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Operators so often change the terms of the tariffs that even the most attentive subscriber is sometimes difficult to figure them out and remember what remains from the previous one. After all, they can not only raise the cost of individual services, and on the contrary, add additional "chips", which make it even more attractive.

Today we will tell you all about the management of the connected tariff plan: how to find out your tariff, see its current conditions, as well as change it to another if necessary, regardless of the operator used - MTS, Megaphone, Beeline, Tele2, or iota.

MTS tariff management

MTS often changes the conditions of tariffs, introducing "cosmetic" edits into it. Not every year tariffs from the main line "Smart" are sent to the archive, but even there tariffs may change.

You can find out your tariff both through the Internet and directly on the phone, and of course for free. Without connecting to the World Wide Web on MTS, you need to use a special command that will allow you to learn your tariff - its name will be received in the response message to your number.

This option allows you to get the desired information instantly, but has certain rules for those who use old mobile phone models, or not supporting Russian languages ​​in messages. In this situation, the message will contain unreadable characters, and it is enough to correct it - it is enough to translate the operator's service messages to translite the sending code.

Find out your MTS tariff plan

`* 111 * 59 #`

Switching to transliteration language

* 111` * 6 * 2 # `

Switch to Russian

* 111` * 6 * 1 # `

You can also find out your fare without connecting to the Internet, you can also call the operator by number 0890. . In contrast to the information message, you can also listen to information about your tariff, and if necessary, change it.

Tariff Management in Appendix

More features in the Personal Account on the Operator's website, or mobile application. Tariff information has a visual view - you can see as the tariff conditions (for archived - the conditions will be presented in a separate file to download, and not on the site), to see the offer available for connecting, as well as find out what services are available according to your room for additional savings.

Beeline Tariff Management

As with MTS, Beeline offers several ways to find the connected tariff - a team, or online. To obtain information about the name of the tariff used, you can use the USSD code and instantly get the necessary information. If you also want to listen briefly information about the tariff plan, then you need to dial a short number.

Learn your Beeline Tariff Plan

* 110 * 05 #


For more information, you can get on the Operator's website by going to your office, or use the mobile application, which largely repeats the functionality of the version available on the site.

Tariff Management in Appendix

The advantage of the cabinet is that this method is more convenient for modem users, since it is not necessary to enter a special menu, to send the code. And when connected via the operator's network, you do not need to enter data for the entrance.

Megaphone Tariff Management

You can find out your tariff package to the megaphone * 105 # which allows you to get all the information about the tariffs and services of the operator. If only the current tariff is interested, you can use the request * 105 * 3 # By typing that you can see its name, and if you wish to request a brief information about it.

Tariff Management in Appendix

In the personal account of the subscriber, on the site or in the application, you can read more detail with the conditions of the package used, as well as change, previously obtained detailed information on any tariff sentence.

Tariff control on tele2

Find out the tariff used by the number2, its main parameters, as well as the value of the main services without connecting to the network, you can typing a short command * 107 # , or by calling a short number 611. .

For a short number, you can change your fare, to first familiarize yourself with the operator's offers for the transition, and also receive information on them. Note that when using a web version of a cabinet or application, you can change your tariff with a simple setting by choosing the desired batch service volumes.

Tariff Management in Appendix

As with the other operators, on TV2 you can get the necessary information in your office, or using its mobile version. If you can connect to the Internet, this option is more preferable, since the subscriber does not receive dry information about the tariff (name and short description), and its detailed conditions.

Tariff Management on Yota

You can find out my tariff in the Personal Account or in the application, but you can also manage the tariff for short requests. When using a personal account, you can also use the online chat for communication with the operator, and if there are questions to ask them by a specialist.

Tariff Management in Yota Appendix for Smartphone

Change the tariff can be independently planning its change. To do this, you will need to make changes to the office on the website or in the application, as well as contact the Chat to the operator. Until the deadline for the current period of the calculation, you can use the service connection service of an additional package, disable or connect additional services.

Yota also has an SMS subscriber support center by number 0999. . You can dial your question in the message text, and in response to get the answer.


You can simply find out the tariff for any operator, and you can do it even without connecting to the Internet. The Big Fourth offers both the use of special commands and obtaining the necessary information on the telephone support, or through the personal account. A slightly different approach in Yota, which is more oriented to support online.

Learning your tariff package, you can familiarize yourself with its terms and conditions, and if necessary, change. Consider that any Russian operator change the tariff is free only if more than a month has passed since the previous change.

Most MTS users, no matter what type of communication they prefer, want to know their fare associated with it, the benefits and bonuses. It happens that a person has been interacting for a long time with a certain operator, which forgot all the conditions and even the name. However, this issue must be constantly monitored for the following reason: often the operator's conditions are updated, there is a lot of good sentences using which you can save your money.

To make such a solution, it is necessary to know your own tariff plan well to compare with the proposed options.

How to find out the type of tariff

The incoming proposals from MTS have been studied, purchased a new phone, only lack of an existing limit on the Internet by the old plan? The situation is familiar and very common, but it is very simple to settle it. Initially, you should clarify the name of your own tariff, find a detailed description and conditions in your region on the official page of MTS, then you can proceed to a direct change.

