How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways to get orgasm a woman

You want to experience orgasm during each intercourse, but do not know how to do it? Invangible in the types of orgasm and can not figure it out? Did you want to explain to your partner for a long time, how to help you reach orgasm? We revealed all the secrets of orgasm. Place comfortable and prepare for pleasure.

In the article we will tell:

  1. Types of orgasms;
  2. How many women get orgasm?
  3. How to get orgasm yourself?
  4. What position is it easier to get orgasm?
  5. How to achieve squirt?
  6. Female and erotic courses.

You already know about orgasms, but want to reinforce your knowledge and professionally talk about their friends? Come on Women и Erotic courses in St. Petersburg , To learn from sexologists, what they will not write on the Internet.

Types of orgasms

One day someone let the myth that orgasms are vaginal and clitoral, and women shared them for a long time in such criteria. In fact, it is not true.

All female orgasms come from the clitoris.

The clitoris is a female sexual body that serves as the main erogenous zone. Many owners of this body, and their partners do not know where he is. They confuse it with other parts of the vulva, confused by the Vulva itself, so we have a picture on which it is described in detail about the structure of female genitals.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Precisely because all orgasms come from the clitoris correctly to share them on Koital и Extraceal. In other words, it is possible to achieve orgasm through penetration and without penetration.

Coital orgasms are orgasms from the internal stimulation of the clitoris. You can call it vaginal, but it happens not from the stimulation of the vagina, but from the internal stimulation of the clitoris. According to statistics, only 20% can reach orgasm during vaginal sex. Also, this type includes anal orgasm.

Extraction orgasms are orgasms with additional stimulation of erogenous zones. This type of orgasm is the most common. It includes all the stimulation of the clitoris, which ever happened in your life. Therefore, extracitial orgasms have their varieties depending on how stimulation occurs:

  • Masturbation  - fingers, toys, shower;
  • petting  - all the same, only with a partner (even if all actions do you yourself, and not he);
  • MOKOMPRESSION  - compression of legs and various items between them, friction about the surface;
  • Motonic  - compression of the muscles of the pelvis;
  • in a dream  - does not depend on anything;
  • random  - Most often it comes from overvoltage. For example, you are very worried about the exam, and the body decides that the most effective way to relieve stress is to experience an orgasm without any stimulation.
How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

In general, it does not matter where your orgasm will occur. The main thing is that there was a result!

How many women get orgasm?

The orgasm is the maximum stress point, the maximum peak of pleasure. The strength of the muscles depends on the power of orgasm. If science is known that the male orgasm is designed to continue the kind, then everything is ambiguous about female. So far, scientists adhere to the opinions that female orgasm exists only for enjoying.

Despite this joyful fact Only 49% of women can reach orgasm, which is 2 times less than men. Information found out scientists from the University of Toronto.

According to the observations of sexual researchers, clitoral orgasm experiences almost all women, coitable with the stimulation of the clitoris - half, anal - ⅓ women.

How to get orgasm yourself?

Ladies, set fire! There is nothing shameful in the study of your body. If you still care about something and you can't reach orgasm or get a brighter and strong orgasm, you can always consult with a psychologist.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Masturbation should not scare anyone. Through it is formed a sexual environment of a person, this is a personal matter of everyone. Therefore, the more you should learn, the easier it will be in sexual contact with another person.

By masturbation, you will understand what you like, and what is not. In the future, during sexual contact, you can send your partner to make it nicer, and indicate the borders "You can / cannot".

The main goal of masturbation is to understand your preferences and learn to enjoy.

For masturbation classes, you need to create a favorable atmosphere. Select a point when no one can disturb you. Relax, distracted from all cases. You can turn on calm music, muffle the light or light the candles.

Then the whole thing is only in your imagination. If you do not need "Special Effects", you can simply represent erotic scenes. If this is not enough, there is always pornography in various kinds. Films, audio recordings, texts - all this will help you excite.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Also do not forget about the stimulation of other erogenous zones. Like when you stroke your nipples? Do it yourself. Love when you are drawn by your hair? Pull yourself for them. Do you know other secret zones on your body? Use their magic.

Do not dwell on time that goes to achieve orgasm. No need to hurry. All women have a different amount of time. And remember about non-iconant.

Nonconcondancy - It is a disharmony between psychological excitation and a lubricant allocated.

You can be extremely excited, but absolutely dry, and vice versa. There is nothing terrible in this. Just add lubricants if the natural is missing.

How to get clitoral orgasm?

The easiest way to achieve orgasm is to achieve it to stimulate the clitoris. To do this, you can use fingers, a jet of water from a shower or auxiliary items, such as toys.

