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There is a fourth year, as not the famous opera artist

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Dmitry Hvorostovsky was considered the most famous baritone on the global opera scene. With his stunning voice, he gained love and popularity in the discerning public. And his knocking Harisma has provided the artist's love of the beautiful half of the fans of classical music.

However, the artist himself has long gave the heart to one woman. With the Opera Singer, Soprano Florence Ill, he lived for many years. The couple brought up two children: Maxim's son and daughter Nina. Now they are 17 and 13 years, respectively.

A few years ago, the network and a number of media began to appear alarming information that Dmitry Hvorostovsky was seriously ill. Later it became known that the opera artist brain tumor. October 22, 2017, famous Bariton died in the UK, where she lived last years.

Interestingly, according to the will, the artist is cremated, and its dust was divided into two parts. One burned at the Novodevichy cemetery in Moscow, and the second brought to the homeland of the artist, to Krasnoyarsk.

Dmitry Khvorostovsky widow at the opening of the monument at the Novodevichy Cemetery

For more than three years has passed, as an artist is not with us. However, his widow of Florence can not get along with loss. Often on its official page in the social network "Instagram", it publishes photos and videos on which Dmitry Khvorostovsky is captured.

For love, Flowrans donated his professional career. She maximally went to the background, becoming a husband's assistant and his children's mother. The woman provided the Rushostovsky reliable rear and confidence, giving what he could not get in the first marriage with the core-tag artist Svetlana Ivanova.

"I will always love you", "King Opera ... My king", "Returning with the world, my love ..." - writes in his account Widow Dmitry Khvorostovsky.

After the death of the artist, Florence very longs for his beloved, but nevertheless does not fall into depression. She focused on raising children, and even regularly communicates with the spouses from the first marriage and with his elderly parents. Florence often travels, goes into the world, communicates with the colleagues of the late husband.

She recently turned 50 years old. But who will give! Flowrans carefully monitors, it is considered beauty. The widow of the Khvorostovsky really can boast a magnificent figure, long curly dark hair, spectacular outfits, emphasizing her beauty.

Artist Dmitry Hvorostovsky on October 16 would be 57 years old. On the birthday of Bariton on his grave at Novodevichy cemetery, a monument was opened. The correspondent "" visited the solemn ceremony.

Friends of Hvorostovsky came to the opening of the monument, children Maxim and Nina, Widow Florence, parents. Bronze monument of the work of Vladimir Usova (by the monuments by Colonel-General Karavanov, the constructor of Bushyev's spacecraft and the Olympic champion in freestyle wrestling Yarygin) was made and installed on the means of mother and father Dmitry - Alexander Stepanovich and Lyudmila Petrovna.

Many people would be happy to participate in the creation of the monument, but parents from help refused. They personally met with the sculptor, argued the sketches, paid for work.

The father of the singer admitted that the money was missing and the family even sold the apartment of Dmitry. "Nobody lived in her, we were inherited, and Dima once went from producer," Alexander Khvorostovsky explained "Den.Ru".

Photo: Felix Brozdanov /
Photo: Felix Brozdanov /

Interestingly, the sculptor began work on the perpetuation of the image of the Great Singer, while Dmitry Alexandrovich, who loved the dynamics, movement, element ...

"Many monuments have seen, and only Vladimir Ilyich Usova felt in the monument that a person is alive, now something will do, how will it go to the flight" ,? He admitted the father of Hvorostovsky. - As a child, Dima loved to sculpt from plasticine, especially his horses succeeded. I even wanted to give it to the Surikov school, but then I still chose the music. "

The monument was opened under the sound from the speakers Aria Demon "Do not cry, child" performed by Dmitry Hvorostovsky from the opera "demon" Anton Rubinstein. And then the choir "Helikon" sang the 140th Psalm "May My prayer will be correlated, which usually sounds on the evening. Guests of the ceremony could not hold back tears ...

Photo: Felix Brozdanov /
Photo: Felix Brozdanov /

Recall, the memory of the artist is already adversely immortalized - one of the artistic restrooms in the Theater "Helikon-Opera" is his name, and with the support of his close friends in November 2018, Bust Dmitry Khvorostovsky was installed. In September 2019, the monument to Dmitry Hvorostovsky was opened in His Motherland, in Krasnoyarsk.