There are several ways to quickly and unhindered to find out the tariff, here are some of them.

USSD command * 111 * 59 #

Dial a combination * 111 * 59 #, then "Call". The answer will come in the form of a message, you can see the tariff. The service is free, regardless of the region. If, after the message is sent, incomprehensible characters are displayed, you need to change the language:

* 111 * 6 * 2 # - turn on translite;

* 111 * 6 * 1 # - Switch to the desired language.

MTS services

After dialing * 111 #, press in order "3" and "1" . A function will appear that allows you to type the corresponding numbers, and soon information will be received in the message.

Mobile assistant

Dial "111", then "4" After this, the actions will be provided with the help of a voice message.

Personal Area

Make entrance to the office, then use the "Tariffs and Services" feature. It provides information about the status of the tariff, moreover, you can change it if you need.


Such a service is a kind of personal account, represented as an application for a mobile device. It should be downloaded, make installation and pass authorization. After you need to enter the "Tariffs", use the "My" option, where and change the type of tariff.

Contact center

Make a call to the support service, where the necessary information will be presented by the operator. The advantage of this method is as follows: a live operator will tell the name of the tariff, in addition, it will solve all the available offers, advantages will help to stop at a specific option that is beneficial for you.

Salon communications

In a situation where the proposals listed above are not available or you like a direct conversation more, it is worth going directly to the department - the staff is to help. It is necessary to take a passport, since the information is provided subject to the registration of an individual number. If the situation is different, the person who signed the agreement is obliged to interact with the salon.

Defining Tariff TV and Home Internet

There are several ways to determine your own tariff for these services:

There is a certain nuance here. It is possible when you will be the conditions of the current tariff at the moment, you will familiarize yourself with the new options, want to try, stumble upon failure. This situation may arise, because many shares for tariffs are effective exclusively for new users who have not used these services over the past three months.

The only exception is the most "all MTS", which combines several types of communication, allows you to connect to different users, including beginners. Of course, if the specified speed is not suitable, it is not difficult to choose the appropriate option.

Via user office

The home communications office has fewer options, compared to the mobile office, however, also allows you to clarify the type of your own tariff. It is necessary to register, enter my accounts, where all data regarding the specific tariff plan are reflected.

Through a call to technical support

Tying 8800 250 08 90 , You can bring references about the tariff, ask any question of interest and get an answer. But you should expect what you need to say the address of the connection, also, personal information about the owner of the contract.

Through the communication salon

Representatives of this service will need your passport, if you signed an agreement. They will say the tariff, today's status of the account will provide any information of interest.

Determination of satellite television tariff

This television has four main tariffs, this is a basic, basic plus, advanced, advanced plus. They are distinguished by the range of television channels, finding detailed information is offered in the Personal Account or by call to the support service. Here you can quickly change the tariff for any like.

But there is one important nuance. In each season, MTS offers new options - a set of desired equipment, plus, a tariff with the presence of the most comfortable conditions. Such kind of tariff plans can be obtained from the purchase of a new set of equipment.

Modem3G / 4G Tariff Definition

At first glance, the goal seems unattainable, but in reality everything is different. There are two uncomplicated ways to find out the type of modem tariff.

  • Log in to the Connect Manager located in the computer, select the "USSD command" function, then section "Information about the current tariff plan", familiarize yourself with the information about your own tariff.
  • If you have an old modem, it may not be a connect manager. Then the SIM card should be inserted into any type of the telephone, enter * 111 * 59 #, then "call", wait for the receipt of the tariff data.

In order to change the conditions and optimize mobile communication costs, subscribers should know the current information on the tariff plan on the room. Detailed instructions on how to find out your tariff on MTS from the phone by number.

How to find out your tariff at MTS from the phone number (free)

The relevance of the data is valid at the time of step by step actions and before changing the tariff from one to another.


Tariff plan - This is a set of features and additional packages (minutes, SMS, Internet gigabytes) provided on the monthly subscription fee or on the fact of use.

All MTS tariffs are developed under certain purposes: favorable calls, comfortable communication abroad or in international roaming, available Internet at high speed without restrictions.

The name of the tariff plans is constantly changing, as well as conditions with the terms of action of decisions. Plans that are outdated are automatically transferred to archived, without activation.

Basic tariff plans

Currently, there are several specialized solutions, each of which opens individual capabilities and depends on the target use.

Subscribers have the right to independently determine for themselves the optimal rate and number of services provided for the service, within the framework of conditions.

For switching and connecting available:

  • Super MTS.
  • Tariff.
  • SMART tariff line (mini, ours, top).
  • Tariff X (X).
  • Ultra Premium.
  • Separately for tablet, laptop or smart watches.
  • Your country.
  • Red Energy.

Please note that there are tariffs without a subscription fee, money is removed on the actual consumption of mobile resources (calls, SMS, Internet).

How to find out your tariff for MTS

If there is an existing SIM card, the user can find out its tariff for MTS on its own, without visiting the communication shops.