Put two fingers on the clit and start slightly pressed on it. Feel sensations from stimulation. Try different strengths, different movements, everything that comes to your mind. Understand what you like more. Try to introduce your fingers into the vagina. With insufficient moisture, you can use lubricant. Use fingers only one hand or immediately both.

The sex shops present a large range of toys that can help you reach orgasm. For example, you can purchase a vibrator. This is a kind of massageor oblong shape, at the end of which vibrating mechanisms are located. When stimulated with such a subject, the clitoris responds more, and the likelihood of getting an orgasm is growing.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

In addition to the vibrator there is still a bunch of other pieces that will make your sex life diverse. Choose, test, enjoy.

How to learn to get a vaginal orgasm?

As we already found out, everything is not so simple with vaginal orgasm. Do not despair if you do not enter the twenty women who experience it without additional stimulation.

You can achieve vaginal orgasm. For this, there are special techniques, one of which is called the "bridge".

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

The easiest way to do with a special vibrator, which has a submersible and petal for the clitoris. It is necessary to start with the stimulation of the clitoris from the outside, as well as zones G. Then, already in a pre-jammed state, bend the clitoral petal and continue the stimulation of the zone G.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Difficulties with the development of this technique may occur in those who have given birth to women, as well as those whose muscles are no longer so young or subjected to constant tension. In such cases, the fibrous tube becomes stretched, so the achievement of orgasm is hampered. But here should not panic. First, go through the training course of intimate muscles with a specialist, and then reap the brain to search for new ways to achieve orgasm.

For those who doubted whether the G zone exists, we learned from Alexandra the truth. It exists, and it is more correct to call it exactly the zone.

These are branching nerve endings in the vagina. All this zone is located individually depending on the length of the cervix and the anatomical structure of the girl.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

How to learn to get orgasm during anal sex?

The first thing that is worth talking about anal sex, regardless of whether you do alone or spend an experiment with a partner: It is necessary to prepare for anal sex.

This means that without purchases from the sex shop you can not do. First you need to purchase a silicone grease, an anal stopper and condoms (if you are gathered to enter anal sex toile).

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

This preparation does not end. The second main rule: If you do not want such experiments, you do not need to go against your desires. If you are unpleasant or hurt, you do not need to suffer and suffer. So reach orgasm you will definitely not.

Third Rule: before anal sex you need to get well. Thus, all the erogenous zones of your body will go, as well as the stimulation of the clitoris and sex with penetration.

There is a myth that before anal sex you need to put an enema. Forget it. Just start the experiment on the free intestine after a trip to the toilet and do not eat anything softening.

Frequent anal sex classes cause hemorrhoids and other diseases. Twice a month - the optimal frequency.

Well, finally, the position. It is better to choose more curved. Lower on the side of the embryo pose or on the stomach, laying under the hips of the pillow. Start stimulate the clitoris. Then try to enter into yourself what you decide to stimulate the prostate.

Examine your feelings. If you like everything, there is no reason to stop. It will be easier for you to reach an orgasm during anal sex if you simultaneously stimulate the clitoris.

In which posture is the easiest way to get an orgasm?

Orgasm comes from the head, so universal poses in which you exactly get orgasm does not exist.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

When you are turned to a man's back, your points fall out, so it becomes very difficult to reach orgasm without additional stimulation. But in a missionary position and sitting on a man from above, the process is simplified noticeably.

To make it easier to reach orgasm, being under a man, while frictions raise him to meet the hip. And in this posture, and the riding, in addition to internal stimulations, the clitoris also affects. It interacts with the pubic man, friction arises, and the process of achieving orgasm is simplified.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

How to achieve squirt?

The squirt itself comes from the stimulation of the Zone G. Zone G is a rudiment of a male prostate. Prostate in men is one of the main erogenous zones, therefore its rudiment in women is the so-called place. It's easier to achieve squirt with a toy. With a partner, you need to master special techniques, and not yet to do without strong hands. It will be necessary to continuously stimulate certain zones and not to be knocked down from the rhythm.

To achieve squirt with a toy, it is better to use any, providing vacuum stimulation. According to the reviews of girls, it is more common to seek squirts. You need to relax as much as possible and try to do it yourself.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Alone with you, you feel how nice it is, and in the future you can try squirt with your partner.

Women's and Erotic courses

In female courses, girls study themselves, their psychological barriers, increase self-esteem and knowledge about their own body. They include: training of intimate muscles, techniques to achieve a coital orgasm, psychological trainings "How to learn to understand ourselves", "how to turn off the head and learn to relax", etc.