Photo: Felix Brozdanov /
Photo: Felix Brozdanov /

According to the testament of the singer, his body is cremated, and the dust is divided into two parts. One of the capsules is buried at the Novodevichy Cemetery, the second is delivered to the Motherland of the singer, in Krasnoyarsk, and laid on the territory of the Institute of Art, which is now called the name of Hvorostovsky.

Dmitry Khvorostovsky
Dmitry Khvorostovsky

Photo: Facebook.

Two years ago, Opera singer Dmitry Khvorostovsky put a disappointing diagnosis - brain tumor. The artist passed several chemotherapy courses and continues to be observed by doctors.

For the past two years, Hvorostovsky has once again hit the hospital, and also passed scheduled courses of radio and chemotherapy. Some time ago, a man damacing his shoulder, falling after a concert in St. Petersburg. However, the injury did not prevent him from come to Krasnoyarsk and arrange a grand show. Many noted that the singer was difficult to perform on stage. Journalist Vadim Vostor, who visited the concert, noted that the voice had changed at Khvorostovsky, and there were problems with diction. But it did not prevent him from singing all the parties so that the audience were touched to the depths of the soul. The artist promised to return to his hometown and told the public: "Goodbye!" Dmitry Khvorostovsky did not restrain the tears at a concert in Krasnoyarsk

According to Hvorostovsky, creativity helps him not give up. As the singer told, the previous year was not easy. In December, he suffered a serious inflammation of the lungs, because of which he could not sing for a long time. According to the artist, he was then very hard that he did not want to see anyone. Due to health problems, the artist canceled several major concerts, and the organizers could not build any forecasts.

"I survived a serious crisis. Then I even categorically did not allow my parents, because it is impossible to see me in such a state, except for the spouse. My Florence went to me constantly. I already concert, but the recovery process after this story has not yet been completed. I need to gain patience for several months, "the artist said.

Despite the difficult state, Hvorostovsky continues to rehearse and act. At first, the doctors did not recommend the artist to overload himself and ride the tour, so he had to cancel concerts. However, then they realized that creativity had a positive effect on his health.

"My doctor said me:" Work! You turned up this pleasure and happiness, do not miss it ... It's hard for you - overcome yourself! " I used to ride on the stroller. Now I cope without a carriage ... "- Singer shared.

Dmitry Khvorostovsky with family
Dmitry Khvorostovsky with family

Photo: Facebook.

Hvorostovsky admitted that after the suffered inflammation of the lungs, he had to forget about public life for a long time. Hvorostovsky spent several months sitting in his house in London. The star of the opera scene is recognized that even tired of such a privacy. He was engaged in sports and yoga, vocalized, as it helped to restore the lungs.

"If not to force yourself, the disease will win over you. It is necessary daily, it is hourly pulling out of themselves by all possible ways: exercises, children, smiles, love ... and rush a little bit too much ... I, of course, have already got used to my homemade lifestyle. But it is better not to get used to it, "the artist said.

Children of Hvorostovsky helps him not give up. The senior heirs of Dmitry had to be not easy. Sasha and Daniel lost mom in 2015. The former wife of Artist Svetlana died due to the consequences of meningitis. At the same time, they learned about the serious father's disease. The former wife of Dmitry Hvorostovsky died from sepsis

The rearing of younger children is fully engaged in the second spouse of Hvorostovsky, Florence. According to the artist, he is proud of the successes of his daughter and son.

"Maxim, who will be 14 years old on July 7, until he has decided with his professional interests. He is passionate about football, Barcelona, ​​Messi. And ninocheka, she will be ten, swees on the move River. Everywhere and all time - and music is engaged in music, and dancing. Recently, they together, Nina and Maxim, made a portfolio, and on them very different suggestions - cinema, television, advertising, fashion stores and magazines. Behind the whole process, the Florence strictly follows, I do not delve into the details. I am simply designed by their success, "said Dmitry.

Khvorostovsky claims that she tries to live in today's day and not to build global plans for the future. In an interview with the Russian Gazeta, the artist admitted that the best years of his career was left behind.