Below are 5 simple and working instructions, after step by step execution you will know the name of the connected tariff plan, its validity period and the code number.

USSD team

How to find out your number on MTS via USSD team

A quick request for the USSD format code will allow you to instantly find out the version of the tariff with push-button devices or smartphones even without the Internet.


  • Dial the combination * 111 * 59 # and click on the "Call" button.
  • The request will be initiated and accepted into processing.
  • Within 1 minute, SMS will receive the name of the tariff and the recommendation to familiarize himself with it more in the mobile application of my MTS.

Helpful information: System settings suggest the use of English-language characters and a specialized combination * 111 * 6 * 2 is available to activate the operation mode in transliteration.

Through support service

The hotline of MTS works around the clock, technical support specialists have a high level of knowledge and qualifications, which guarantees a comprehensive response to any question.

How to call the operator:

  • Dial from your mobile phone number 0890 if you are a private client or 0990 when accessing an enterprise as a legal entity.
  • Using the digital block on the keyboard, press the number "5" (responsible for the category of tariffs) and the following "0" (connection with the operator).
  • Within 1-30 minutes, a specialist connect to the dialogue, and you can ask him all your questions regarding the current tariff plan.

In some cases, the identification of the client according to passport data, which were specified in the registration questionnaire when buying a SIM card.

Helpful information: Due to the large number of applications, the MTS contact center does not cope with the loads, the waiting for the answer can be more than 30 minutes on weekdays from 8:00 to 23:00 and weekends from 18:00 to 01:00.

In the mobile application "My MTS"

Find out the MTS tariff through the mobile application

A software package that is correctly installed on mobile devices running Windows operating systems, android or Apple iOS.

He is a mobile version of the Cabinet with a trimmed functionality. Opens a number of additional opportunities for independent change in the tariff plan, connecting or disconnecting paid subscriptions, as well as writing access to support through the built-in feedback form.

Instructions for the application:

  • Download the program from the Official Source (Expansion Catalogs). Run the installation and open My MTS.
  • Click on the "Tariffs" button, it is located on the main page in the central part of the screen.
  • The new window will show the name of the tariff plan, which is active on the subscriber number at the time of the request.
  • The "Available" tab will show alternative tariff options for the home region. Connection occurs automatically with confirmation by

It's important to know: It is recommended to update applications for safety and reliable storage of personal data (login and password).

Online Cabinet Subscriber

Personal Cabinet MTS is a free service for customers available at with personal computers and mobile devices.

The office creates a convenient navigation structure for a quick transition from one partition to another.

How to find out your tariff for MTS through your personal account:

  • Open the official website of the MTS or the target online project with the login page.
  • Enter the phone number and password from the account. When you lose access, the code can be restored via SMS.
  • The start page will display detailed information on the amount on the balance sheet, the Subscriber and the current tariff plan.

Packaging of the starting package

The method is relevant for those who store all the documents in a safe place, and the starting package with the registration card and the plastic card are an important confirmation of the right to the number.

SIM card packaging is represented as a corporate envelope from solid cardboard square format. It contains the MTS number and the name of the tariff plan (behind the back of the linen).

Contact Information

An important advantage is the presence of permanent support from the operator, which is available in some forms (telephone appeals, messages through social networks or a visit to the store's salon).

Official site MTS: MTS.RU.

Hotline (Support Service): 0890 (individuals) and 0990 (organizations).


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We hope now you understand how to find out your tariff for MTS and one of the ways provided above helped to solve the task.

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Most users of our services services do not remember their tariff plan. Our clients or connected quite a long time ago, or simply did not remember such information when the service is issued.

We are constantly improving and regularly change our tariff line to provide customers with better communication services. To find out if a more advantageous offer has appeared for you, we recommend periodically checking your current tariff plan. This recommendation is particularly relevant for those who have connected to the tariff with one input, but at the moment the situation and requests for the use of traffic and the Internet have changed.

How to find out your tariff plan for the service?

You can find out your tariff plan in the Personal Account on the MGTS website, as well as in MGTS mobile applications and my MTS.

How to find out the tariff plan in your account?

To go to your personal account, go to the same link in the upper right corner of the site.

Next, it will be necessary to go through the authorization procedure. If you cannot get into your personal account, please read the instructions on the link.

On the main page of the Personal Cabinet (All My Services tab) are located tiles of all connected services. Each tile is signed by the name of the service and contains information about the current tariff.

To change the tariff plan, go on the link.

How to find out the tariff plan in MGTS mobile applications and my MTS?

First of all, you will need to download and install a mobile application on your device. Next, using login identifiers (login - technological number, city telephone number, mobile number; password - use the previously issued password or click on the "Get Password" link)

For more detailed instructions, click on the links:

Have questions?

Contact your employees for help:

  • MGTS chat (Round red icon in the lower right corner). Opening hours: from 08:00 to 22:00.
  • Contact center 8 (495) 636-0-636 - for subscribers in Moscow, 0636 - for mobile subscribers MTS, 8 (800) 250-00-50 - for subscribers of the Moscow region. Opening hours: around the clock.

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