Erotic courses are training for sex practitioners. Basically, they are aimed at learning how to delight their own partner.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

Courses come to become more confident and understand yourself, as well as learn to deliver the pleasure of a man.

The teacher at such courses should be a psychologist-sexologist, because psychology and sexology are two close sciences. Many psychological barriers are reflected on our sex life and are in many ways preventing enjoyment or deliver it to a partner.

If the center of sexual education has free trainings, you can go to them and look at the future teacher. Also on the site usually there are photos, information, possibly short videos, with which you can learn your mentor.

Groups in paid trainings are usually not more than 10 people. Such a number allows the coach to explain all the material and pay attention to each student. There are individual classes for those who shy or want to preserve anonymity. But usually in groups, everyone relaxes and concentrate on themselves.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

It is not necessary to bring anything to the class. As a rule, only a silicone dildo may be needed. It will be issued on courses. After each occupation, it is sterilized, processed, sealed in a zip-bag and in the craft package.

How to get an orgasm? 5 simple ways how to achieve orgasm woman opportunity sex tips for every day

The only thing that can be brought with you is sportswear for bodily oriented practices. But you will be presented in advance about it.

As you can see, it can achieve orgasm. Even if you quarreled with him, it's always to make ways. The main thing is to find a desire and throw out the constraint.

And what techniques of orgasm are known to you? Share your secret ways in the comments. Make repost articles not to forget about everything you learned about orgasms.

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See also:

Caress yourself - is it bad and dirty? Not? Then why no one speaks of female masturbation openly, while the man has almost written a guide?

We decided to make the world a little more and prepared material about how to delight our own, and why the women's fingers in panties are beautiful, naturally and sexually, and not at all.

The female body is a more complex and exquisite mechanism compared to male: it's not enough to take the clitoris in the palm, to lead three minutes up and down and cum. Girls do not work so much! Female orgasm is rather "psychological" and begins in the head - with sexual desire, erotic fantasies and beautiful pictures of sexual intercourse.

All in our hands: how to delight yourself

Attitude to masturbation

Over the centuries, people regarded this savory process differently: there were times when masturbation condemned, and sometimes self-satisfaction was considered the norm. After the sexual revolution, the number of masturbating women grew from 60% to 80%. Separate gratitude should be expressed by Freud, which showed: Masturbation is completely harmless to health and psyche, and sometimes even useful!

First masturbation

Most often, the first masturbation happens in adolescence, but even here the boys are ahead of girls - they brave themselves with hand in pants and experiment with their feelings from the pubertal age and almost until old age.

The girl is more difficult to let go of himself - the public discontent and constraint affects. Some women are not fundamentally dealing with self-satisfaction. And in vain! Sexologists recommend this method even if there are problems with orgasm in a pair. So - a proportion of constraint!

If you have never tried to deliver a pleasure yourself, let's go through this path together.

Masturbation will be felt more comfortable if it is in a relaxed state and has an atmosphere. Toilet in McDonalds or a bed in a hostel is unlikely to configure the erotic way.

Make sure that in the near future no one distorts you. Turn on relaxing music, burn candles and create yourself an intimate setting.

Having arranged external comfort, proceed to heating the body: stroke the whole body: from the hips to the stomach, from the hands to the nipples, from the neck and waist. Your erogenous zones can be found only experimentally. Some women excite touching in the chest area, others - buttocks or abdominal bottoms. Do not rush to fall below.

Tune in to explore ourselves, try to try each vehicle centimeter and make a map of erogenous zones.

When finally get to the clitoris - gently and gently take on it with your finger up and down - this is the easiest way to achieve orgasm. First, rub gently with one finger, then go to more intensive stimulation.

How to masturbate your fingers

There is no "right" way and hidden for seven seals secrets to achieve orgasm. But there are several working techniques that will be pleasant to every female body!

Up down

This is the most simple technique, it is fine, if you only make the first steps in learning your body.

Place the index or middle finger on the clit and start led to them up and down. Do not rush, explore the area around the clitoris, play with the power of pressure, movement speed and the duration of stimulation.

Long slow strokery

Place one or more fingers on the clitoris, gently slide up and down. Change the direction of movement (bottom-up), the speed of strokes and the power of stimulation.

Perhaps you will not experience an orgasm, but it is investigating all the subtleties of your intimate zones: where you need to push the stronger where you want to barely tangible touches. It will come in handy to you when you want to cum faster or sweetly pull the pleasure.

