utility does not conflict with antivirus, so you can safely use it. You do not need to uninstall your antivirus program.

Download the AdwCleaner program by clicking on the following link.

AdwcleanerDownload adWcleaner

Downloaded 1062498 times

Version: 8.2.

Posted by MalwareBytes, Xplode

Category: Security

Renewal date: March 22, 2021

After the program is downloaded, run it. The Main AdwCleaner window opens.


Click on the button Scan . The program will start checking your computer. When the check is completed, you will seek a list of found components of the Casino Volcano and other found parasites.

AdwCleaner scan results

Click on the button Cleaning . ADWCleaner attacks your computer and remove all the found components of malware. After the treatment, restart your computer.

2. Delete Casino Volcano Advertising Using Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is a well-known program created to combat a variety of advertising and malware. It does not conflict with antivirus, so you can safely use it. You do not need to uninstall your antivirus program.

Download the MalwareBytes Anti-Malware program using the following link.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

When the program is loaded, run it. You will open the program installation wizard window. Follow his instructions.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

When the installation is completed, you will see the main program window.


Automatically start the program update procedure. When it is completed, click on the button Run check . MalwareBytes Anti-Malware will start checking your computer.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware

When the computer check is over, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware will show you a list of found parts of malicious and promotional programs.

MalwareBytes Anti-Malware Scan Results

To continue the treatment and removal of malware, you just press the button Delete selected . You will run the Casino Volcano Advertising Procedure.

3. Remove Casino Volcano Advertising in Chrome, dropping browser settings

Reset Chrome settings will allow you to remove malicious extensions and restore the browser settings to the default values. At the same time, your personal data, such as bookmarks and passwords, will be saved.

Open the main chromium menu by clicking on the button in the form of three horizontal strips ( Causes the main menu of Google Chrome). A menu appears as the next picture.

Osone menu browser Google Chrome

Select Settings. Scroll down page and find the link Show Advanced Settings. Click on it. Below will open a list of additional settings. Here you need to find the button resetting the settings and click on it. Google Chrome will ask you to confirm your actions.

Confirmation of the execution of the resetting operation of Google Chromium

Press the button Reset . After that, the browser settings will be reset to the original and pop-ups or redirection to the casino volcano will be deleted.

4. Remove the volcano casino advertising in Firefox by resetting the browser settings

Firefox settings reset will remove malicious extensions and restore browser settings to the default values. At the same time, your personal data, such as bookmarks and passwords, will be saved.

Open the main chromium menu by clicking on the button in the form of three horizontal strips ( Causes the main menu of Google Chrome). In the menu that appears, click on the icon as a question mark ( Firefox - Help Menu). This will cause the Help menu, as shown in the figure below.


Here you need to find the item information to solve problems. Click on it. In the page that opens, in the Quick Firefox section, click the Clear Firefox button. The program will ask you to confirm your actions.

Firefox - Reset Settings

Click the Clear Firefox button. As a result of these actions, the browser settings will be reset to the initial one. By this you remove pop-up windows with advertising volcano casino.

5. Remove Casino Volcano Advertising in Internet Explorer, dropping browser settings

Resetting the Internet and Eja and Eja settings will remove malicious extensions and restore the browser settings to the default values.

Open the main browser by clicking on the button in the form of the gear ( Internet Explorer). In the menu that appears, select Browser Properties.

Internet Explorer

Here, open the Advanced tab, and then click Reset. The Internet Explorer Configuration Settings window opens. Put the checkbox in the Delete Personal Settings item, then click the Reset button.

Internet Explorer

When the process of resetting the settings is completed, click Close. To change the changes, you need to restart the computer. Thus you can get rid of advertising volcano casino.

6. Remove Casino Volcano Advertising from Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer, Cleaning their shortcuts.

When penetrating a computer infection showing volcano casino advertising can change browsers shortcuts by adding the address of the advertising site in the field. Because of which the promotional site will open each time the browser launch.

To clean the browser shortcut, click on it right key and select Properties.

Firefox label cleaning

On the Label tab, find the Object field. Click inside the left mouse button, the vertical line appears - the cursor pointer, the cursor move keys (arrow -> on the keyboard), move it to the right to the right. You will see there is added address of the site advertising Casino Volcano. It needs to be removed.

Firefox label cleaning

Removing this text Click OK. Thus, clean the labels of all your browsers, as they can all be infected.

7. Block the display of advertising Volcano Casino and other similar advertising sites

To increase the protection of your computer, except for the anti-virus and antispise program, you need to use the application blocking access to differently dangerous and misleading websites. In addition, such an application can block an obsessive advertising showing, which will also be accelerated to boot websites and reduce web traffic.

Download Adguard Program using the following link.

AdguardDownload adguard

Downloaded 195741 times

Author: © adguard

Category: Security

Renewal date: July 17, 2018

After the download is completed, run the downloaded file. You will open the program installation wizard window.


Click on the button I accept the Terms and follow the instructions of the program. After the installation is completed, you will see the window as shown in the figure below.


You can click Skip to close the installation program and use the standard settings, or the start button to familiarize yourself with the features of the AdGuard program and make changes to the default settings.

In most cases, it is not necessary to change the standard settings. Each time the ADGUARD computer starts to start automatically and block pop-up advertising, sites such a casino volcano, as well as other malicious or misconceptions of the web page. To familiarize yourself with all the features of the program or to change its settings, you can double-click on the Adguard icon, which is on your desktop.

8. Check the task scheduler

We recommend that at the last stage of cleaning the computer, check the task scheduler library and delete all tasks that have been created by malware, since it is they who can cause the automatic opening of a volcan casino when the computer is turned on or at an equal period of time.

Click on the keyboard at the same time Windows and R (Russian K). A small window will open with the header. In the entry string, enter "taskschd.msc" (without quotes) and press ENTER. The job scheduler window opens. In the left part of it, select "Task Scheduler Library", as shown in the following example.

Task Scheduler - Job search, which opens an obsessive site

In the middle, you will see a list of set tasks. Select the first tasks, and in its properties that will open below select the Actions tab. In turn, view all tasks, pay attention to what it starts on your computer. Found something like "explorer.exe hxxp: // site address" or "chrome.exe hxxp: // site address", then this task can be safely removed. If you are not sure that it starts the task, then check it through our website or in the search engine, by name of the started file. If the file is a component of the virus or malicious program, then this task can also be safely deleted.

Deciding with the task you want to delete, click on it with the right mouse button and select Delete. Perform this step several times if you have found several tasks that have been created by malicious programs. An example of removing a task created by an advertising virus is shown on the following figure.

Deleting a task created by a malicious program

Removing all tasks, close the task scheduler window.

By completing this instruction, your computer must be fully cured from advertising banners and pop-up windows casino volcano in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. Unfortunately, the authors of advertising applications constantly update them, making it difficult to treat the computer. Therefore, if this instruction did not help you, then you have become infected with a new version of the advertising virus and then the best option is to contact our forum.

In order to make a computer anymore in the future, please follow three small tips

  • When installing new programs on your computer, always read the rules for their use, as well as all the messages that the program will show you. Try not to install with default settings!
  • Keep antivirus and antispise programs updated to the last versions. Also note that you are enabled automatic Windows Update and all available updates are already installed. If you are not sure, you need to visit the Windows Update website, where you will be prompted as you need to update in Windows.
  • If you are using Java, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player, be sure to update them on time.

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