"I continue to fight the disease and hope. "Hope" for me now the most pressing word! As they say, I'll win the checkers! My oncologist looks at me, like a miracle: "Oh, what a living! Oh, what healthy! " They do not have, besides me, such patients - singers with world names that sing everywhere and continue to work in spite of everything. Now I live not past and not the future, as I was always familiar. I focus on today, tomorrow, so as not to deceive yourself or others, "said the singer.

Today it became known about the death of the famous opera artist Dmitry Khvorostovsky. The artist died aged 55 years after a long fight against brain cancer.

Dmitry Khvorostovsky found out about the terrible diagnosis in 2015. At the same time, he decided not to hide the truth from fans and the public.

"Because of the progressive disease, I canceled one event, the second, the third, did not want to raise some rumors, the empty specles began, and I stated everything as it was. It was quite a logical step on my part, "the artist explained in one of the interviews.

At the same time, Hvorostovsky noted that the disease did not have a surprise for him:

"Apparently, I approached her. A long time could not get rid of a pessimistic mood, a black perception of the world appeared, the feeling of apathy and fatigue. It ceased to receive pleasure from work, was very tired, indifferent to what is happening around. Perhaps the reason was the physical condition, but before the time I did not understand this. "

Doctors told an eminent patient: "Most likely, you will not die" and appointed it grueling courses of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

"In the clinic of Rochester in the United States made me a powerful biopsy, an operation under general anesthesia, without which it was impossible to understand which methodology of treatment to choose. Drilled holes at the base of the skull. If you bring your hand to the area that has been irradiated, even additional heat can be felt. There are times when blood sticks, and everything starts to pulsate there. Is that music does not sound. This is the result of radiation ... "- Vyorostovsky shared.

After six weeks of irradiation, the artist partially baldly, "the hair on the back fell." The treatment has hardly struck the body. To cope with Dmitry difficulties helped close.

"In chemotherapy, the main problem is the duration of the course. It is necessary to tune in at least six months of systematic treatment. Catch your teeth and tolerate. The support of the wife was very helped. Without Flowrans, it would be much more complicated to cope with the situation. Floid never allowed himself to doubt that another outcome is possible, except for victory over the disease, "said Hvorostovsky in an interview.

But the artist himself stubbornly fought for his life:

"I made myself almost every day to visit the gym, although at that moment all complications began, the sedelled nerve was inflamed, I walked with difficulty, got up, sat down, went ..."

There were periods when the artist felt better. So, in the summer of this year, Hvorostovsky spoke in his native Krasnoyarsk. The audience was gifted by his deafening applause, but the singer did not find the strength to sing on the bis. He burst into the scene, and the audience cried with him.

"I thank you all for such a reward, for respect. My speeches make me move on, move forward, "expressed gratitude to the public of the Hvorostovsky after the speech, which became the last for him.

Dmitry until the end kept faith in a safe outcome: "I have a healthy body, and it should help cope with the disease. Be sure to help. I know. Now it will be only better. "

However, the state of the artist was noticeably impaired. He lost his most valuable heritage - voices. According to media information, Dmitry could talk only to a whisper, and later allegedly and at all.

About the last days of Hvorostovsky and about the bitterness of loss told his friends and colleagues.

"I managed to say goodbye to Dmitry last night, at 21:00. And today, his wife Florence called me early in the morning and said that Dima died a minute ago, "the conductor Konstantin Orbelyan said. - It was at 3:30 am. He died in the hospital in London. To the great regret, the struggle for his life today ended.

I can not say that in the last minutes he was conscious. Yesterday morning, parents flew to him. They saw. Even managed to talk as far as it was possible. And they also said goodbye to him, although before the last minute no one believed that Dima would leave. We all hoped for a miracle. "

"This is a huge injustice - he has four children. He is very hard and courageously died. He was a man with a capital letter h, a huge talent. This is the first Russian singer who acquired such world glory, "said Composer Igor Krutoy.

In front of the death of Dmitry Khvorostovsky made a testament in which he asked to bury some of his dust in Moscow, and part is in a small homeland, in Krasnoyarsk.

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