Fantastic Four

Place the four fingers connected together on the clit and start describing them an invisible circle. Play with a radius value: small circular movements will help to focus on the clitoris, and large circles stretch the sex lips.

This is one of the most effective masturbation techniques!

Technique numbness

Sit on the hand, which is usually masturbating, and sit on it for 15 minutes. When numbness arises in the limb, start to caress yourself. This will give a feeling that someone else touches you, and not you touch yourself.

Compressing beed

Some women are real happy - can experience an orgasm simply squeezing and sprinkling the hips. Suddenly you are one of them? 😉 If yes, try to do these movements in public places or at work - create friction in the clitoris - and the day will not be boring.

How to enjoy masturbation if you have a low / high sensitivity of the clitoris?

The sensitivity of intimate zones, including the clitoris, is different from different women. Some painful even light touch, others need intensive stimulation to sense the slightest excitement.

If you have a high sensitivity - do not touch directly to clutter, and make movements in the area around it - the clitious hood. It will save from pain, but will retain sexual arousal.

If the sensitivity is low - on the contrary, "open" the clitoris, pulling the clitual hood and getting more access to the most "gentle" regions.

How important is the achievement of orgasm?

The more you think that "you need to finish", the lower the likelihood of orgasm becomes. Such thoughts will put pressure on you - and instead of pleasure, you will have to experience a kind of sense of duty.

Relax and attribute to the process of masturbation more calmly: you are not under the supervision of the "fast orgasm" team. Sensual long-term pleasure will give much more pleasure than a lightning finish, after which only a mute question remains: "What was it? .."

Why masturbate yourself is good?

Starting with the first touch of his intimate zones, your global journey into the world of your body began. The first embarrassing clitual orgasm, attempts to forgue the entrance to the vagina, the fingers inside, the feeling that "there" everything is compressed ...

The more you touch and study yourself, the better you feel the body: what touches are exciting, what caress and methods of stimulation bring the most pleasure that you want to try in the future. You can find the most sensitive parts of the body.

The study will help in sex - you will know how to pull the leg sock, which way to turn or even help yourself to alleviate the achievement of orgasm.

Another argument in favor of masturbation: every woman has moments when it seems that there is no strength to fight with excitation.

All in our hands: how to delight yourself

Some go to run five kilometers in an interval way, others go to the nightclub in search of random sex, the third "jamming" sexual desires of chocolate candies and cakes. Although there is a solution - and this is masturbation. Sometimes you need to reset the tension, relax, exhale.

How to delve yourself a pleasure with sex toys?

The sex toy industry offers a variety of devices that help women get bright orgasms and without sex, and without any participation of a man. Clitual chirates, foamimmitators, masturbators, anal plugs, vibrations, vibro-nozzles on the finger ...

And this is not to mention that forms, vibration modes, dimensions and material toys can be chosen for themselves. You can use the devices somewhere, at least during the lunch break at work. No one will notice your slightly reddened cheeks and hips, but the mood will improve!

Do not regret money on your first vibrator: let it be possible to adjust the speed and intensity of vibration, and the material will be high-quality silicone. Toys use water-based lubricant if you feel dry.

All in our hands: how to delight yourself

A pleasant bonus will be the waterproof of the masturbator - sometimes it is sometimes so you want to plunge into a hot bath with foam, drink a glass of red semi-sweet and deliver a pleasure.

But on the fingers and vibrators, the journey into the world of self-satisfaction does not end. 😉

Sexual pleasure in the soul

Masturbation in the soul of women use decades and it will vary significantly with her fingers.

Stay under the crane so that the water pressure is pointing to your intimate organs, or use the soul head. Flowing water will quickly help achieve orgasm. Try and see for yourself - pleasure will be no less than from the language of your beloved man.

Caress during sex

Touching your erogenous zones during sex will not only increase your excitement, but also will lead a partner. Men like it, if a woman in bed is not shy to caress her clit or penetrate the fingers into the vagina.

Play with you especially useful to brighten the wait until the partner puts on a condom or is looking for lubrication.

Engage in virgilding

Imbilding is gym techniques for working with a tone of intimate muscles.

In women after childbirth, the muscles of the vagina are damaged and stretching the muscles of the vagina, which disappears the feeling of "treatment" and elasticity, and the orgasm to achieve harder due to the deterioration of access to the point G.

Buy yourself vaginal balls - they are of different weight. For beginners are the easiest. And we carry them every day, tightening intimate muscles of 25-30 times. In the early stages of pumping muscles, use the balls at home, and only then you can add sharp sensations and walk with them down the street.

The virguilding is useful to every woman, and not only after childbirth - because the muscle tone worsens and with age.

So you can masturbate?

You can and need! Masturbate bolder and more often: in the shower, at home in front of the mirror, during sex and after it. Stop shy your body: it is beautiful and worthy of pleasure. Stop, caress yourself and openly enjoy. Cultivate a gentle caring attitude towards the body and masturbation - you precisely deserve bright orgasms.

If you do not know how to achieve an orgasm with masturbation or have never experienced an orgasm, stimulating the genitals, you need to explore the masturbation technique.

How to achieve orgasm with masturbation

If you do not know how to achieve an orgasm with masturbation or have never experienced an orgasm, stimulating the genitals, you need to explore the masturbation technique. The girl is often brought up in Puritan traditions, which forbid any touch to the genital organs. It is not surprising that such girls do not try to do masturbation. Because single attempts to engage in this case cause a feeling of shame and other negative emotions. Accordingly, all this does not cause pleasant sensations. The failures entail the cessation of attempts. The equipment of masturbation is based on the clitoris stimulation. To this you need to prepare. Select no less than 1-1.5 hours when you are provided by yourself. Accept hot shower, warm up. Think about something nice to start. Then tender movements in the skin moisturizing cream. Try different types of caress and feel free to touch yourself. Gradually, close to the most sensitive sites of your body. This may be the inner surface of the hip, neck, nipples. The feeling of such touches will prepare for stimulation of the genitals. Do not forget about fantasies. They are an important point when masturbation. You can take the scenes from films, books, trying to present the end of the erotic, exciting situation in reality. Inthazing, go to the stimulation of genitals. Use lubricant (lubrication)

They are specially designed for more wet and gentle touch and have a relaxing effect. Easy and gentle movements (stroking, tender) stimulate the crotch, sex lips with a finger. Then start easily adjusted to the crotch area, including the clitoris. Go to the appointment on the clitoris gradually, through the folds of the skin above it. Filize the clitoris with a variety of movements and pressure, different strength and rhythm. Just do not hurry! Do not do it sharply and intensively, so you will not strengthen the sensitivity, but cause painful sensations. With proper stimulation, the "lever effect" is triggered - the effect of physical homeopathy. It is that if the place of exposure is chosen correctly, the more tenderly there will be touch, the sharper the sensations are obtained. Definitely affect the selected body area. Slide movements inspect the input area into the vagina, the area around the clitoris. Entering the vagina can be affected by the Greplenberg zone. You will choose the most sensitive zone for yourself, and what kind of stimulation method is more efficient. Do not stop if you do not feel the excitation. To achieve the result, for the first time it will take a long time. It may be a matter of not one day for your future pleasure.

How to achieve orgasm with masturbation - here are applications that can be used to approach orgasm:

• Tightly squeeze the hips to enhance pleasant sensations. • To caress the chest during the stimulation of the clitoris. • Compress and dissect vaginal muscles. • Move the pelvic, imitating the movement during sex. • Tilt the head back. • Move naturally, moaning, publish voluptuous sounds - not Hold yourself. • To breathe deeply. • In the position of lying down the legs, bent in the knees, in bed and lift the pelvis. It will distract you from thoughts: "It will not work again." And will also strengthen sensuality and increase the excitement. Hand fixes may not be enough if a woman has a high instance threshold and never experienced an orgasm. For more intensive impact, you can use a vibrator (look into our store

And select the vibrator to your taste). If an attempt to reach an orgasm with the help of the vibrator was crowned with success, it is still necessary to try to achieve it with manual stimulation. When masturbation, lubricants, cream, stimulating agents can be used.

If masturbation is carried out by a partner, the sequence of actions does not change. Women are desirable to dive with fantasy while the partner will fulfill the fact that the partner has previously tried and allocated as the most pleasant. If you read the article "How to achieve orgasm with masturbation" and want to add it to recommendation or advice, welcome to comments!

The clitoris is the part of the female organism, which plays a major role to obtain a girl's orgasm. Proper excitation is an important step for both partners. Girls already know how to deliver an incredible pleasure to deliver their man, and will you be able to interest a man so that he is obsessed with only you? Learn to masturbate correctly, this process will cause a storm of positive emotions not only with you, but also from your partner.

The process of masturbation helps to feel every centimeter of the body. Thus, it can be understood which of the feelings are more pleasant. You can get acquainted with the most sensitive zones of your body. With constant masturbation, the body will reach orgasms, which will facilitate your sex life. In my own example, the girl can tell a partner about where to touch and caress.

Remember that every person is individual, so some of the technicians will not bring you any pleasure when others lead to incredible sensations. Initially, you need to understand your body, catch the desired attitude and only then use one of the best ways to masturbate.

Interesting facts about masturbation

If you ask a question to a doctor about the benefits of masturbation, then you definitely hear that the stimulation process is very useful for the female body. What other interesting facts are known about an enzyme?

  • Women who periodically masturbate are much less nervous in their lives and more believe in themselves.
  • Masturbation helps to make sense of smell.
  • In most cases, if the girl says she does not occupy that, then she just tries to hide his skills.
  • Until the 19th century, the process of satisfaction was equal to one of the sins.
  • For the treatment of disorder, a masturbation procedures prescribe procedures.
  • If someone finds out about your masturbation in Indonesia, you can safely lose your head.
  • Mostly people masturbate in pairs, which strengthens their family life.
  • The smartest are those girls who are often engaged in the process of stimulation.
  • Permanent self-satisfaction reduces pain during menstruation.

Examine your body

It is important to know your anatomy, the study of these data will help in obtaining brighter orgasms during masturbation. The photo shows the analysis of the parts of the female vagina, where the most important components are noted.

  1. A client hood is a small skin flap that covers your "flower". The main goal is to protect the sensitive clitoris from possible pain.
  2. The clitoris is an erogenous zone, which is the most important part of the body during masturbation. A tiny piece of skin is filled with nervous endings. It is he who feels the right stimulation and transmits a pleasant heat in the body. In the photo, it hides under a client hood ..
  3. The urethra is a place with which the process of urination occurs, so we will not dwell on it during masturbation.
  4. Vagina is an inner sexual body that, as well as the clitoris is very sensitive. You can get a pleasant excitement with fingers or sex toys. More detailed ways to deliver pleasure will be described below.
  5. Anus - anal canal with plenty of nerve endings. It is also used to get a pleasant stimulation.
  6. Point G is an area inside the front wall of the vagina, touching the unrealistic pleasure during excitation. It will be difficult to find it if you are not erotic.
  7. Erogenic zone A - the place located in the depths of the vagina on the front wall of the uterus. Stimulation of this zone leads to powerful vaginal orgasms. It will not be possible to achieve incredible pleasure with the help of fingers, for masturbation zone, it is necessary to use a dothrameimmitator.
  8. The vagina is the elastic muscular canal, the length of which is about 9-10 centimeters. Stimulation of the vagina along with the points G and will open for you all the delights of orgasmodium.
  9. The cervix is ​​the lower segment of the uterus. The sensitivity of this part of the body leads some girls delight when others during sex simply do not tolerate even the slightest touch
  10. The rectum - the colon section, the area of ​​which begins after penetration into anus. Each woman is in different way to stimulate this zone, but no one has canceled experiments, you can like it.

Correct setting

The process of masturbation will be much more pleasant if you feel comfortable and can fully relax. Plan everything in advance and configure yourself to the desired wave. If you do not want someone disturbing you during the process of oral caress, then be sure to dampen the door to the bedroom, if you just do not want your partner to watch this procedure. Modest girls need to wait until no one around, if the lock is not installed in your room.

Relaxed organism gets full orgasms, so if you have time be sure to accept the foam bath or pick up under the shower. This is a great way to raise mood.

Many argue that the use of incense or aromaslests complete with relaxing music allows you to feel complete peace. This is a pure truth, but many are required special preparation for this ritual. Experiment, and you can understand what will help you relax. Maybe for this you need quite a bit.

Preparatory affection

After you carefully prepare and tune on masturbation, confident that no one disturbs you, you can go in the practical part. If you have never done this before, then the best option will lie down under the blanket and turn off the light in the room. This will help facilitate the possibility of obtaining orgasm.

You do not need to run to your client at the moment, even if you do not wait to try what is described below.

Start with the slow trituration of the whole body, from the hips to the stomach and before the chest. Listen to your body and determine which zone of stimulation makes you excite. Maybe your chest or the inner part of the honey is the most sensitive and pleasant to the touch. Do not be afraid to experiment and touch yourself, in the search process you can easily find those parts of the body that are great for slow sensations.

Take it within a few minutes before lowering your hand to your vagina. The process of slow increasing will increase the capacity of your orgasm and achieve the peak climax itself.

Manual on masturbation

Finally, we go to the main question: how to masturbate correctly? Focus on your clitoris and start performing each action in order.

Aza stimulation

The easiest way to masturbation or stimulation of the clitoris with a finger. Many girls prefer this method for obtaining orgasm. There is a huge number of ways, how to massage, iron or rub the clitoris. You can start with a light stroking with one finger and finish already using four, making intense movements and focusing on a small section of erectile tissue - point U.

Masturbation technique from below-up will help you to master the basic basics of the stimulation process. You need to focus on the clitoris and start slowly led from bottom-up and on the contrary, exactly, as shown in the image. If you want to increase the stimulation, try to carry out your finger clearly by clutter. This is a very simple technique, but it can be experimenting with it, for example, to use a different power force. Align this masturbation technique with a blowjob for your partner, and touch the man by making it emotionally dependent.

Rubbing the clitoris from side to side

As soon as you learn to masturbate, focusing on the clitoris, go to the next step and discover the pleasure lying inside. The straightforward masturbation technique will allow you to focus on the clitor: you need to slide the places inside, where stimulation is most pleasant.

With the help of technology "From side to" you do not force your body to shake away from pleasure, but you can get closer to the stunning orgasm from the handjob of your clitoris.

Try different techniques: intense contact and pressure, light touch, different massaging speed, change the number of fingers, switch between direct and indirect contact.

This method is perfect for masturbation in the Doggi-Style Pose, if you want to add additional stimulation.


Rubbing the germ lip is a certain prelude before masturbation. There are many techniques for stimulating this zone:

  • Circular movements with fingers (as shown in the figure);
  • Compressing parts together;
  • Use additional sex toys along with lubricant.

Some people think that the knowledge of some methods of masturbation and the ability to stimulate the clitoris is the base that is enough to obtain an orgasm. To get women's ejaculation and test squirt, you need to familiarize yourself with more detailed instructions for your vagina.

Zone U.

The z zone is slightly above the urethral hole, many girls do not even know about its existence. In the image, this site is highlighted with pink color, in life it does not have a distinct color.

To stimulate, it is necessary to iron a zone U, creating an angle, as shown by this in the figure. The process of rubbing the point U is another of the technician of masturbation, which will deliver pleasant sensations. Use lubricant if you've not wedged a few minutes later. Do not be afraid to shift to the side and go to sex lips or clitoris, it diversifies your feelings.

Customer exposure

If you suffer from weak sensitivity and need intensive friction, pressing or rubbing, then reject your clit for enhanced stimulation. Place your fingers above the clitoris, and pull the hood. This is not quite a masturbation technique, rather advice, how can you get pleasure. Use the second hand or vibrator to directly stimulate.

Orgasmic meditation

Orgasmic meditation is something similar to tantric sex, because you follow a certain process, which should not be conclusted in the receipt of orgasm. The main technique should include not only you, but also your partner.

The first thing you need to do is lie down and push the legs wide. A man must take a comfortable pose, sowing on your right, and his left leg should be bent and located on your stomach. The partner must start stroking the upper right square of your clitoris with a light movement of the finger, as indicated by the dotted line in the image. The radius of motion is only a few millimeters, and the pressure on the clitoris should not be strong. Not all girls will like this technique, many believe that this is a lung teasing by the partner. Only some argue that at that moment they could experience indescribable emotions.

Try to hold out as long as possible. In any case, this process can become an excellent prelude.


Clitorium compression is a little-known masturbation technique. Not every person understands that the clitoris is the longest and tightly packed by the nerve end of the zone along the vagina. Not only the tip is a sensitive part, but also "Clit bulb".

For compression, you must put two fingers on both sides of the clitoris, as shown in the picture. Press down so that the "bulb" fell down and cleaned the folds around. First it is recommended to start with light compression to eliminate the sense of discomfort. Overlap the clit between the skin folds, playing the index and thumbs.

If you like pain, then you can apply this method in bdsm-entertainment.

Little Lifehaki for more vivid sensations

Of course, an undoubtedly, every girl should know how to make it possible to masturbate, but she should also learn herself to feel every cell inside. There are several class life lifhacks that will help experience incredible emotions during the stimulation process. Open Notepad and write down not to miss anything important.


Initially, it seems that you need, on the contrary, dilute the legs and get back. If you are almost reached until X, then for a sweetest climax, you can squeeze the legs. Thus, the stimulation area of ​​vulva increases, and the girl's completion will be able to feel pleasant warmth all over the body.

Shower nozzles

Try new sensations using a shower nozzle. This secret during masturbation enjoyed girls for several decades. All you need is a crane with water and a shower handle. Maneuverish your vagina under free current. Flowing jet of water will help you quickly go crazy. Experiment with shower nozzles to obtain a brighter orgasm. The main advantage of masturbation in the shower is the ability to experience female ejaculation.

Change Pos

Agree to engage in constantly sex in one position very boring, the same with masturbation. Change postures, try the stimulation at different angles, filling the body with incredible emotions. You can squat, get up or pull one leg on the sofa.

Rubbing pillows

Some women begin to learn masturbation, rubbing their vagina about the pillow, stimulating the clitoris and sex lips. During friction, stimulation increases, so you do not even necessarily remove panties, you can include this lifehak to your preludes.

From the size of the selected pillow will depend on your following actions:

  • Large sizes - it is necessary to lie on the side and squeeze the pillows between the legs;
  • Average dimensions - such a pillow can be sown from above or folded in half and squeeze between legs in the side position;
  • Little pillow for this will not fit completely.

Before starting masturbation, wrap the pillow in a towel or a dense web to avoid wetting.

On washing machine

How long have you dreamed of getting a new experience? There is a great opportunity to feel at the time of masturbation on horseback riding or city transport. Put the washing machine and exhibit the "spinning" mode, this will allow you to enjoy not only the incredible sensations of the orgasm on rolling technique, but by your business.

Pearl necklace

For this, Lifehak you need to take a pearl necklace or any other with large beads. The girl should kneel or take a pose standing. Grab the decoration with one hand in front of yourself, and the second behind the back, placing beads right next to the vagina. Mentally stretch the beads forward and backward, creating pleasant friction. You can wrap the decoration in a thin scarf to more unusual sensations.

We do not recommend using an expensive decoration, because if it is damaged, it will be very sorry for the money spent.

Strawberry sweet

Many girls love experiments with objects, we offer to experience more delicate sensations with the help of fruits. To achieve brighter orgasms, you can bite the tip of strawberries and slowly carry out a berry in the field of germ lips. The prolonged exposure to strawberries on the clitoris can quickly provoke an orgasm. It is best to take advantage of this way before sex with your favorite partner.

Enhancing sensations with lubrication

Even if your vagina highlights a large amount of lubricant, do not neglect the purchase. Many of them provide for certain effects: warming or cooling. Creams for stimulation have the gaining effect that when used, it will help to increase the impact and the rapid offensive of the orgasm.


This unusual way will make you just feel the goosebumps by each centimeter of your body. Lifts are very simple and whatever you need it your hands. Sit on a handful to masturbation palm, and seek on it 10-20 minutes to feel numb. After that, start caressing your genitals, you will have an unreal feeling that your clitoris touches the person unfamiliar to you.

Moment X: how to bring yourself to orgasm

After the girl learns to masturbate correctly, she needs to avoid trap, which presses thinking. You should not be at the time of stimulation that an orgasm should happen now. Without pursuing any goals, just deliver to your partner pleasure and enjoy the process.

In fact, bring ourselves to orgasm is not so difficult, as it seems at first glance. It is necessary to find its technique and erogenous zones that will not only bring a wave of joy, but also help to focus your attention on the process itself.

Penetrate yourself

Penetration during masturbation will never be superfluous, you can bring yourself to a peak by going to another level. There is a huge number of methods, how can I do this:

  • The mating point G is a way to penetrate yourself with the help of fingers, where it is necessary to push the point G. If your hand is quickly tired of the process, then get a dildo.
  • Point masturbation - to reach the zone and it will be extremely difficult, your fingers simply will not reach it, so use a dildo to get a vaginal orgasm.

Vibro feeling

The use of the vibrator will add special sensations to your masturbation. Before buying, it is important to take into account some moments:

  • For some women, the vibrator carries out too strong stimulation, which does not bring any pleasure, and, on the contrary, makes the process of masturbation unpleasant and painful.
  • In cheap vibrators there is only one function that annoys slow speed. If you come to this process with the mind, it is better to get a more expensive vibrator with variable speed.

Before using the sex device, familiarize yourself with the instructions complete with the device. Start using the minimum mode, be sure to use a lubricant or a cream for high stimulation. As you excit, touch the device to the client, and only after being excited and ready, we enter the vibrator in the vagina to stimulate other erogenous zones.

With the help of these secret masturbation methods, any girl will be able to take possession of the man's attention and make it emotionally dependent. These secrets will allow your partner to experience goosebumps all over the body from excitement, as well as incredible emotions and unforgettable orgasms.

Discover yourself if your relationship for a long time you do not see the sparks of passion and fire, but remember about the consequences. After such masturbation, you will come across that:

  • A man will constantly break up your clothes;
  • Other women will begin to envy how a partner relates to you;
  • Friends of your buddy will begin to be offended because he will want to spend as much time as possible with you;
  • Your young man will no longer be able to keep himself in his hands.

Do you like to masturbate?

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